Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size

Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size

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Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size

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Advantages of Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size

  • Drying power
  • Scent
  • Easy to spread
  • Easy to clean


  • 2oz
  • Baxter of California clay pomade, infused with natural ingredients. Formulated for a strong, pliable hold all day.

What is the best price for Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size?

Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 23 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size is in the top 7,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size online?

You can buy Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 23 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Baxter of California Clay Pomade, No Color, One Size reviews

  • Highly recommended

    Really great product for guys with thin hair. I have a full head of thinner hair and tried several products over the years in search of something that would provide lasting hold while not making my hair shiny/wet looking. I had settled on a decent product from, surprisingly, Axe, then read about this one. I was reluctant to pull the trigger due to the price but am very glad I did. You truly only need a very small amount of this to give you all-day hold. Several people mentioned an odor but I have not noticed it, nor has my wife. One thing to consider before purchasing is that after a couple of days, you need a strong shampoo to get this out of your hair. It accumulates and will eventually weigh down your hair. Very great product that I highly recommend. — Diddy reviewed

  • I like it a lot

    This looks like a winner. I been looking for a product that lets me slick back my hair and does not leave it all stiff or hard, I want more of a natural look you see in the movies. All other products leave my hair rock hard and this one keeps it in check but leaves my hair soft. I believe I found my pomade, it is a little more expensive than the rest but 2-4 dollars extra is worth it. It does not impact me or the review but it does have a waxy smell which again does not bother me but I know how sensitive some people might be. The 2oz I do not know how long it will last but it does not require for you to apply much to your hair, one small finger scoop was enough for me. — Diddy reviewed

  • Amazing compare to old spice pomade.

    I bought this product because I heard good things about it. At first I decided to go cheap and buy a old spice pomade but that wasn’t strong at all and the smell was really strong. My hair would start getting flat though out the day and the pomade wouldn’t hold.

    This product though is amazing! The hold is strong and it last for the whole day. I can even put on my hat and then later on take my hat off and fix my hair back to normal. The hold is nice and strong and the smell is really weak. It has a wax kind of smell to it but it’s really weak and no one would notice unless maybe if they stuck their nose into your hair. Picture shows my hair, I took this picture after a whole day of going out. My hair still looks fine. — jbatman reviewed

  • Oh my god this clay is the best of the clays

    Oh my god this clay is the best of the clays. Seriously, I’ve tried so many clays, and they’ve all done the job for sure, but i have ungodly thick hair that sometimes requires upkeep halfway through the day. This clay has some serious hold without actually weighing down my hair. An hour after applying it, I can run my fingers through my hair and it feels like there’s no product there. It would take a hell of a product to take me away from this clay as my daily user. — Lee Chang reviewed


    This stuff is like a revelation for me. I have thick, very stubborn hair. I have used tons and tons of different hair products, from gels to pomades, all brands throughout the years. This is my first time ever using hair clay. I figured since it’s clay it will have a much stronger hold for my hair type. And yes it sure does. I can never use any product with dry hair, not even this stuff. It just won’t work for my hair. But wetting it and drying it a little till its slightly damp and putting about two finger tips worth of this in my hair and I’m able to style it however I want. I used to comb my hair to the left because using other products, my hair is way to stubborn to put it to the right. But this is the first time ever being able to put it to the left and it looks great. Literally used to take about 30 to 45 minutes trying to get my hair to look how I want it to look. No lie. This cuts it down to 5 minutes. I’d reccomend this product to anyone. — Scott Dobyns reviewed

  • Loving it.

    I like this stuff but be warned, when they say "Clay Pomade" that is exactly what you’re getting. This stuff is THICK and takes a while of working it in your fingers to thin it out and soften it up. I recommend wetting your hands a bit first to help thin it out and try not to apply until you’ve softened out the lumps. Smells like black licorice which I don’t enjoy the taste of, but have strangely been developing a fondness of the aroma. If you hate that smell, you may be better work something else – but keep in mind, you’re only going to notice it when you first apply.. I don’t have a lot of people sniffing my head so I don’t hear a lot of comments on whether it smells pleasant or not, but it provides a nice low gloss/shine hold, isn’t greasy or sticky, and rinses out without issue… great stuff! If you think it’s expensive for 2 oz I can tell you that if you have shorter hair like mine, this stuff will probably last you at least 3-6 months… only 1 month in and i’ve barely made a dent. — Ian G. reviewed

  • Love this stuff

    I love this stuff and I’m always considering stocking up in fear the manufacturer may stop making it. For a male, I have longish hair and if I put nothing in it, it just gets dry and flips at the ends. I was on the search for a good solution to keep my hair from doing so and allow it to be managed a bit. What has worked is this clay combined with Suavecito Pomade Firme. If I just use the clay, my hair can be managed but still gets dry. The Suavecito keeps a slight wet look. First I add a bit of the clay to my damp hair and get my hair in the shape I want. At this point my hair is starting to get dry as the clay will do that. I then put just a bit of the pomade in my hair and lastly, wet my hands and run my fingers through my hair. Somehow this magical combination gets me just the result I want. What is also nice is that both products rinse out with just water. That’s not to say if I dampen my hair during the day, it runs out. It’s just when I take a shower that it seems to clean it all out. — Matthew Ryan reviewed

  • Tidies up messy hair

    I’m pretty impressed. My last haircut was in February, which has been a *huge* mistake to not get one before virus lockdowns kept me out of the barber’s, and it’s still difficult to get an appointment. I liked my hair a little on the shaggy side since it’s naturally slightly wavy, it dries soft and voluminous, and all it took was a hand-part to keep it under control. But my bangs were just getting ridiculous – always slumping and bothering my brows. It’s never been this unruly. I tried a hairband for the first time but it was a pain to keep readjusting.

    I knew I needed a hair product, but never liked the thought of goopy gels that leave a wet shine all-day, or stuff that resulted in crusty, clumpy and stiff hairs like hairspray. After getting a suggestion from a stranger and doing some research, and after using this for two weeks, I can say the clay pomade has done wonderfully to wrangle my quarantine hair every day. It simultaneously flattens it a bit and thickens it together; it makes things stick, but it doesn’t feel sticky.

    I put it in shortly after getting dried off from the shower. Out of the jar, it has a texture kind of like cold butter from the fridge (except it’s room-temperature, obviously). I rub it between my hands and rake it through with my fingers, then use a brush and comb to position my hair. Takes about three minutes tops to apply, and once it dries I enjoy the “set it and forget it” part – won’t have to touch it again all day. Because I have so much hair, I likely use more than most guys – about two or three fingertip swabs of it.

    Scent-wise, it’s nothing very special and I don’t mind it. Kind of like a really mild vanilla candle, strong on the waxy part, slightly earthy. Give yourself some time to wash it off your hands with soap and water afterward, but it’s the age of COVID – you practiced this. Shampoo is just about the only thing that can wash it out after a full day, and I don’t mind going to bed with it in there.

    As a side note, I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or I’m paying extra-close attention to my hair, but I’ve noticed a few dandruff flakes sitting in my strands. It might be because I see so much of my scalp nowadays or the pomade makes things drier than usual, but I might have to switch shampoos if it gets to be a bigger problem.

    Like I said, since this is my first hair product I can’t tell you how it compares to others out there. But as a first-time user, I’m liking the look, and most of all, the convenience. — Justin M. reviewed

  • Phenomenal Product

    Would give this product 10 stars if I could. When my girlfriend run her hand through my hair – she doesn’t complain that it’s sticky and she is wondering what i’ve been doing recently to keep my hair so tame (in a way that looks like I am using almost no effort).

    For someone like me with Dry and Course hair that always seems to have too much volume this is the best product I have ever used. It locks my hair into a style and keeps it there all day.

    If you like to run your hand through your hair and adjust throughout the day – get a pomade. If you like your hair in one style that doesn’t move, doesn’t look greasy, and doesn’t look stiff, definitely get this product. Great for someone with Wavy / curly hair that always feels dry to the touch without a product in it. — K. T. reviewed

  • Best matte product i’ve ever used

    Don’t be fooled by cheaper inferior products, i’ve used a LOT of products and this is by far my favorite and my go to every day. I keep a nice low skin fade with about 5 inches of hair on the top, and this stuff is very good, it holds well without feeling like cement. My hair isn’t really that long, but multiple other products just feel like glue, and i get tangles and breaking with the others. I’ve been using this for about the past 6 months? The jar lasts a while and it is definitely worth the price, my previous favorite was Hanz de fuko claymation, but after trying this out, the Baxters is less greasy feeling, about the same hold otherwise. A little goes a long way. — Matthew reviewed

  • Love the matte look and the scent! Definitely requires thorough shampoo-ing though

    Bought this for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift and he loves it! Before this he used a gel that left his hair looking shiny, but he prefers this product as it gives his hair a natural-looking matte finish. He has short to medium length hair that’s kinda wavy, and also very thick and soft. He uses this to style his hair sideways(???) I can’t describe what he does, but it’s a good product if you want a touch up; I can’t say how well it works for anything involving major styling. Even though he doesn’t need a lot of product, a little bit of this stuff still goes a long way — he used this almost every day for 6 months and he only just now ran out. We both love the scent too — it has a mild, earthy clay smell (wow big surprise). I’m also feeling a smoky, tobacco-ish undertone in the scent (which I like!), but all my boyfriend can smell is the clay portion.
    Note: definitely do a thorough shampoo/wash if you want all of this stuff out. A quick rinse won’t do it and you’ll be left with some weird crusty bits going on in your hair — aleatory reviewed

  • Works Fine w/Asian Hair

    I’ve tried various clay pomades and can’t seem to find the one that works for me. Prior to buying this product, I read a lot of reviews — particularly regarding Asian hair, since I’m Asian myself. There were many negative reviews from Asian buyers, however I may be one of the few exceptions. I have thick fine hair and this product seems to work perfectly fine for me. In fact, this is the one product I tired that actually works. I will continue to use this product until something better comes along.

    With that said, I have two qualms: how difficult it is to scoop from the jar; and how it washes out. I find using a blow-dryer to soften it works best. Initially I used a lot of product in my hair and I soon realized it was difficult to wash out (more so than other clay pomades) — I normally wash my hair every other day. A little bit of this product goes a long way, so I recommend not using a lot at first and gradually add more as needed. — aleatory reviewed


    This is out of the world! I love this product soooo much. I literally have to put barely anything into my hair and it will hold up just fine. It adds a lot of texture, which is different from regular pomade. Clay is supposed to do that and that is just what this clay does. The quality is great I like the smell I think it smells kind of earthy but in a good way. I was honestly apprehensive about this because I have tried so many different things for my hair and it doesn’t hold it up because my hair is so thick, but this holds it up really well. I love love love this product. — UPDATED (09/20): Humble Opinion reviewed

  • Wish I Would Have Found This Years Ago!

    Have tried several times to grow my hair out but always got frustrated and cut it. Never could make it look right as it got longer, until I found Baxter clay pomade. Actually felt a bit dumb for not trying clay earlier. This product is the standard bearer for all men’s hair products. My hair is just past my eyebrows and I use less than a pea size amount. It gives a strong hold but is not greasy and has a great matte finish. Big for me as I hate regular pomade high shine. It does not finish rock solid like wax or gel and I can restyle throughout the day or just leave it and it stays in place. It works great in wet or dry hair as well. It is a bit hard to spread but found that rubbing my hands together to heat it makes it much easier. I have told all my friends about this product and highly recommend. Eliminated all of my other hair products, worth every penny! — Austin Gee reviewed

  • My Daily Go To For Years Now

    This stuff is awesome! Been using it for a few years now. It has great hold, but it doesn’t make your hair look shiney like some other products. Also, it stays in your hair all day. I can use it at 6am and at 5pm it’s still holding strong. But the number one thing I like about it is this. I work in a factory and sweat about everyday. Sweat will not affect this product unlike water based products that sweat out and into your eyes. If you want the wet look then this isn’t for you, but if you want the matte look with all day hold then this is your product. — Stephen H reviewed

  • Small Amt Produces Great Results

    I have fine hair but a lot of it. I’ve been rotating and using 6 hair clays now for about 6 months and Baxter of CA Clay Pomade has emerged as my favorite, though Clutch Clay by the Salon Guy is a close second. Here are the best features: (1) Only takes a very small amount of Clay Pomade to produce great results, by far the most “bang for the buck” cost wise, (2) very consistent results almost never a bad hair day with it, (3) No real smell that I can detect once it’s in your hair, (4) washes out very easy though I always use shampoo so that helps. Be careful NOT to put too much in your hair, start with small amounts, and layer additional amounts if needed. Too much on fine hair can weight it down too much. I tend to use less of this clay than other clays as it seems more concentrated than others. — Tito reviewed

  • Best Pomade, a little goes a long way and worth the price

    For men’s hair styling this is THE BEST stuff out there. I read so many reviews all over the web on how great this stuff is but at first I couldn’t get past the cost. I have been using this for 5 months and I’m about 1/2 way through. Having used many other brands I would have already been on my 2nd or 3rd container of most other brands by now costing me more money and getting a lesser product.

    I still have a full head of hair but it’s thinning. I use it right after towel drying my hair by rubbing it in my hands and then running my fingers through my hair while styling. When used right it helps make my hair look more full. If you use to much it can look clumpy and you will get the reverse effect.

    The hold is amazing it keeps my hair in place ALL DAY. After styling if midday I put a hat on I can later remove the hat and still restyle my hair. It doesn’t leave flakes or look greasy. Only issue I have is on me and why I cheaped out on all of the other lesser products before using this. — Lori snow reviewed

  • Great for oily & sensitive scalps!

    My husband is someone cursed with extremely sensitive and oily skin. Any pomade or gel left for more than six hours on his head will cause him to get severe migraines and an acne breakout to his head. We tried many products before this one and all the frustration made him at one point shave himself bald from frustration.

    I took a chance ordering this since my husband loves charcoal and clay products and I’m so glad I did! Holds form for the entire day (he works in a warehouse so he sweats a lot), minimal amounts needed even for his stubborn hair, nice neutral scent that won’t clash with his colognes or beard care products, and will last you a while despite the small appearance.

    It also works for ladies like myself that have those stubborn rogue hairs coming up on parting lines even after hours of straightening. Definitely an item that’ll never be empty in our vanity cabinets. — Kevin reviewed

  • Firm but flexible hold, non-overwhelming scent, pretty much everything I wanted

    After trying several other pomades with various problems (Layrite, Suavecito firm/normal, American Crew cream/pomade), this is the real deal for me. It has a stiff, thick, sandy texture in the hand that takes a little more work to apply, but it’s well worth it. While more expensive than other pomades, you won’t use nearly as much. It has what might be described as a black licorice (or anise) scent which thankfully doesn’t follow you hours after applying. As advertised, it has a matte finish.

    Once worked into dry hair, it pretty much stays where I’ve put it (slicked back style, in my case). I live in a humid climate (60-80% humidity in the summer) and it still holds up fairly well. Of course, it stars to break down in prolonged sunlight or gym sessions, but is still usually restyle-able even after the fact. — animefan88tv reviewed

  • Couldn’t be any happier.

    I love this thing I have had the same one since May of of this year and i still have about a quarter left. I don’t usually write reviews but I have to for this product because it’s unbelievable.

    When I first got the product I thought it was a waste for 20$ especially since the jar was really small and I thought that I would run through it within the week. But honestly you don’t need much of it to hold. I see a lot of reviews complaining about it not spreading and it leaving specks of clay. Though I do agree that it’s not the easiest to spread and the fact it does leave specks on clay you can work around it to make it work.

    Here’s what I do, I wet my hair first with warm water then I grab a little bit of the clay and I wet it with warm water and then I rub it on my hair. If you do this you will save a lot and will realize that it’s worth spending the $20.

    I also read about it having a wax smell to it. I think the smell for me is more of a pine smell which I like and it is not a super strong smell. In like the suavecito where the smell is so strong it starts making you have a headache.
    Overall it has a couple cons but I still give it 5 stars and will be buying from them again as soon as I am out. Again I have had the same one for 7 months it doesn’t take much. — CDKD reviewed

  • Great Product

    Im 25 and i have been looking around for hair products since Crew had failed to give me what i was looking for. I have thick wavy hair and this stuff is awesome in holding it in place and i can work it in to do what i want. The container is high quality, thick glass and just over all cool looking.

    – Works great
    – No much is needed to do what you need
    – lasts all day / If needed you can fix it through out the day with your hands
    – Awesome container
    – Looks awesome

    – Wish it was more than 2 oz
    – Maybe the price, but you get what you pay for
    – Will take a few tries to figure out how much to use for your hair

    If your a man looking for some awesome hair product look no further! Its not a HUGE amount but it lasts awhile, not much is needed to work with your hair. Alot of people on here say the smell is strong and unappealing while i beg to differ. It does smell like licorice but its not strong and its kinda refreshing and clean smelling, once its in your hair you wont smell it. Don’t let that be the deciding factor. You will enjoy this product! — nicholas reviewed

  • Excellent product

    This stuff is awesome! It’s a really firm product and you really do need to follow the instructions: about a fingernail sized amount into your palm (depending on hair length, mine is medium) and rub your hands together until warm and pliable. Work into your dry or damp hair followed by a comb or brush. Holds all day and doesn’t have an offensive or overpowering smell! Love it. I give my hair a light blast of hairspray and my hair looks good till I go to bed. — nicholas reviewed

  • This is a great clay product

    This is a great clay product. I’ve actually had difficulty finding a product that I liked (gels, clays, waxes, etc.). Since I’ve purchased this one, I’ve only been using this. I usually use it to spike my hair, but it also gives a good slicked back/to the side look. I use the product with my hair slightly wet, but it also does a great job with dry hair. You get a lot of good definition with this.

    I very much appreciated the videos showing how to use it/get a certain style. This helped me to know that this product was going to be good.

    This product lasts me around 1-2 months of daily use.

    Baxter has a sample of the various gels/clays, which might be useful for someone who wants to try out the different kinds before buying a full jar: — Cody reviewed

  • Best!

    This is by far the best pomade I have used. It makes it so easy to style my hair which ever way I want. The matte finish makes my hairstyle look natural without crazy shine. Also works very well with the minimal application. Most products state to use a small amount and I tend to need more to achieve the desired style, but not with this one. This works for me. I hope it works well for you. Definitely is my go to from now on. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Amazing hold

    I have thick hear that I swear eat hair gel and creams. I also hate the shinny look of gels so I have switch over to things like clay pomade.
    On my hair it holds it all day and it still looks natural in terms not having that shinny gel look great. Plus it still feels pretty natural. As my hair grows out I do have to increase the amount I use but it is still not very much. I strongly recommend it. — Mike reviewed

  • Best hair clay i’ve had and i’ve tried way to …

    Best hair clay i’ve had and i’ve tried way to many. It helps if you spread it around your hands really thinly to avoid any chunks in your hair. It also takes much less than you think and but over doing it doesn’t result in a mess like it does with softer clays. As someone with hair that grows unnaturally quick, i find this is better when my hair is at it’s shortest to give a good texture and volume while still looking for clean cut. The best part about it is that at the end of the day it doesn’t leave my hair to be feeling gross like so many others do, it sort of just naturally works its way out and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean considering there is still product in it; though that being said it does something require putting more in if going out for the evening and had originally put it on early in the morning. — Tyler H reviewed

  • Best Styling Product I Have Ever Purchased

    The title of my review says it all. Over the years, I have tried everything from gel to hairspray to wax to regular pomade, and this one takes the cake. A little goes a long way, so depending how long or short your hair is, you really only need to smooth a pea-sized (or less) amount through damp hair. One tub lasts me roughly six months with this strategy. The quality of hold, matte finish, and longevity is surpassed by no other product that I have used. I’ve actually found that the hold gets better after the second day. You can fall asleep with it in your hair, and when you wake up, just re-comb or run your fingers through, and voila, back to business. It will leave almost no residue on your pillow, but it will become slightly noticeable over time if you use a lot of product. In my experience, this washes out very easily with or without shampoo, but that’s probably because I have shorter hair. — Carnegie reviewed

  • Upgrade your Hair

    Love this product. Feels super clean ???? and it’s reworkable. I’ve used tons of hair products and this one will forever be my go to.

    I have a super short faux hawk, so this should last me a year or so.

    I don’t use a comb, but it seems like it would respond well. It’s technically a pomade, but it has great holding power for my hairstyle.

    If you’ve tried tons of product too, but have been left wanting in terms of feel, texture, etc. I’d give this a try.

    Like I said I love it! — Carl reviewed

  • Great Product with Great Hold

    I wasn’t sure if this product would work for me after getting my new style. I didn’t want to look like a dude, didn’t want that wet look, but had never used a clay pomade before. The previous reviews and helpful hints were very helpful – I recommend you read them. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It does take some getting used to if you’ve never used this type of product before; it feels different going on. At first I used way too much as I was expecting that stiff, crunchy feel. However, you don’t need that much and the hold is there even though your hair appears soft looking and not crunchy at all. Your hair remains pliable and can be "fixed" or "adjusted" easily throughout the day. I did have to adjust to the aroma of the product, but that was accomplished within a couple days. I will continue to purchase this product and love it. — Christopher A. Lugo reviewed

  • Best Matte Finish Strong Hold Product

    I’ve tried a number of products similar to this stuff and this is by far the best. I wanted a matte finish with a very strong hold so I could control my hair without it looking or feeling wet or too sticky, and this gets it done. I had previously tried both American Crew’s Fiber and Paul Mitchell’s Reformer, and this works better, provides a stronger hold, and lasts longer than both.


    -Matte finish with very strong hold
    -Smell is very minor and neutral to me
    -Have to use very little to get results so lasts a long time
    -Disappears well into hair whether dry or damp

    Cons (these are very picky and minor quibbles because overall I love this stuff):
    -Very sticky so it is a little bit hard to wash off hands
    -Feels slightly sticky if you run your hands through hair but not bad

    Overall this stuff is really great if you want to get more control over your hairstyle without having that wax or gel wet look. It provides by far the strongest hold I’ve experienced from a Matte finish hair product and truly stays that strong basically until you wash it out. The name says it all, it really is like putting Clay in your hair because it is that strong. — GMDimples33 reviewed

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