Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Washes 07/11/2020
Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

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Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Table of contents :

Advantages of Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

  • For sensitive skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Scent


  • Skin Type: All skin types
  • Recommended Usage: massage a quarter size amount onto damp skin for 30 seconds. Rinse. Use in the morning and at night.

What is the best price for Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser?

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 34.62 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser is in the top 2,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser online?

You can buy Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 34.62 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser reviews

  • Best Face Wash EVER

    I love this product. Philosophy Purity Made Simple, is a fragrance-free face wash. What’s cool about it, is that it removes all traces of make up (including mascara). You can wash your entire face with it, you can even close your eyes and rub the face wash over your closed eyes and eyelashes, and removes all of the mascara and eyeliner, and it does not irritate your eyes. I can even open my eyes after I have the face wash all over them and it doesn’t sting or burn. I great, gentle (but powerful) face wash that leaves your skins feeling soft and clean. — AZ Teacher reviewed

  • Staple skin care product

    Purity is the only face wash that does the job! I have tried other cleansers and I always come back to Purity! It gets rid of ALL my makeup and I wear a lot of MAC cosmetics daily. I love pairing it with my clarisonic for gentle exfoliation. Best of all this is cheaper on Amazon than it is at Ulta or Sephora. Will definitely continue to purchase! — AZ Teacher reviewed

  • Amazing on my oily skin!

    I first tried a sample of this product and it was fantastic.

    This is the first cleanser that I’ve used that doesn’t have instructions that say that the eye area should be avoided. And, the product has some essential oil ingredients that didn’t make my skin feel oily after rinsing nor cause any break outs. Plus, it mostly removed my waterproof mascara, which was an unexpected benefit. For someone with oily skin like me, it was quite the leap of faith to try this product.

    I cleans my skin once in the morning and once or twice in the evening (based on whether I have a full coverage foundation on that day). I apply the product and a small amount of water to my face. After cleansing, I follow it with a toner/astringent (Witch Hazel for me) and then oil free moisturizer.

    The product doesn’t lather, which was odd at first, then it was very obvious it didn’t need to in order to cleanse my face. For folks that really need to "see" that a product is working, then this may really cause some unnecessary uncertainty in your cleansing routine; in fact, this characteristic of the product may possibly be a non-starter for those folks. It took approximately one week for me to fully overcome the concept that the product was not going to lather no matter how much I rubbed my hands around my face with it. I’m thrilled that I stuck with it and my skin looks and feels great. — Summer reviewed

  • A beauty consultant at Sephora recommend this product for me

    I have been using this for years. A beauty consultant at Sephora recommend this product for me. I have dry skin and this stuff cleans well and is not drying out my skin. Great product. — Tricia – So. California reviewed

  • My holy grail cleanser

    I’ve tried many, many cleansers, but none are as good as this one. I use this year round because it’s not over-drying, and does fine in the winter. This cleanser doesn’t leave a residue, so you get squeaky clean skin without it feeling dry and tight. I feel like it really does what it says and keeps your face clean and balanced. I get zero breakouts from this, and I have tricky skin. It’s the only cleanser I can use twice a day without my skin going crazy. Love love love! — Shelley reviewed

  • Tried and true

    I have been using this product for YEARS. I never thought much of it, but it came recommended to me by numerous friends and various family members – one of which refused to leave her home for overnight trips without her travel bottle of Purity. I didn’t understand the hype, but I was having a hard time with oily skin, breakouts, dry skin, pronounced pores…the works. I tried A LOT of products. If one product worked, it was too drying. If it was gentle enough to not dry my skin out, my skin would breakout and was oily. It was a fine balancing act. Purity didn’t deep clean like some of the stronger products and didn’t help with the more pronounced pores. It wasn’t the most gentle and my face is a little dry while using it. It did, however, keep my face quite clean and for the most part, kept breakouts to a minimum. Plus a little goes a long way. The 16oz bottle lasted me the better part of half a year with twice a day use. It was a reliable product, but I did not feel it was the miracle worker everyone had sold it to me as. It wasn’t until this product was backordered and I had to purchase another brand or go without anything that I realized how well this product was working for me. I switched to another brand that was also highly recommended, my face was more oily. It seemed to have a hard time with removing makeup, and within a few days on the other product, it was like being a teen again: acne city! So disheartening. Even though I had an almost full bottle of “the other stuff”, the Purity was back in stock, so I ordered it, got it the next day and started using it immediately. It did a better job with makeup removal and almost overnight, the acne went away and my face just felt cleaner. It was the perfect situation of not missing something until it’s gone. I will make sure to not run out again! — Rosi C. reviewed

  • A Welcome Switch to What I was Previously Using

    This was recommended to me by a friend when I was looking to switch face washes. I had previously been using Clean and Clear for so many years just out of convenience, but finally decided it was not cutting it. I switched to this and love how well it cleans without being irritating to my skin. I can’t say I use it twice a day like it says to, but it has worked so much better than what I was using, and from what I can tell doesn’t have all those other chemicals in it. Only need to use a little at a time, so this bottle will last a long time. — Ann reviewed

  • Great for sensitive skin and adult acne

    I have always suffered from acne since I was a pre-teen. Although it is not severe, it is enough to make me feel self conscious, especially as an adult. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil for my sensitive skin and I had been using that for several years but I always noticed that no matter how much I washed my face, my acne would never go away completely. I remember my roommate using this face wash in college (years ago) and since she is someone who always took care of her skin, I thought I’d try it too and I am SO glad I did! My face has cleared up and looks so much better. My skin is not only softer, but it is brighter, clearer, and just looks much more improved. My husband has even started using this face wash in the shower and he has mentioned how much cleaner his face feels and how much softer his skin is (this is coming from someone who has never used face wash). I have sensitive skin and I pair this with the exfoliating cleanser (at night) and use the simple one step cleanser in the morning. — Amazon Customer reviewed


    Since high school, I’ve used hundreds of facial cleansers over the years to try to properly moisturize and clean my face at the same time. I’ve never used the same cleanser more than twice- none of them have really worked for me in the long run. They’d either make me break out, make my skin really red, and/or make my skin too dry.

    Nah, not this one, son. This is by far the best cleanser I’ve ever used. Perfect balance of moisture and cleanliness. I have combination skin, so it did an amazing job of keeping ALL areas of my face moisturized without having it really oily. Never has this cleanser made my face dry either, which was my biggest concern when purchasing this product. My face just feels healthier and firmer after using this. You really don’t really need to use a lot of it either. My favorite thing about this is that it’s clean and organic.

    FORTUNATELY, I didn’t receive a counterfeit one as some of these reviews have stated. How sad, because I really wish that first time users were able to experience this gem of a product. With that being said, I don’t think I will be ordering this product on Amazon again for fear of getting a fake one. Do yourself a favor and buy the new limited edition that Sephora is offering on their website. It’s $15 for 12 oz, so compared to the $30+ version for 16oz, that’s a great value and a steal. I just snatched one up from their website just now! 🙂 — Sarah reviewed

  • Perfect for this redhead!

    I am a redhead and have very sensitive skin and this is the only face wash I use that makes my skin feel clean without stripping it and leaving it dry! I have my teenager use it now! I just love it! It’s kind of expensive but I would highly recommend it to anyone who has sensitivity issues! I love that it makes my face feel moisturized yet clean feeling!
    The scent is soft and not overwhelming!

    This is a great product! I can not say enough good things about it!! — April Kamatayan reviewed

  • Philosophy Purity

    I’ve used philosophy products for many years… I sometimes venture out and try something "new" or different and bounce right back to Philosophy particularly with their cleansing line. There is little out there that can top Purity… I’ve tried HUGELY more expensive brands and WAY cheaper ones. Purity works very well – gently – but effectively… I like the faint, clean scent and it has never caused my skin any issue of any kind. Have been nervous to try buying through amazon with all the reports of fake products but so far so good. However, I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful. — ForeverYOUNG reviewed

  • Philosphy Purity facial cleanser is awesome!!!!❤❤❤

    I originally had perfect normal skin with no pimples, acne, blackheads or whatever..but it changed when i turn 30 (nightmare beginssss!!!!!!)I had big breakout all over my face especially my cheeks.

    Lack of knowledge of treating acne(because i never had one ), i used many different type and brands of acne treatments ( spot treatments,exfo facial wash, exfo toner,vitamin c serum,even retinol moisturizer). turned out i overdid it. My skin barrier was broken and cause more breakout. My skin was really dry like Sahara Desert.

    Noticed that my skin has become VERY sensitive, i started using gentle facial wash. I tried many different brands but this one only works the best!!! Other cleansers still dry my skin out, if not, they dont clean well or causing more breakouts. But this Philosophy Purity Cleanser cleans my face really well but doesnt dry out my skin.Most importantly, it doesnt cause breakout!!! Smells amazingg also.(Lavender smell, maybe?!)

    I highly recommend this cleanser for those people who have dry sensitive to normal skin. Give it a try, u’ll love it!!❤ ❤ ❤ — ForeverYOUNG reviewed

  • I love this facial cleanser

    I love this facial cleanser. It easily removes make up and I use this as part of my everyday facial routine. Don’t think I can be without it! I prefer to use this over any oily make up removers that are out there. It’s literally the best! I even use some of this on my fingers or palm of my hand to clean some of my brushes out. I’m not a make up expert so not sure if it damages the brushes, but mine look pretty good. I did recently buy the Too Faced Better Than Sex water proof mascara and unfortunately, it wasn’t easily and completely removed with this wash. Either way, I still give it 5 stars! — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • The Best Cleanser for ME!

    I’d Tried to convince myself I could use other cleansers, available locally, for a bit less money. I wasn’t happy w/ results. I’m a senior woman, who’s blessed to look much younger than I actu in lily am. But, I was having to fight really hard to keep that. Decided to go back to using Purity, which I’d used for Yrs! I saw an immediate difference! I’ll buy the 32 oz. size as soon as I’m able. And, I’ll stick w/ Purity! For me, @ least, it makes too great a difference! — Jessica Moreno reviewed

  • Love this stuff.

    First of all, I LOVE what is written on the front. There’s so much truth there… which is kind of hard to find on a facewash bottle! I have used several philosophy products before, and I believe that they really try to live a "philosophy" and are dedicated to quality. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

    I try to do what they say on the front – to massage the facial cleanser in for 30-60 seconds – which seems like a long time when you’re in a hurry in the morning or just want to get to bed at night. But believe me, that’s the trick. Otherwise you’re just coating your skin and washing it off without letting it do anything. And with the price of this stuff, that would be a huge waste. Do what the say and massage it in, and your skin will feel much better day by day. I really like this stuff.

    I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but it seems effective. Sometimes my skin seems to have a mind of its own, and adapt to things easily, meaning something will work for 2 months and then just stop working, and I’ll start breaking out again. That hasn’t happened yet, and though my skin’s not perfect, it seems to be better than usual, and I don’t really get breakouts. I use a Clarisonic about 1-2x a week, with the philosophy. — sassytexasgirl reviewed

  • My Philosophy Is … Don’t Settle for Less.

    I’ve been using this product since it hit the market. I’ve tried many different facial cleansers but always come back to the tried and true. I used it with my Clarisonic Mia and now with my new Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Elite. My skin is soft and smooth and I rarely, if ever, have breakouts! I love how light the cleanser feels and the soft baby face it leaves behind. — bombadillo reviewed

  • Long time favorite

    I couldn’t count how many bottles of these I have ever used. I tried so many other products, La Met, SK2 all of the fancy stuffs. Those are good but never as good as this. This is cheap, long lasting and super easy to use. Right amount of foams, it’s not too much for my taste, but you still got enough to clean the face. Most important is that it never felt dry after washing! Loved it! — Cheryl Lore reviewed

  • Awesome Awesome Awesome!

    The best face cleaner you can buy. A little goes a long long way too I use a dime sized amount and it cleans so well. Removes all my makeup quickly and gently. Very little fragrance too. I also recommend it for a pre teen when hormones are just starting to run amuck! — Patrick reviewed

  • Perfect for my combination, sensitive skin!

    My skin is very fair, and always looked so splotchy and irritated that I never left the house without wearing foundation to cover it. I had been using Neutrogena face wash with a tiny amount of Oil of Olay moisturizer, but had frequent breakouts and always felt like my skin was either too oily or too dry. I decided to try this and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I wish I had taken before and after pics! My skin is much clearer and the redness and uneven appearance is almost gone completely. I still get the occasional tiny zit, but overall my face is so clear now that I have actually gone out with no makeup on a few times and felt like I looked OK. When I do wear makeup, it stays on better, lasts longer, and doesn’t rub off my nose and chin like it used to. No more oily Rudolph look–woohoo!

    At first, I felt like this cleanser was a little too drying, and I’d use moisturizer afterward because otherwise it felt kind of tight for a little while after using it. I ended up with more zits and oilier skin, so I cut out the moisturizer and that helped a ton! This was definitely a good purchase and I would highly recommend it. — me! reviewed

  • Absolutely the best facial cleanser on the market !

    I cannot say enough about Purity Made Simple. I use it in the morning and in the evening. It cleanses and removes all makeup. My skin feels fresh. Smooth.
    What is the comment that this is fake on Amazon? I have ordered this three times from Amazon —this is my fourth time now ordering again from Amazon and the product is consistent ! #the same as in Ulta or Sephora or QVC ! NO disappointment! — Crystal reviewed

  • Best Face Wash I have ever used!

    I started using this face wash several years ago and I regret whenever I take a break from it. Every once in a while I will try something cheaper or something I found at the grocery store, and every time my face breaks out. I have learned my lesson and I will never try something different.

    This face wash is great. When I use it consistently my face does not break out. It has a pleasant, almost non-existent scent. And while it does feel pricey compared to a grocery store face wash, it doesn’t take much and it can last for a long time! — Malinda J. reviewed

  • Love this Stuff

    Amazing face wash, love it. It works great both my daughter and I use it and we have different skin types. My skin isn’t as dry, my skin just looks so much better. My daughters face has less blemishes. You also just need to use a small amount. A little goes a long way. I would recommend this product. — Malinda J. reviewed

  • My favorite. good price

    My favorite facial cleanser. I started using it when I was pregnant and hormones where making me break out more than usual and Im still using it. I love the light citrus scent ans how gentle it is on my skin. I have a very hard time with cleansers and moisturizers because I tend to react to too many ingredients and then have to battle the redness and any blemishs — spdyman reviewed

  • Great cleanser!

    I love this face wash. I am usually partial to facial cleansers that exfoliate because I get clogged/oily pores. However, I feel like this cleanser really draws the oil out and my face feels so clean after using it. It’s very gentle, has a clean, natural scent to it so it isn’t overpowering, and it’s effective at cleansing. I love it. — Bethany reviewed

  • 9/10. & no smell!

    Removes everything from powder to eyelash glue! & very gentle. I use there exfoliant also, ‘microdelivery’. The bottles last me about 4 months on average & that is with daily use in the mornings. People say it’s different than the store bought, but seems to work the same for me. & there is not smell! I marked the stars wrong. — Cyndie Grijalva reviewed

  • Have used for years.

    I know this is great to remove makeup on my face because it removes makeup from my hands where a hand soap did not. Gentle and doesn’t require much, so lasts a long time. I have used for years. — Kay reviewed

  • The best of the best!

    I’ve been using this cleanser for years! Haven’t yet found one better than this. My face is clean, soft, has a glow and never feels dry, and I generally have a bit of dry skin. Can’t be without this one! — Melody Ogle reviewed

  • Holy grail cleanser

    I love this cleanser, and I’ve been using it for years. I discovered it initially as a sample in a Sephora order when I was 16. I had breakouts for days and was getting desperate — I had tried every popular brand under the sun (proactiv, murad, fresh, boscia, etc) to no avail. This was the only cleanser that was able to really clear up my face and still, even after 7 years, it is the only cleanser I use and it is definitely my holy grail. All of that being said, this cleanser is not very moisturizing and it will dry your skin out, at least it does for me. Moisturizer after cleansing is an absolute must! — bette reviewed

  • Worth the price

    This is the best face wash I’ve ever bought. It removes all makeup, even eye makeup, does not sting or dry out your skin. I have honestly purchased the 16 ounce unit and have watered it down by half and have still had the same results. The best! — Monica Elise reviewed

  • Best feeling

    Took me awhile to warm up to this brand. But i have to say I’m glad I finally did. Everything I’ve tried from this cleanser to the masks and even the Amazing grace is Awesome!! Highly recommend this cleanser. I use it with my Clarsonic and it’s the best feeing. — south dakota reviewed

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Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

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