Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit

Malibu C: Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit

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Malibu C: Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit

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Advantages of Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit

  • Softness
  • Scent
  • Moisturizing
  • Drying power


  • Contains 9 oz Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo, 9 oz Conditioner, 4 Hard Water Treatments.
  • The only system that detoxes and defends hair against hard water minerals found in the water we use to shower.
  • Naturally eliminates hard-to-budge mineral deposits while locking in moisture.

What is the best price for Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit?

Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 30 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit is in the top 9,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit online?

You can buy Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 30 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit reviews

  • Game changer for blonde hair!

    I have tried everything from purple shampoo to apple cider vinegar to fight the rust in my blonde hair. Cannot believe the difference the first treatment has made! I’m obsessed!!! — Kaitlin Nye reviewed

  • SAVED my hair

    I moved into a new home with well/hard water. Shortly after moving, my hair was coming out in CHUNKS. The photo on the left is my hair before I started using this. Photo on the right is my hair now after 2 months of use. You can see that my baby hairs are growing back now and I am no longer losing handfuls of hair. I really feel like this is a miracle product for me. I have straight, thin, fly-away hair if that helps. — Kaitlin Nye reviewed


    Long story short – I’d been washing my hair in extremely hard water for years without realizing it until my hair turned ORANGE. For the past year, my hair wasn’t wanting to take color right, but when the reason dawned on me I ran straight to my stylist and explained. The iron was SO THICK in my hair that when she put platinum blonde on my brunette it literally only lightened it a shade. At this point, she told me that I was lucky I came to her right away when I turned copper because she was scared my hair may start FALLING OUT. She told me I needed to come back in a few days so she had time to find the right products to fix this mess I’d created. In the meantime, she told me I needed to get a filtered shower head. She called all kinds of suppliers and experts and I went home and did my own research. A few days later, we both were at the conclusion that this what the product I needed. My stylist said that I just washing my hair with this shampoo for the first time turned the water yellow!!! And that was before the other treatments she did to get the iron out.

    To anyone that’s saying this product is drying out their hair – please contact your stylist. They may need to treat your hair to get all of the build up off first. Also, I periodically use a moisturizing hair mask.

    But seriously, THANK YOU MALIBU C!!! — Hellooooooo reviewed

  • BUY IT NOW!!! Saved my hair!!! Miracle stuff.

    So, I’m going to admit right off that although I purchase almost everything in my life from Amazon, I rarely write a review. In fact, this might be my first. Crappy I know, but most of what I purchase is mundane household things so it just never seems that important.
    Well, I literally ran to come write this review after using this product for the first time today. For the last two years, I have been living on a rural property with horrible hard well water. My hair and skin have paid the price. Honestly, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my hair. I’ve always had fine, soft manageable hair (never thick, gorgeous hair) but still, it’s been fine. My hair took color well, and looked decent if I took the time to style it. Well over time, particularly over the last year my hair has become brittle, dull, lifeless, greasy at the roots and extremely dry at the ends. It literally felt like straw. Color looked brassy and cheap, and it looked horrible even with styling. It also began to fall out and break. I thought I was sick or stress was causing it. Finally a hairstylist mentioned that she thought I had hard water damage to my hair. She recommended an Aveda product that I used regularly but I saw no change. I finally gave up and just decided I would purchase a shower filter when I had the money. As I was researching those, I came across this product and decided to give it a try in the meantime. So glad I did.
    As soon as it arrived I opened it up, and used all three products, exactly as instructed. I then dried my hair with a blow dryer, but no particular styling product.
    My hair IS BACK! Just like that, my hair is soft, manageble, no tangles, no straw, etc. I could NOT believe it. Wish I had found this product two years ago!!!! I cannot believe after just one treatment my hair looks and feels this good. It truly stripped all the gunk out of my hair that had been ruining it.
    I still need to get a trim and I still plan to invest in a shower filter, but this is an amazing product for in the meantime and into the future.
    On a side note, I had been so frustrated with my hair a couple of weeks ago, that I had ordered a high end hair dye online and colored it myself one night. (I normally always do salon color and highlights, but did not want to wait–my hair was looking like blond straw. I figured if it was a little darker it might look better.) I had ordered a golden brown color, well imagine my shock when my hair came out black…literally very dark chocolate brown/black. I just lived with it and figured once I got my new shower filter I would sort out the color at the salon. Well, as I was blow drying my hair after using this product for the first time–my hair was lighter! It’s the exact golden brown it was supposed to be in the first place. I guess all of the junk on my hair was messing up the color or making it darker somehow. I can’t believe the difference. I don’t want to promise this kind of results in every case, but I would definitely recommend using this product before trying to color at home, so all of the junk in your hair doesn’t mess up your color! BONUS!!!! — PD21 reviewed

  • Everyone complaining about this product please read

    Note to users. Product is been reportedly "drying out" hair. This product is meant to be used ONCE a week . It dries your hair out because it is stripping everything that the well water puts into your hair. It’s not a bad thing that it’s drying it out. It’s supposed to. Malibu is NOT meant for EVERYDAY USE. — jessica8762 reviewed

  • Must have for hard water!

    This has been so crucial for my hair. Even though I have a filtered shower head, my hard water still makes my blonde hair brassy and orange. I used a treatment pack in the shower one time, and the next day I had so many compliments from people asking if I dyed my hair. If you have hard water, this stuff is a must-have. I use the packs every 2 weeks and the shampoo and conditioner 1-2x a week and have had no problem maintaining my new non-orange hair. — makayla reviewed

  • It works!!

    Great stuff. Smells great. It is NOT intended for wvery day use. I use it once a week with the treatment pack and on Wednesday’s. I use a purple shampoo the other days. I have naturally blonde hair. I have well water, untreated. My hair turned brass. This brought back the blonde. The only thing I didn’t like was the bottles are very hard to squeeze. — Sara P. reviewed

  • A MUST HAVE for blondes

    This product is amazing!! My daughter got her hair lightened and went swimming a week later and her hair started looking greenish and dull after one wash with shampoo and conditioner plus treatment this is what it looked like. I’ve already purchased more. I can’t believe how well this works!! Most definitely worth it — Brandy reviewed

  • I used to have awesome hair and could style it while wet

    I moved to Florida from Michigan 3 years ago. I had gotten my hair highlighted from a new salon and thought they had fried my hair bc I haven’t been able to brush my hair or do anything to it while wet. I used to have awesome hair and could style it while wet. Well I started buying very very expensive shampoo and getting my hair done with “natural” products for over a year and my problem didn’t get any better. I started doing research about hard water and cake across this shampoo.
    Well I finally used it last night along with a shower filter. And OMG!!!!!!!!!! My hair in one use is back to my normal hair I had 3 years ago!!!! I can not say how excited I am about this product!!! — Stacey Schell reviewed


    For about 7-8 months my hair was stringy, and lifeless and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.
    After a bit of research I came to the conclusion that the minerals from hard water in my home was preventing my hair from soaking up the water.

    After using Malibu Hard Water Treatment shampoo and conditioner for the past few weeks, my hair has been TRANSFORMED!
    I recommend this product to any and every curly girls who have been having the same issue as me.

    My hair is juicy and I finally feel like myself again! — ACN reviewed

  • Results in one use!

    I rarely write reviews, but this product is so amazing I had to share. For the last two years, my hair has often been dry, brittle, lifeless, and very much like straw. It required a lot of heat and effort to curl, or get it to do pretty much anything. I attributed it to a change in hormones after my son was born. My hairdresser and I started talking, and figured out it was most likely due to our hard water. We are on a well, but with a softener and filtration system, so I never thought much about it. I used the shampoo, treatment, and conditioner last night and I am amazed at what a difference it made in my hair after only one use. It’s soft, smooth, holds a curl, and has volume. The stuff is amazing. My only gripe is that the treatment has a funky smell – almost metallic. Now that my hair is dry it’s not that noticeable, and the benefits of the system far outweigh my dislike for the scent. — Sarah Cook reviewed

  • Amazing results!

    My new hairdresser recommended Malibu because I have well water and my hair felt rough on the ends and had a lot of breakage. I was skeptical, just attributed my hair to genetics. I have used it twice now, and my hair is completely different in texture. It is soft on the ends, feels amazing and looks so much healthier! Wish I had known of this product 25 years ago! — Sarah Cook reviewed

  • I couldn’t believe the results

    I waited until the third time I used this product, just to make sure. I moved from Florida to Michigan, from city water to well water, and could not figure out why my hair was so dry, brittle and breaking since I moved up here. I chalked it up to the colder weather and tried endless amounts of shampoo and conditioners, high end ones, including tea tree from Paul Mitchell. My hair had stopped growing! In over a year my hair hasn’t grown past a certain point just below my shoulders, it would just break off. I have been so sad because I used to have long, beautiful hair. Everyone said it was mermaid hair! I’ve now used this product three times, today was the third week (Using once a week) and I blow dried my hair and could not believe it. I had forgotten how light my natural hair was! My hair feels so much healthier after this and I think it’s finally growing again! (I will update in a couple months) I am continuing this treatment because I believe it’s truly helping my hair! Nothing, NOTHING else has made my hair feel this healthy. I have hope! The only thing negative is the smell is sort of weird, but I’ll deal with it! — Giselle K Volpert reviewed

  • just WOW!

    I’ve tried sooo many products and none hold a candle to this treatment. After moving to a new state about 4 years ago my normally soft shiny blonde hair became waxy and straw like due to the hard water. Even my hair brushes were coated with a white sticky substance. I stopped using all hair styling products and switched to only natural sulfate and paraben free shampoos, when that didn’t work I resorted to natural treatments (i.e. egg yolk mask, bentonite clay mask, argan oil, vinegar and club soda, etc…) all which only made my hair worse. So I decided to go back to chemical laden shampoos and spent $100’s on several kinds of clarifying shampoos, conditioners, Kenra, Joico and Olaplex to name a few. The kenra products were the only ones that helped some but not enough that I could run a comb through my hair without it tangling. After seeing this product pop up in several google searches as a top ten product for hard water, I decided to try it. The first time I used it, I followed the directions which said to shampoo, apply the mask, then finish with the conditioner, I rinsed my hair with club soda instead of tap water. Once it dried my hair was 90% better, the shine was back and the tangles would brush out easily. The directions say to use it once a week but I used just the shampoo and conditioner three days later with regular tap water. I’m happy to report that my hair is 100% now! All the mineral build up is gone. I also love the scent of Malibu C, it is a pleasant citrusy smell that isn’t overwhelming. I think the price is reasonable compared to what I paid for the other products. Sticking with this product and just wish I discovered it 3 years ago. — Brook Oser reviewed

  • Light, fresh, clean feeling vegan shampoo & conditioner!

    This product has helped to soften my hair tremendously from years of hard water abuse! I have not had a chance to use the weekly supplement, but the shampoo and conditioner are just fantastic! There is a slightly citrusy smell (more orange to me) but my hair dries with just a "clean" scent; nothing too perfume-like, but more than just the smell of nothing. Product lathers well unless I haven’t washed my hair for a couple of days, then I need to shampoo twice. This is the only shampoo I’ve used where my hair actually feels soft after rinsing the shampoo out. Usually my hair feels really dry until I condition. The conditioner isn’t heavy and rinses clean. — sr@aero reviewed

  • Love It!!

    I tried Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Collection especially for my daughter. She has multiple allergies that have made it difficult to find products she can use. They work for a little while, then she’s back to dull, dry, thinning hair, itching, flaking scalp. I read the product description & thought “she has allergies to certain metals, could it be the water? I’ll try Malibu C Hard Water Wellness and find out.” Wow, from the 1st use! I have not seen her hair look this good in years! She has used it 3 times now. Her hair is waist length, is again smooth, shiny, no tangles or dry ends, the natural highlights shimmer. Best of all not one single flake or itch! My son has healthy hair and he tried it and also loves it. Again, from the 1st time he used it his hair was brighter, shinier, and the natural highlights stood out. Plus it smells good and their hair was so soft, I was blown away. I tried it but really didn’t like it for myself. Maybe because it wasn’t the correct product for my hair type. No matter, I got it for my daughter and am amazed at the results! I will have to update in June. If Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Collection keeps her hair & scalp looking this good/healthy, it will be the first product to “ever” work past 6 months. At this point I recommend trying a Malibu C Product that is right for you. — J. Rolland reviewed

  • This stuff works!!

    I didn’t take a before picture but my ends were turning brassy while my freshly highlighted roots were blonde. My hair was starting to look like the opposite of balayage which was not my goal. I had no idea what hard well water was doing to my hair and I did not even knew that was possible. My ends were so dry and dull. Toner was not helping so I googled and found out the info on hard water. One treatment pack with the shampoo and conditioner has made a noticeable difference in shine, softness and blonde color without toner! It has not rid of the brassiness completely on the first use, but I’ve got YEARS of build up from the very hard well water that runs to our house.
    All I can say is if this doesn’t make a difference in your hair then you probably have something else going on besides hard water build up. My hair hasn’t been this soft in over 10 years! — Deb reviewed

  • Fixed my well damaged hair…FINALLY!

    HAIR TYPE: Natural dirty blonde with full highlights. Been highlighting my hair for 20 some years now and never needed a toner or glaze. I have fine hair but a lot of it and need to shampoo almost every day to fight of the greasy look. I have an inverted bob at shoulder length.
    This product was recommended by my old hairdresser I now drive 45 min to see. We moved 6 months ago from city water to well water that has a very expensive system on it. Still, my blonde hair was dull, dry, severe breakage and had a slight green hue. It was impossible to style after a wash and still get that clean, blown-out look. I tried So many expensive salon clarifying shampoos and conditioners, I’ve lost count!
    The shampoo is drying due to stripping of the well minerals but the conditioner makes it soft and shiny. I typically never use conditioner because my hair would be greasy by the end of the day, this duel system does none of that and leaves my hair soft, bright and manageable with significant less breakage! The local salon stylist i started going to insisted I needed a toner to keep my hair from looking brassy or ashy or dull. Actually, I just Need this shampoo and conditioner!
    I have been using them daily/every-other-day for a week now and am very happy! — Amber Lynn reviewed

  • Love Love Love!!!!!

    Absolutely love this product! I have well water and we had to remove our water softener and haven’t replaced it yet. I could immediately tell the difference. When I would wash my hair with the water softener installed I could immediately run my fingers thru my very thick hair with out combing first. After the softener was removed it would take forever to comb all the tangles out and hair felt heavy and dirty. My blonde salon highlighted hair turned orange. I used malibu crystal gel and got the brassiness out but it would only last for a little while before it was orange again. I came across the malibu hard water wellness kit and decided it can’t hurt to try! I shampooed then used the packet from the kit left it on for 5 mins. Rinsed then conditioned. I really didn’t have my hopes up but when I combed thru my hair it was like I had my softener again. Hair was so soft and easy to comb. Once it got my hair dry, all the brassy was gone! My beautiful blonde hair that I pay good money for was back! I will still do monthly treatments with the crystal gel along with the weekly treatment packet that is included in the kit. I recommend anyone wo hasn’t ever done any kind of treatment to their brassy well water hair to use the malibu crystal gel treatment first. — spallo reviewed

  • This stuff is the real deal.

    I don’t frequently write reviews of products. I didn’t get this as a promotion or anything, I bought it after buying a lot of other products – none worked. I have a well and have copper in my water and didn’t know it. My hair was thinning and my kids’ hair was doing the same. I was *shocked* after one use of the shampoo, crystals, and conditioner. The difference in our hair was immediate and extreme. If you have hard water or copper USE THIS. My hair was soft, shiny, and thicker like it used to be. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Light and effective

    I purchased this package of shamp, condition., and hard treatment in Dec., and just finished the shamp in July (7mos.). I have very hard water, constant exposure to sunny FL, and a salt pool. I do treatment about every 3 mos., and use these products. I find I use less product and even skip days of shamp, I almost always hit conditioner, and I’m using much less product than I ever did, which is kinda cool. Sometimes I use a light pump mist of Pureology color fanatic leave in conditioner, on my off shamp days, which also gives a nice scent. Also, about 3-4 months I goop on some deep conditioner on to dry dirty hair and let it sit all slicked back throughout for 40 min., then lightly shamp and condition and rinse. Seems like all the yrs going to hair salon has finally taught me a regiment which seems to be working well. I find these products to be light for my thin, colored, slightly oily, mostly unruly hair. He off shamp days are my best looking hair days, even the stylists hint toward this, but hey, they’re not gonna push it to get you the day at the salon look by yourself. — MEL reviewed

  • Best I’ve tried

    We live in the country and have a lot of iron in our well water which definitely causes a lovely (sarcasm) orange tint to my blonde hair. I’ve tried the Kevin Murphy version of this and it leaves my hair like straw but doesn’t remove all the iron build up. I especially like the crystals, which lather up in your hand once water is added to them, which makes it super easy to distribute. My hair looked perfectly blonde again after one use and felt amazing, plus my curl was back! I plan to re-order the crystals, at least. Some reviewers complained about the price of the kit but I think it’s a good deal based on the $4 per crystal packet you’d pay at the salon plus $13-$15 per bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Highly Recommend this product, at least for iron removal. — MEL reviewed

  • A MUST if you have well water!

    I’ve had frizzy, unmanageable hair for 15 years now — I tried every hair product (I thought) and nothing worked. The only time my hair ever looked nice was when I didn’t wash it at home. I asked my hairdresser, bought every high-dollar moisturizing product, bought a fancy blow dryer & straightening iron. It was exhausting. Then, I found this MIRACLE shampoo/conditioner! They really do work! I had a suspicion it was due to our well water, but figured I just had to live with it. I had NO idea this product even existed—thank goodness it does! No longer does it take me an hour to try and straighten/smooth my hair after washing. I don’t know what it does exactly, but If u live on a well and need hair help, buy this! I already placed a second order as this is all I will use from now on! — FindPrimal reviewed

  • Amazing! Saved my hair from hard water damage and build up.

    Saved my hair and totally color safe. Used the treatment one day. Next time I showered I used the shampoo along with redken purple shampoo and my final rinse with just a cup of bottled water boosted my color and my hair is so much softer. I also have a shower filter which doesn’t filter the iron. My colorist said this will NOT strip my toner and is color safe. I’ll never be without this product ever again. It is amazing! — KG reviewed

  • Yep. Sold. Please don’t ever stop making this!

    Holy flipping french toast this stuff is aaaahhhmazing.
    I have used it two times now and my head and hair feel aaaahhhhmazing. *two times at recommended once a week usage*

    Let me give you some background, for those that want more info…
    I moved to a awesome mountain town with incredibly hard water. When I moved here my hair was long, beautiful, hydrated. Happy. After the last six or so years my hair has stopped growing completely. It makes it just under my shoulders and that’s it. Also, I was getting the most painful bumps on my head. And oh boy it has itched. Itchy, and painful to the touch bumps. I knew something was up. Oh yea, on top of all that I have also been losing my hair! Yea. Not large clumps but I could tell my hair has been thinning and unhappy.
    Did you know hard water also contributes to red hues and going gray faster?? Shoot. And yes, I suffer from that too!!

    So back to the first statement- thank you Malibu C. I can only hope this is the beginning of reclaiming my beautiful luscious locks!! — SaraS51 reviewed

  • Will buy again

    To start, I’ve only used one packet and the shampoo/conditioner twice. On my first use (with a packet) my hair was noticeably softer when it started drying. I’ve also noticed that some of my natural wave is starting to come back….maybe the iron was weighing it down? I dont know. I’m a natural brunette and don’t dye my hair, so I can’t comment on what it does for blond or color treated hair, but I love it! The smell is ok, it has a very mild orange smell when you’re applying but it doesn’t stick around. My hair smells like nothing after it’s dry. I like it when my hair smells good after a shower, but this could be good for people with sensitivity to smells. Other reviewers commented on it drying out hair, so I plan on using a packet every two weeks and using the shampoo and conditioner only 2 times a week. I will make this kit a routine I do about once a year if all continues to go well. — BW reviewed

  • Great Product!

    I used this on mine and my childs hair last night. I was a little skeptical at first but, decided to give it a try. I used as instructed. I found that a little goes a long way with the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo didn’t sud-up alot which was fine. I thought I’d have to use more conditioner because it didn’t make my hair soft feeling like other conditioners normally do. I thought that I would have to follow up with another conditioner BUT did not.After rinsing and towel drying hair,we didn’t have any issues brushing our hair out. Our hair was soft any easy to brush the morning after as well. I will order this product again. — The Ducks reviewed

  • The smell of the shampoo and conditioner is very nice. I also use the treatment packets once every …

    This shampoo has actually saved my scalp! I started getting hard blisters and scabs all over my head and couldn’t figure out why. I tried everything! I did some research and discovered it was all a result of having moved into a place with very hard water. It’s been a month since I’ve been using it and my problem is gone! i use it daily and it has not dried out my hair at all. The smell of the shampoo and conditioner is very nice. I also use the treatment packets once every couple weeks and notice a very nice clean difference. My hair is naturally very thin and this has helped to actually make it a little thicker too. Highly recommend!!! — Victoria reviewed

  • AMAZING demineralizer

    I have to say after 4 weeks doing this treatment i no longer want to chop off all my hair due to so much damage from hardwater in SF. I cant speak too much about the shampoo, but I think the most effective has been the weekly demineralizer. THANKS!! — Jennifer Hosko reviewed

  • I bought this in conjunction with the culligan filtered shower …

    I bought this in conjunction with the culligan filtered shower head and between the 2, they have solved my problem. I just moved to a new city with awful water quality that was turning my hair orange and bone dry. I was at the end of my rope, but this stuff really helped. It’s hard to know what has helped more, this product or the new shower head, but this should at least be a start if you have hard water. The shower head is only around $30 and is also available here on amazon! — Rachel Placid reviewed

Malibu C: Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit, Malibu Wellness, 49612

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