Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo

Conditioners 17/10/2020
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo

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Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo

Table of contents :

Advantages of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo

  • Sheerness
  • Scent
  • Moisturizing
  • Value for money
  • For traveling
  • Volume control


  • Produced with the highest grade materials
  • Satisfaction ensured
  • Excellent quality, great gift idea

What is the best price for Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo?

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 20.4 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo is in the top 5,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo online?

You can buy Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 20.4 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Questions and Answers

  • Is Paul Mitchell awapuhi shampoo sulfate free?

    Ideal for color-treated hair, this sulfatefree shampoo gently cleanses while protecting hair color and repairs dry, damaged hair. It contains KeraTriplex, an exclusive blend of keratin protein, to replenish every strand for healthy-looking hair. Natural awapuhi extract balances moisture for manageability and shine.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo reviews

  • Real thing

    Had a salon bought version at home, and this one seemed no different. I am pro trained in Paul Mitchell as well (have my cosmetology schooling from them), and really didn’t have high hopes for this being legit, but it’s the real deal! It’s not any cheaper on here though, so if you can get it from your cosmetologist, do it. I was in a bit of a pinch, and thought I’d give this a try. The original awapuhi is a great classic product in PM, and is a very basic, somewhat gentle sulfate shampoo. This is NOT the black awapuhi sulfate free Paul Mitchell shampoo!! It’s their classic awapuhi shampoo. — RedHal reviewed

  • My hair looks very healthy and shiny even without conditioner

    Only shampoo I can use that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction or make my hair look like electrified straw. Consistently my hair looks very healthy and shiny even without conditioner. It doesn’t have as much body to it as I would wish it to have but I have fine hair so I know that’s asking a lot of a shampoo. Have tried other shampoos (at least the ones I’m not allergic to off the bat) and even with only a single washing they make my hair look totally fried and flatter than the proverbial pancake. Never happens with this shampoo. With this one, a single washing with the Awapuhi will resurrect my zombie hair from the walking dead. Not sure how it does that amazing feat but I’m not going to question nor complain! The 33 oz size is fantastic for the budget too. Have at times been able to score some pretty good deals when it’s gone on special. Big difference in price from getting it at the salon. Bottom line, me and my hair are definitely PM Awapuhi fans for life! — RedHal reviewed

  • Loveeee

    I have very, very fine hair, like glass. But I have a TON of it. This shampoo is light enough not to weigh my hair down, makes it silky smooth, gives me a little volume, and gives me decent second-day hair while smelling subtle and lovely. — Shore Service Dogs reviewed

  • Still the best

    After buying a number of shampoos purely for the smell or the "brand" I decided to go back to when my hair looked the best – when my salon only used this shampoo on my head. Sure enough, the light scent and excellent cleansing properties returned me to this shampoo if I want my hair to look the best.

    I have shoulder length hair with long layers. My hair texture is a mix of some curly/some straight – so just a mixed bag of lifelessness if I do nothing.

    My routine is as follows to get the best from your products if you suffer from lifeless hair:

    1. Wet hair thoroughly
    2. Take only a quarter size of shampoo, rub your hands together and gently massage your scalp.
    3. Get some water on your head to create a lather
    4. Do not lather your ends
    5. Let the water run through your hair until it runs clean
    6. Take a cup of half apple cider vinegar and half water and lightly work it through your hair
    7. Rinse your hair
    8. It should feel "squeaky" which means that your hair is clean (if you use a lot of product, be sure to use a little more shampoo/vinegar until you achieve the squeak. I do not condition because my hair is not dry. I tend to have well-balanced natural moisture in my hair. Lightly condition the ends if you need to and rinse thoroughly.
    9. Gently squeeze dry your hair
    10. Wait until your hair is lightly dry naturally or lightly dry with blow dryer
    11. Take a quarter size styling product into your fingers, not palms. Rub together your fingers and lightly work it through your hair starting at the roots.
    12. Continuously fluff your hair with your fingers if you are air drying or now begin using the blow drier to lift it the way you want

    This routine has worked great for me for a long time. I hope it works for you. Less is more. — LadyNavy reviewed

  • I thought my hair had changed with my increasing age

    I used this shampoo in high school and through my early 20’s. I always had bouncy, light, shiny, easily styled hair that smelled great. For whatever reason, around the age of 25, I thought I needed a change and moved on to other brands. While I could keep a shine in my hair, or bouncy and light, I couldn’t do shiny, bouncy healthy looking hair all at once. As the years went by, my hair just became a little more dull, a little more listless, a little more unmanageable. Always managed to keep the smelled great aspect as that’s always been something important to me.

    In a random move a couple months ago I thought I’d give my old favorite shampoo a try. OMG. I will never use anything else again. I have learned my lesson! What I thought was my hair changing with my age and with pregnancies and environment and whatnot was just wrong. Instantly I had my shiny, bouncy, light, easily styled, smells great hair back. I am using this shampoo with the extra body rinse as my main conditioner and the detangler conditioner as desired. My hair is right back to what I remember it being like in high school and my early 20’s. Never again will I give up on PM! — JW reviewed

  • Great shampoo and amazing smell!

    The scent of this is amazing! I’ve wanted to try this shampoo for a few years now but could never find it at a decent price. When I first washed my hair with it, it felt weird because of how it cleans all of the old product off of your hair. After your hair is dried, that feeling goes away and It doesn’t leave your hair dry or tangly. As a woman of color with natural hair, it is hard to find a shampoo that works well for me without destroying my hair or scalp in the process but this one works perfectly! I wish I tried it sooner. — LoriL reviewed

  • flooded with memories by the scent

    I was recently on a business trip and the shower in my hotel had Paul Mitchell’s Awapui Shampoo. I didn’t really think about it until I actually used it, but when I did– WOW!!!– the scent really took me by surprise. It brought me right back to my adolescence and high school. This is about when I used this product last. Boy, they say smells are the strongest triggers for old memories… no kidding. When I got home, I had to find me more of this stuff.

    Smells sooooo good!! Smells like a certain time period. Memories aside, it really makes my hair feel clean!! So refreshing. Now I’ve used Paul Mitchell products in my home over the years… so the quality of this product is no surprise. If I had any criticism at all, well, the smell was never as powerful as when I used it at the hotel. I can smell it now but it was much, much stronger when I first used it again. I don’t know if that is just a memory thing or if this online product is just a bit different… but this is my experience. Hair still feels refreshingly clean each time I used it! — Ri reviewed

  • I love this shampoo. Try it, you’ll like it.

    Buying the largest size X 2 is a great bargain. I’ve used a vast amount of different brands. This is very best I’ve found for my dry fly away hair and itchy scalp to date. I occasionally use a Paul Mitchell leave on spray conditioner about twice a month. It has a gentle fragrance, although not enough scent to bother my extremely sensitive allergies!! A small amount, dime size, cleans my short hair squeaky clean. And NO MORE ITCH!!! (Probably from my medications.)
    I highly recommend this shampoo.
    Great for beautiful, body and bright shiney manageable hair of any color. ????️???????????? — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Paul Michelle has great products!

    At one point I bought every shampoo on the market till I came across Paul Mitchell and that was it .. search over no need to look further. My hair is lively every single time, other products my hair would come out flat after I was about half way through the bottle. This shampoo washes out clean and complete not leaving anything noticeable behind. The only thing is, that I don’t know if I like this original better than the ‘original one’ (which smells better than this). The smell doesn’t stay either way (which is a good thing in my opinion), so not sure that matters too much. Good luck out there. — Pray reviewed

  • The day Paul Mitchell did my hair….

    and said This Shampoo is what your hair needs. I never once looked back! This Awapuhi Shampoo is so awesome, it’s amazing that a dime-size (if hair is short) to quarter-size (if hair is long) amount can do for your hair! I have extremely Oily Hair and this controls it all; the remainder of my family and extended family all have dry to extremely dry hair – works great as well. Makes your hair shiny, smooth, and silky! NEVERMORE will I travel to and fro trying to find a shampoo that works! — Daxx reviewed

  • Wonderful for scalp & hair

    This shampoo is my favorite ever! It smells good and feels great during application. I will use this as my number 1 choice for shampoo my family’s hair. It even got rid of my oily dandruff problem I’ve had forever. I tried Head and Shoulders, prescription. I’ve tried it all and nothing ever took care of my scalp like this has. I bought it as a lice preventative when my boys came home from school with lice and I can’t oive without it now. — Kass B. reviewed

  • My hair has NEVER looked better

    This shampoo was recommended to me by my stylist, so you can be sure I was ready for a spooky price tag. However, it’s so affordable and I am not kidding when I say that my hair has NEVER looked better. I have always struggled with my hair being either oily or frizzy with no in-between, but this shampoo leaves no residue, allowing me to wash my hair each day to get that clean, sleek, healthy look. I don’t see a day where I switch away from this shampoo. And to think before I was using tea tree, which can be 3x as expensive! — Kass B. reviewed

  • Paul Mitchell for life … Or at least the part 20 years.

    Fantastic shampoo that doesn’t leave a filmy buildup like so many shampoos do after long-term use. It may seem pricey, but the Amazon price is cheaper than you would get in a salon or even in the Walmart hair place. Also, so little is required, user for use, it’s very competitive with in-store brands. — Sarah reviewed

  • Best shampoo I’ve found in tears! Great price!

    I have very thin fine hair that is oily on top with dry ends. I am getting older, 44, and my hair is thinning quickly. It is so hard to find a shampoo that moisturizes my ends without making my hair look oily on top. I only used this shampoo because it was in a hotel room I stayed in & I loved it! (So did my husband, btw). My hair was clean & volumized, not dry or oily. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to find a shampoo that makes me happy. I did not think the price would be this affordable for such a great hair product! — Never At A Loss For Words reviewed

  • Great value

    The scent is difficult to describe, but I find it nice and subtle. This cleans and lathers very well, so you only need to use a little! I use it only a few times a week with an extra moisturizing conditioner because it is a little drying. — Cynthiatxrn reviewed

  • Best shampoo (IMO)

    I used to get this at the hair salon when I was younger & was happy to find it online. It has a very unique scent that brings back memories & I love it. I also found it at Ulta but I try to only buy it when it’s on sale. — Sarah reviewed

  • LOVE. My hair is cleaner, stronger, thicker, healthier

    The smell isn’t good, but it’s not bad either and it’s not very strong anyway. I have bought this shampoo from a salon before because the stylist suggested it for my hair type (oily, easily damaged and occasional dandruff) and even though it was pricey I’m glad I listened. I’m happy to have found it here for a much better price and the bottle I received is definitely authentic, exactly the same as what I purchased at the salon — Melody w. reviewed

  • Best shampoo you can buy

    Its for men and women alike. Very nice natural neutral scent. Leaves your hair super soft and feeling great. You don’t need much. A little goes a long way. Work it into your hair and let it absorb for a minute or so before rinsing. You will instantly notice how soft and clean your hair feels. Highly recommend. — Erica reviewed

  • A great shampoo at an unbeatable price!

    I’ve used Paul Mitchell Awupuhi shampoo for years. It’s a wonderful product and much less expensive from Amazon or a barber shop / hairdresser shop. The product throughly cleans your hair and does not damage it at all. If you want nice looking, smooth hair then purchase this product at Amazon! — Robert York reviewed

  • Great value

    A small amount goes a long way. Leave hair clean and soft. Rinses our easy. The smell is not very strong, it doesn’t smell like flowers or anything like that. I’d say it has a smell that is gender neutral. — Anonymous reviewed

  • Great for oily hair

    Smells odd out of the bottle, but once you shampoo your hair it smells like nothing.
    This shampoo is amazing; I wash my (oily) hair once every 4 days or so instead of every other day, and my hair stays much cleaner without any harsh stripping effects.
    I also use much less shampoo (about 1.5 teaspoons worth) than I used to (about 2 tablespoons worth) and I get the same coverage. — Lydia reviewed

  • Great Shampoo

    Gréat shampoo! Bought it for my daughter who is a nurse and also had a baby recently. She only uses this shampoo and wanted to treat her since she is so busy. Shé has great hair! — Lydia reviewed

  • Love the shampoo

    I absolutely love this one. It is totally genuine and feels like a salon shampoo. My only concern was the packaging. It came leaking in the plastic it was packed in. I wish they could come up with a seal inside the cap to enable better shipping. — LeaC reviewed

  • my precious

    For some reason I can’t find awapuhi shampoo in the stores anymore, just the stupid moisturizing one which smells terrible and makes my hair oily. This one dries my hair out a little more, which would be a bad thing but I prefer it, as I only wash every other day or every 2 days. Having it dry your hair a bit leaves it nice for the second day, and I follow it with a dab of the original conditioner by PM as well. My tried and true shampoo. Come back to stores please 🙁 — Charu reviewed

  • My color is lasting longer and hair feels so clean

    Very happy with this purchase. This leaves my hair feeling clean, moist and shiny. My hair does not feel heavy or weighted down. It doesn’t strip my hair and my color is lasting longer. I’ve tried many shampoos that are supposed to help the color last longer and for some reason this shampoo does the trick. — Kindle Customer reviewed

  • Works great as daily go-to

    Gives good body, and can be used daily without any itching or etc. Will buy again, lasts a long time, only small amount (no kidding) can really lather up well as it works through your hair, and you don’t lose any to the floor in applying, so very good deal. — Steddy reviewed

  • Definitely Authentic!

    Been using this product for many years. Definitely authentic, and I scored a bottle on sale! Yay!!! The seller packages wisely also. Liquids frequently leak (minimally, but still could be messy..), as mine did a little, but the packaging kept the mess contained and very easy to clean up. Maybe one shampoo worth of loss, so no biggie. =) — Stef Von E reviewed

  • Hair is always different, there is a reason this has been around for awhile,

    All ways my favourite, it is great on my very fine hair, have used it for years, all the products are good, use the blow dry product too, I almost forgot, I always use PeterThomasRoth mega-rich Nourishing Conditioner, and use a little of Awapuhi Finishing spray, and a touch of Awapuhi Sea-spray for a little texture prior to drying, use the finishing spray in moderation. I am english and have very fine hair and I wear it long, and this works for me, good luck. — GlennH reviewed

  • It works.

    I have used this product for 20 years. Purchased at the barber shop that I also spent a good many years. Times change, my Mrs. cuts my hair and yes I pay her. Order the shampoo from Amazon. A bottle last 6 months. A drop is plenty. — dina reviewed

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