Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type

Hair Sprays 09/10/2020
Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

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Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

Table of contents :

Advantages of Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type

  • Scent
  • Softness
  • Drying power
  • Value for money
  • For traveling
  • Sheerness


  • Dramatically decreases blow-dry time by 50%
  • Provides intense heat protection from damage and breakage
  • Lightweight formulation detangles, smoothes, and softens

What is the best price for Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type?

Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 29.75 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type is in the top 5,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type online?

You can buy Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 29.75 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type reviews

  • Ny new favorite hair product!!

    I LOVE the smell of this! Bought it due to frizzing from coloring my hair, but really didn’t believe that it shortened drying time. I mean, how can something putting moisture on you hair shorten the drying time, right? I was shocked. I don’t know if it cut it down by 50%, but I did notice blow-drying my hair took quit a bit less time. I am sold on this stuff. Makes my hair feel like silk, but not greasy (I was worried about it making my hair greasy) and it takes only a few sprays to get the results. I hold it about 15" from my head and spray the top, both sides and the back once, the rub it in with my hands. Perfect! — Janice C. Henderson reviewed

  • Takes half the time to style my hair!

    This is such a saving grace! Dries my hair in half the time. I have very long and thick hair and I dread styling my hair because it takes way too long to dry and straighten. This spray is nice and light, doesn’t have a nasty smell and works well.

    I tend to spray this in my hair, blow dry my hair a little, let it air dry for 10-15 mins in order to apply a little less heat damage to my hair. Then I come back to blow dry it straight and it goes much faster! I do this almost on a daily basis now, this is how I got introduced to Kenra products and this is by far one of the best. — Janice C. Henderson reviewed

  • Must have hair product!

    Great product! I color my hair every 5-6 weeks and inbetween root touch ups. With that, straightening, and blow drying my medium long hair had a tendency to become course and the humidity wreaked havoc when I use to step outside. After using this product not only does my hair dry faster but it leaves a smooth, fall into place finish that I couldn’t get otherwise. It protects my hair from the heat of the straightener, my hair never looked better. I buy ahead to not ever run out of this product. Don’t overspray or you may get a oily look but quick light sprays, then brush thru. — Megan Place reviewed

  • A must-purchase

    This stuff is pretty magical. My stylist recommended it to me a year or so ago, and I’ve been using it before blow-drying my hair ever since. I have to admit that I don’t know 100% of what it does — I just know that it makes my hair look SO much better when the blow-dry is done as opposed to what it would look like if I hadn’t used it. I’ll keep buying it. — Vanessa T reviewed

  • This stuff smells like heaven! It is so light

    This stuff smells like heaven! It is so light. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily and weighted down. My hair stays shiny and frizz free even with the heat of the blow-dryer and straightener. This stuff really protects your hair! This is my go-to heat protectant. Couldn’t recommend it enough! — CK reviewed

  • Long hair dried in 4 min 30 sec ????????????

    I cannot believe how great this stuff is!! I have thick, fine hair that falls to my mid/lower back and with this spray I was able to COMPLETELY dry it in 4 minutes and 30 seconds!!!! Granted my hair was in a towel for 20 minutes after my shower, but still! I also have naturally oily hair (wash daily) and this does not make it worse, but leaves my hair feeling silky smooth!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ — MrsJones reviewed

  • Buy this now!

    In Love! I used this product for the first time today and I’m hooked.
    I have short, coarse, dry, wavy and very thick hair, that gets frizzy with the slightest touch of humidity.
    For my hairstyle I straighten it daily. This stuff cut my drying time in half, made my hair very manageable, soft and shiny. The smell is delightful too. Hair still looks great at the end of the day.
    Buy this stuff now, you will not be disappointed! — Brandie Griffin reviewed

  • Gives me shiny, healthy hair

    This stuff is amazing. I keep repurchasing it, and there aren’t that many beauty products I stay loyal too. (I like to switch around and try new things.) This makes my hair, which I color often and wash daily, very shiny and soft. I get a lot of compliments on how healthy and shiny it looks. When I don’t use this, I really notice a difference in the shine and softness. It does shorten the blow dry time. I think if your hair is really fine and/or thin, you would have to be careful not to use too much, or it could leave your hair a bit limp. I like to order it on Amazon, as it saves me some money. It is not a cheap product, but it is cheaper on Amazon. It is well worth the money to me, and it is a product I am willing to splurge on because of the visible results. I think it really does protect my hair from heat damage, and I use a blow dryer daily, and a curling iron frequently. — llm11973 reviewed

  • Works Great! Nice Scent.

    This spray is absolutely wonderful. It works very well and does not leave any residue on the hot iron if you choose to use it with that. I love the scent. It keeps your hair smooth and I don’t fight the frizz with this one.I use it with my hot air brush as well. I highly recommend this product.. — Annette reviewed

  • 5 stars! 10/10

    This product is amazing. I was honestly quite skeptical but I recently had to switch up my routine to shower in the mornings now. My hair is thick and long and annoying and frizzy and impossible. It used to take me around 15-20 minutes to blow dry my semi wet hair. Now it takes me maybe 6 minutes for hair that is semi wet and if I am in a rush and have to do it immediately, it takes around 20 minutes to dry my soaking wet hair. I definitely reccomend for people with longer thick hair. If you have thin hair you probably won’t see much of a change in dry time. Though this product makes my hair feel so silky and smooth as well. 10/10 honestly. Smells great, feels great, and makes it easier. Sign me up. — S. Runyon reviewed

  • is AMAZING! The smell is light

    The smell of this stuff, as with most Kenra products, is AMAZING! The smell is light, not over powering. I’m not sure my hair dries any faster but I do feel it protects from the heat because my hair is much softer, less dry feeling after heat styling when I use it. It is authentic and better priced than Ulta! — k m reviewed

  • Deserves a thousand stars!

    This product deserves a thousand stars! It is my new favorite product and I’ve only used once! About 8 months ago I cut my due to a bad bleach job. It started breaking in such short layers, almost like I had a mullet. No lie! I have always had long blonde hair, it’s a little on the thinner side, but very manageable. After the cut off I’ve been using everything I can possibly thi k of to get it to grow and feel soft again. Being on sugar bear hair for 4 months now, its growing… not as fast as it usually does, but then I still have breakage. I used this product this morning and instantly fell in love. It usually takes me 15 minutes to blow dry my shoulder length hair. This morning, it took 5. Less than half the time! It made my not so fresh ends look and feel super healthy again! I didnt use a round brush as directed, and it still gave me a full salon looking blowout. My hair was definitely thirsty for this. I’m so glad it comes with two bottles and for the price. A little goes a ling way too! I would pay a 100 dollars for this. ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! — k m reviewed

  • Cuts drying time big time!

    This product is great! My hair usually take 20-30 min to dry. With this product it dried in like 10 min, maybe less! It was insane! I was so shocked! Also it smells amazing, and makes your hair feel sooooo soft. It is also a heat protectant so you don’t have to add another product. Really love this product! — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • This stuff is Awesome!

    I had been using Aveda Lightspeed for about a year before purchasing this to try. There was a special deal and I had been hearing good things about it for quite a while. The first time I used it the scent was a little off putting and gave me a headache. I am sensitive to scents. I immediately went back to the Lightspeed and this sat in my cupboard for a few months before I tried it again. After trying it again, I am a convert! This stuff not only makes your hair dry in about half the time, my hair feels so soft and smooth after. The smell only bothered me the first time I tried it. I will say that it doesn’t smell as good as the Lightspeed, but it is superior in all other aspects (and about half the price of the other stuff). I would describe the scent as a slightly vanilla scent with some florals. I have a ton of hair that takes forever to dry, so this product saves me some time. I also straighten my hair and this has the added benefit of the thermal protection. I would definitely recommend and I will be purchasing regularly! — Armstrong reviewed

  • OMG !!!

    I am 67 yo w/bleached blonde oily thin hair plus I have extensions. I have tried so many hair products that I could open a salon. My hair is thin and fine so bleaching has damaged my hair. Just as always I was looking for something that wasn’t heavy cause my hair is oily enough w/ damaged ends. Tough position to be in! So frustrated because anything that conditions well leaves my hair stuck flat against my head & doesn’t work for extensions. This worked fabulously for my hair, I mean fabulous!!! I love this product, it smells great, doesn’t leave my hair oily & left my extensions feeling light & airy, and soft. I tried it yesterday for the first time and to my great surprise it worked AWESOME!!!
    It’s the best protectant I have found. I wasn’t looking for something to quicken drying time so I was surprised that it did indeed do that also. This product is a win-win!! Curious why the price was $19.50 last week & now it’s $28. — SCLZ reviewed

  • MAGIC in a bottle!

    what the heck are you waiting for? Buy this magic potion! My hair has been dyed and bleached- this stuff makes it soooo soft! I live in the desert so my hair air dries- hence why I have not tried this as a drying product [as it is advertised…i know i am lame] but just for the “softMaking” capabilities of this spray i would pay twice [or more] of what they are asking! the scent is amazing- reminds me of summers on the beaches of Croatia. absolutely LOVE the scent. a few buyers mentioned that it makes the tile/harwood/laminate floors slick as snot if the spray gets on the floors…. i just spray it in the carpeted area or simply into the palm of my hand then rub my palms together and smooth over my hair and BAM! softest hair in the world! #smoothAndShiny cannot brag about this product enough! literally buying some for all of the people in my life that are not bald / have dreads???????????????????????????? — J. Frazier reviewed

  • Perfect for us on Gray hair

    If you have gray hair you know that blow drying your hair can often times turn your hair yellow and dull. Well if you have a problem with your hair turning yellow this is the product for you. I have long straight gray/white hair and never blow dry my hair without this. It has been a real game changer for me. Now I can dry my hair with confidence and know that I will never have to worry about the dreaded yellow hair again. I have my daughter to thank for telling me about this product she has long thick dark curly hair and uses it too. — Tiana reviewed

  • Protects your hair & cuts your styling time in half!

    My stylist suggested this spray to me and I’ve been re-ordering it every few months since then!
    I have mostly straight, shoulder-length, highlighted hair. I blow dry and flat-iron frequently, and I was worried about the split ends I was developing. It became a bad cycle where I’d flat-iron my hair more, to make the ends look smoother, and of course, that just caused more damage to my ends.

    Now I spritz the Kenra spray all over my hair after I shower. I use my fingers to tousle it through and it goes to work! My hair dries so much more quickly and as a result, I’m spending less time using the blow dryer and flat-iron. I really believe this spray protects my hair and keeps it looking great. — bellicent reviewed

  • I think this is hard to review…

    I’d initially heard about a blow drying spray for hair through a different brand, but when I went to reorder it, it was no longer available. That’s how I found this brand. I really like the scent of this & can honestly say it cuts my blow drying time down quite a bit! BUT after reading other reviews, I have to wonder if it works so well for me because I have thinner hair… I have quite a BIT of thin hair, but my hairdresser has always said there’s a lot of it, but it is thin. Maybe that’s why it works for me & not others? Just a thought. It really helps my little flyaway hairs, the ones that normally stick out everywhere when I blow dry my hair without anything. This seems to help tame those & the fact that it allows me to spend less time blowing hot air on my hair & scalp is great, too! — Books & Beauty reviewed

  • Smells beachy!

    This stuff smells so beachy and delicious! It makes my hair so soft and shiny too. The only thing I have to be careful with is when spraying it, if it gets on your skin (shoulders) it feels really slick/oily so I’m afraid it’ll create stains on my clothing. So I just wipe my shoulders off with a towel before getting dressed. Not a big deal for me, but may be offputting for others. — Me reviewed

  • Magic. Miraculous. The one must-have product!

    I’m not sure that I know why this is so great, but it is. This stuff is magic.

    This is a miracle product that smooths hair, helps it hold style and miraculously cuts your blow dry time in half. My obsession started when a coworker came in with the most perfect, bounciest natural-looking curls that stayed put all day. When 5 p.m. hit and her hair still looked perfect, I had to figure out her secret. Turns out it was this stuff and I’ve been obsessed ever since then.

    The product couldn’t be simpler to use. Spray it on damp hair and blow dry normally, and your hair will magically dry faster, stay sleeker and a hold a style longer than without it. No matter your budget, THIS IS wORTH IT. This is the only product I use every day. — Souperbeck reviewed

  • Always in my kit one of my fav blowout products!

    Love this blowout spray. As a professional, I’ve tried sooooo many and this is in my top 3 fav blowout products. It contains silicones that help smooth out the hair but doesn’t weigh it down. Also reduces drying time and protects from heat damage. Works great with any round brush, paddle brush, or rough dry and any hair type, I’ve used this product on so many different hair types and styles. Just use the correct amount for your hair and dry away from the root (especially for those with oily hair or those who want ultra volume). It layers beautifully with other products (root lifting spray or mouses and/or serums). Highly recommend for anyone who wants a smooth or volumized blowout! — Souperbeck reviewed

  • A Must Have

    Where I live it is hot and humid for at least 10 months a year. I have very thick, slightly coarse hair. So, I’ve used almost every product out there at one time or another. Yet, I still return to this long time favorite. I love the smell… it protects my hair from heat and leaves it silky smooth. This is a must have for me. There’s no way to wear my hair the way I like if I don’t use good hair products. Many heat protectors will actually weigh my hair down. This does not weigh my hair down. So why do I use it? It smells great, protects my hair from heat, leaves my hair silky smooth after I blow it dry and helps keep my style all day long. This is my honest opinion. I did not get this product as part of a promotion. It’s the truth that is why I attached the pictures. — seoulfull reviewed

  • Highly Recommended!!!

    I absolutely love this! My hairstylist at Ulta sprayed it on my hair after we bleached it to help with the drying process and keep my hair silky. I honestly didn’t think it would make a differenc at first. My hair is think and long. (Rests below my bra-line). This spray made my hair feel silky and on top of that, the smell reminds me of the scent of caramel.

    I now order this every month. My hair requires quite a bit of product, but it works amazing. It maintains volume while smoothing out tangles and it protects my hair so that I can get beautiful curls that stay all day. This product is an all in one! — NLD_FL reviewed

  • Excellent de-fluff spray

    I have naturally blond with grey slightly wavy hair. If I work at it and put a lot of curling products in it will be mildly curly. But if I just let it air dry it not only takes hours but then it looks very boring and lackluster. Normally when I blow dry my hair many frizzies around my roots. It’s not cute. This is the best before heat, anti frizz with humidity control product I’ve had outside the salon. And way less than the pricey salon stuff they use there. Love love love this product. — Michelle sokoll reviewed

  • Delivers on claims – faster drying and more healthy hair!

    I came across this product when viewing a tutorial on using curling wands on Pinterest. I’m always skeptical of product links, especially when they come with a claim like this one- reduces hair drying time up to 25%. I ordered anyway because I wanted to test it myself. It actually does what it says, and shaved around 2.5 minutes off my 10 minute hair drying routine.

    In addition to this benefit, it smells AMAZING (I get compliments from everyone, including strangers on the bus that my hair smells good) and I no longer have frizzy, fly-away during the day. This is priced comparably to my previous brand purchased at the drug store and works so much better. I recommend to anyone looking to save time and have better looking hair. — Angie reviewed

  • Works like MAGIC!!!

    With this picture after kenra, imagine it was a very frizzy dry hair after blow dry, thats how my hair was yesterday, after Kenra, that picture up there is the outcome after using Kenra. Thats how silky and sof it has been – IN ONE DAY!

    After one week of nonstop blow dry and flat iron, my hair dried out so fast! After reading the reviews on Kenra, i tried it and sprayed it on my hair. First day today, i sprayed this morning, my hair looked really silky and feels sooo soft, like nothing happened to my hair!! I dont know whats in it but its really like magic! I have black fine hair (asian). And yeah ive noticed my hair dried faster after shower. I just dont like the smell but its not too strong so i can stand it. With the way it repaired my hair, i can just not mind that smell lingering on my hair. Never regret buying this and would definitely recommend to everyone. — V. Manz reviewed

  • 1,000 stars!

    This stuff deserves 1,000 stars. I have naturally wavy, very frizzy hair, and nothing has ever totally gotten rid of the frizz. My hair normally looks dry and dull. When I use this prior to blowing my hair straight, it looks so shiny it’s almost like it’s someone else’s hair. I really can’t stop looking at and touching my hair because it’s never looked so shiny, pretty and healthy. I even use it on my hair when I’m wearing it curly… later in the day it starts to frizz out and look dry… a few squirts of this rubbed through and it looks healthy and defined. It smells fabulous too. A little goes a long way. Can’t say enough positive things about it!! — MaryJoy Corpuz reviewed

  • Perfect blow out

    Absolutely cannot say enough great things about this product! I have fine, straight hair that I used to let air dry before styling. However, I have started to get wavy, frizzy looking ends when I allow it to air dry. I bought this spray because I have never been disappointed with Kenra products. The smell is divine! It cuts my blow dry time down a ton and leaves my hair so soft and perfect. I look like I came from the salon. For my straight, fine hair this isn’t too heavy that it weighs it down or gets greasy. I definitely recommend! — LisaMM reviewed

  • Soft hair

    I have what I consider “sensitive hair”. I get greasy easily, can’t handle hard water, thin strands, and NO body or volume. In always Leary of new products but I love Kenra Hair Spray so I gave this a try. I LOVE IT!! It makes my hair so soft and the scent is amazing. I don’t know how, but it actually does cut the blow dry time at least in half. Highly recommended product I will make all of my friends try. — Jessica reviewed

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Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for all hair type

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