SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel

Gels 07/11/2020
SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel

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SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel

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Advantages of SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel

  • Packaging
  • Scent
  • Value for money
  • Sheerness
  • Stretch
  • Easy to use


  • Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel – Shine 9/ Hold 10, 16.9 fl oz Pump Bottle
  • High-performance gel that won’t flake
  • Get maximum hold and all-day shine

What is the best price for SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel?

SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 27.24 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel is in the top 4,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel online?

You can buy SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 27.24 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel reviews

  • It will stay till u wash it out !

    Bomb! Once u put it on I like to let the blow dryer dry it a little thn it will stay till u wash it off!!! This has been purchased by me several times!! — Gezikah Gonzo reviewed

  • Best hair styling product in my arsenal!

    I have short wavy curly hair BUT it isn’t the kind that you can just spray a little volumizer on and fluff with your fingers and voila, you’re done. And that pomade-no way-it simply makes my air go limp and flat. However, with my Hardup I can dry my hair with a round brush and hairdryer, and it does what I want, regardless of how humid it is in the bathroom or outside. People always tell me I have such thick hair (I don’t)-Hardup makes it look thick. As important, it does not leave any residue in my hair-it stays shiny and clean and easily stylable if I want to start over. — Gezikah Gonzo reviewed

  • Are you gelin?

    This is hands down the best hair gel product I’ve ever used. I have been using gel since I was in elementary school, so I know a thing or two about hair gel. I’ve used many different products, but after finding this a couple years back, I’ve never consistently used anything else. A couple times here or there at a friend’s or stylist’s suggestion I have tried different products, all which had their pros and cons. But I’ve always ended up making my way back to this gel. Here’s why:
    1. It does what it says. It is super strong and holds your hair. My hair is a bit stubborn and doesn’t like to stay up unless the product has a strong hold. Many other products claim a strong hold, but this is one of the few that actually holds up their end of the bargain. Literally.
    2. It looks/smells good. Looks aren’t really important because at the end of the day it all looks the same on your hair, but the cool blue look doesn’t hurt. Also, it smells good. And that is important. I’ve used other products in the past that either smelled bad as soon as it’s in your hand, or smelled good at first, but smelled weird or chemical-ly after I put it in my hair.

    This isn’t the cheapest gel out there. But it’s not the most expensive, either. And generally, it’s not good to use the cheapest product out there for anything. You wouldn’t go to the cheapest restaurant every day or change your car’s oil with the cheapest motor oil, would you? Same concept here. In a pinch once I needed gel so I bought a cheap bottle of LA Looks gel at a Target (same brand that I used in jr. high school) and it was terrible. The gel was a ‘super strong hold’ but felt watery in my hands, like hand sanitizer. It didn’t do the job, and accomplished little more than making my hair look wet. Anyways, don’t let the price scare you away. This is the best gel you’ll ever use, hands down. — cashmere and silk reviewed

  • Awesome gel if not thee best gel

    Just like other reviews, this product deserves good praise. I’ve tried many gels, mousse, hairsprays, combos of all those products together just to give my hair a good scrunch without it being crunchy or dry, and buying this product based on reviews, I’ve become a fan of this. You Def don’t need alot. I have a bit past the shoulder length hair and all I needed was one pump distributed on my damp hair and it scruched it so well, so fast, that I didn’t even have to do much to give me what I wanted. It dried with waves in my hair as if I didn’t even use gel. It became soft and wavy, which made me impressed even more. For the size and price compared to other sites, this is the best place to find it. I’d Def repurchase, which won’t be for a while bc a little bit does goes a long way. — Yong L. reviewed

  • Good product

    Update to initial review when package was reported lost in mail. It was located and delivered 3 days later. Amazon voluntarily went above and beyond to make up for the delay. This a good product I’ve been using for a year. My hair is thin and fine and this helps provide volume and hold. I use very little or it gets too heavy and weighs down the hair. Recommend if you’re new to this product to start small and gradually add to determine the right amount for your hair and styling needs. — cj.jenkins reviewed

  • This is probably my favorite gel. I’ve gone through American Crew firm gel

    This is probably my favorite gel. I’ve gone through American Crew firm gel, Johnny B, Ice, and a few others, but this definitely takes the cake. Its hold is amazing, the only one that comes some what close is Johnny B. This gel lasts all day, has little flake, and frankly, doesn’t require very much. I have very thick hair, so for example with American Crew, I’d need big blotches of it to do anything with my hair.

    I think for the quality and quantity, this product is worth it. I highly recommend it to anyone that has trouble grooming their hair for whatever reason. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • holds up for 24hrs +, lasted 6 months of DAILY use. Smells good. no damage to hair. SWEAR BY IT.

    I just placed my second order for this gel.

    My husband was really insistent about using old spice hair clay (6 dollar/pc – lasts about 3 weeks at most), because he liked the smell. But it never really hold up too well, it sticks to his hands. So when I saw one of my students having the neatest hairdo everytime I see him I asked about the styling product and this was it.
    After my husband ran out of the hair clay I got him this instead. With how repulsive he was, He now swearbys it.

    It holds up crazy well, especially if you apply on wet hair. (or slightly dilute it when you apply). My husband’s hair is around 4-5 inches long and it keeps it up. he can even sleep in it and barely mess it up. However it comes out nicely in a shower. I think it is really mild to the hair because I have not noticed any changes to my husband’s hair.

    We got it Mid- February, and we JUST ran out Mid- August. He was using it DAILY for the past 6 months. the fact that it is 16 bucks makes it only 2.6 Dollars a month. So worth it.

    I love the way it smells. I love how we don’t need to worry about running out for a very long time. It never really dried out even though the climate here is quite dry. its not too shiny and doesn’t give too much of a wet-hair look. ( especially on hazel-nut brown).

    Its definitely one of few purchases that I am really proud of. (but the fact that I changed my husbands mind also made it even better. haha). — Sean Sang reviewed

  • It works great on very thick hair

    Totally surprised! I actually didn’t have high hopes for this hair gel. I have natural 4c very very thick hair. I wear alot of protection styles and decided to wear different pulled back ponytails but I needed a gel to hold my hair down. I’ve tried several gels and the results are ok but not to my satisfaction. This gel is great! I applied it on damp hair and brushed it in and tied my hair down overnight. The next day I was surprised, its laying down to my liking, no flakes, hair doesn’t have that dull gel look but has a nice sheen to it and its not real hard either. I only applied it to my edges and not the entire head. I wanted to experiment on the edges first just in case my hair didn’t like the gel but oh yeah definitely will be using on my entire head now that I see what a great job it did with my edges. I will definitely buy again. Amazon Prime shipping was great. — BriannaD reviewed

  • Excellent Product

    One of the stylist used this on me at great clips. I cut my hair very short on top and usually have to wait for it to get long enough to really spike up. This product is strong enough to spike my hair up before I would normally be able to. It definitely adds some texture or thickness or volume or whatever it is that makes my hair stay up.
    It also does not cause my hair to flake like other gels I have tried. And it smells pretty good. Not great like the tea tree products that I could just sniff all day, but decent enough that I don’t mind.
    The pump can get clogged, like some have mentioned, but I used a flat toothpick that I got from the kitchen for cakes or something, and it keeps the nozzle nice and clear. A bit of a whooping to take it out before each use and find somewhere to place it where I can easily take the blue goo off later, but not worth deducting a star.
    One bottle lasted me right around a year and I used one pump almost every day.
    I plan to use this for years to come as long as it is still available.
    Excellent! — Debmun1215 reviewed

  • Still the best

    Been using this for years, and now my son uses it also! (in fact I buy it more for him than my short hair – haha)!
    This is the best. I’ve tried so many when I was younger; with the others resulting in flakes or not holding well throughout the day. This does. It gives a nice shine, and semi-wet look for the day and washes out nicely also.
    Smells good, easy to use pump bottle.
    Only con is towards the end of the bottle, I usually cut the top of the bottle open after the pump stops pumping, and that buys us a few more days while I order a new one. There’s usually a little bit left in there if you can get to it. — J. Flores reviewed

  • Exactly what it says.

    I have exclusively been using this brand for years. Rub it on your hands, run it through damp hair, and then proceed to comb part of it, blow dry it to give it a hold, then comb more over it with more hair, and repeat. If you do it in stages, you get a much better result.

    It holds very well without too much product, but it does make your hair obviously shiny. The most important thing to do is practice to get the right consistency.

    Make sure you use it all before buying more because I misplace these and now have a small collection that will last me years… — Tommy reviewed

  • Great Value, even if it’s 2x more expensive (but no higher please). Best Hard Gel w/out the flakes!

    Finally a gel that doesn’t make me look like Mr. Dandruff man…no more flakes in the afternoon! I bought this gel about a month ago and use one or two pumps per day since my hair is very thin and sticks up otherwise. After all that use there’s still 2/3’s of the bottle remaining (pics of gel after one month of pretty heavy usage). I was forced to waste about one or two pumps when locking the pump for traveling purposes, which I recommend doing before putting gel in hair instead of after like I did unfortunately (to lock pump, press the pump down and rotate it left/right). I prefer the 10.2 Fl Oz tube since it was easier and cleaner to travel with, but the pump is much more convenient otherwise. The 16.9 Fl Oz is more expensive as some of the other reviews mentioned, but it’s really not that expensive compared to the previous 10.2 Fl Oz tube at $16.99 (side note: sounds like the 10.2 Fl Oz tube is either discontinued or out of stock after browsing the major retailers). This 16.9 Fl Oz pump is more expensive by about $0.10 per Fl Oz or roughly $1.50 more expensive using the same Fl Oz. Yes, it’s a bummer if the 16.9 Fl Oz pump is two times the cost as it was before, as others pointed out, but the current price is right for how long it lasts and the quality of the product. Highly recommend compared to all the other hair gels out there imo. — Tommy reviewed

  • An easy way to prevent nozzle clogging

    This review is only about a simple trick to improve dispensing it. Look at the other many positive comments for its performance.

    If you do not use the gel everyday, you probably experience problems with the nozzle clogging. To solve that, take a round toothpick not the flat kind. When finished dispensing, take the toothpick and push it into the nozzle as far as it will go without excessive force. The next time you use it pull out the toothpick and the gel dispenses easily. Reinsert when finished. This works even if it has not been used for weeks.

    I recommend the toothpick even if it’s used everyday. The gel can gradually build inside the pump. If it gets clogged the tendency is to increase the force which can damage the pump mechanism. Cleaning the pump is easy by removing it and immersing it in warm water with a touch of detergent. Pumping while under water forces water thru the mechanism, removing any gel. Clear it and reattach it.

    Added 3/12: Comment after using this second bottle. This is my second bottle and they changed both the pump mechanism and the gel. The pump appears to be less subject to clogging. The gel is watered down and flows easier. I will continue to use my toothpick but it may not be as important as with the older gel. It does take more gel than before but if you water down a product it obviously is going to take more to do the same job. It is a trade-off and maybe a good one.

    I can’t advise when the changes were made as it has been several years since I bought the first bottle. Usually companies tell you when they make changes in a product. They make no notification on these changes. — Joel reviewed

  • My husband’s favorite!

    This is my husband’s very favorite hair gel. It allows him to "spite" his hair and it lasts all day through all his sweat. This is the best site for the lowest price to purchase this also. I’ve done many searches! My husband has a military haircut (very short) but he tends to leave the top a bit longer so he can "spike it". I must say, this stuff gives him a very strong, "hard" hold just as the product is named! Smells OKAY. Not great and the smell does wear off so basically, it smells like nothing after a while. But I guess that is good if you don’t like perfumery smells (mostly what guys would prefer I guess). My husband uses this once a day so this size does last him about 3 months — PappyLove reviewed

  • Guess I have to spend more money for gel now.

    I have purchased many other brand gels in the past and usually find they either leave a flakey mess, don’t hold, and usually both. Every hair situation is unique. I have a number three clip cut on the top and like to gel it back. I found this product is watery when applied and does not sculpt well at all. However, it consistently has a super strong hold that has lasted me 16 hour work days and would of lasted longer if I hadn’t showered it off. It gives my otherwise dry hair a mild rich sheen and has not shown any signs of flaking. I am kinda disappointed it is expensive for 16oz but I guess you get what you pay for. — Patricia Darstein reviewed

  • Best Gel For Working in a Power Plant on an Aircraft Carrier

    I really like this hair gel. I work in a power plant that has tons of ventilation ducts. These ducts blow my hair all over the place if I don’t have strong product holding it down!

    This gel is so strong that my hair doesn’t budge in the line of duty! I never have to reapply. It holds all day and at the slightest hint of weakening, I just splash some water on it and it brings it back to life!

    I highly recommend this gel! — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Best hair styling product in my arsenal!

    I have short wavy curly hair BUT it isn’t the kind that you can just spray a little volumizer on and fluff with your fingers and voila, you’re done. And that pomade-no way-it simply makes my air go limp and flat. However, with my Hardup I can dry my hair with a round brush and hairdryer, and it does what I want, regardless of how humid it is in the bathroom or outside. People always tell me I have such thick hair (I don’t)-Hardup makes it look thick. As important, it does not leave any residue in my hair-it stays shiny and clean and easily stylable if I want to start over. — Eric Baglio reviewed

  • The Best Hair Gel

    This is the best hair gel I have ever used and I have used many over the years. It is a very strong holding gel and gives your hair a wet look without looking greasy. I bought the 5.1 ounce tube at a general merchandise store and paid $18.99. This 16.9 ounce bottle is the most cost effective way to purchase this gel and I have not found a lower price than Amazon.

    Update: I continue to purchase the 16.9 ounce bottle of Hard Up Gel from Top Shelf- Brands through Amazon. It is the best hair gel for both hold and shine and it is still the lowest price I have found anywhere. — Jayton washington reviewed

  • Magic

    Magic in a tube. I have fine thin hair and a natural curl which means I have flat, frizzy and basically unhappy hair. I have tried everything and I do mean everything, so what’s one more styling product to buy and then store in my bathroom cupboard. Oh but was I wrong. This product is amazing. With just a little mouse and a very small amount of this gel and my hair is now very happy with bounce, shine and really manageable. My only regret is I wish I had discovered this product a long time ago. Love it!!!!!! — Dan Brown reviewed

  • Great deal!

    Love this gel! Only stuff I use in my kids hair and I LOVE they way they are sent. No leaking or mess when opening it. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • “The Best”

    have used this product for years–have been very glad to be able to order it regularly from Amazon now. It is a gel–put a little in your hand andrub hands together and then use hands to spread it thru fresh washed hair. I have short hair, and I push hair around the way I want it, then I let air dry. when you feel it when dry it’ll seem a bit stiff but it softens up as I run a comb or brush thru the hair and holds the hair in place. It isn’t scented. This is a great easy to use product. — Patricia Probst reviewed

  • Best hair gel/glue for men

    I think this is one of the best gel/glue formulas out there. No drip, no wet residue. Easy to apply. Need just a tiny little bit to make it work. Def my fav and I will keep buying it for a long while. Highly recommended. Usually a better value on Amazon than sight the high markups at salons. — Patricia Probst reviewed

  • Pleasantly surprised! Give it a go

    Tried many many different gels and they all did the job of giving that wet, clean, spiked look but the problem was that at the end of the day, they would flake and it would be visible. Towards the end of my workday, I would stand in front of the mirror and see all those gel flakes and wonder how long they’ve been there and if others noticed. Very frustrating! This gel has been a good surprise. Itdidn’t take much to get the look I was going for, just a little nab, and my hair stayed hard and clean throughout my workday. I’m about to buy another bottle and decided to write a review to let folks know about my experience and suggest you give it a try. I’m glad I did. Don’t look in the mirror and worry about a flakefest anymore.. — Victor K. reviewed

  • The perfect product for baby fine, straight hair!

    I have stick straight, baby fine hair that won’t do a thing. I finally found the perfect product in Sexyhair Stile Hard Up Hard Holding Gel. I can let my hair air dry – no more damage from a blow dryer. And when it is dry or almost dry, I can style it with this gel. I can go over the top spiky or just a little bit of lift. I love it and am so glad I found it! — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Strong hold

    Got this to replace my husbands Crew gel. I did not like the Crew gel at all!! It flaked and went fuzzy with in hours of him wearing it. We got this one to replace the crew gel. Works GREAT!! it holds alll day! And looks fresh after his 15+ hour work days. It hardens down and stays put. Would recommend if your looking for a super strong hold. — Patricia McKay reviewed

  • My daily

    This stuff is great dry look or wet and I don’t look like I have dandruff at the end of the day. A little bit goes long way. It’s the strongest hold I’ve found that doesn’t do weird stuff like dry out your hair or leave oily residue.

    It does add sheen to your hair and the price fluctuates a lot. A good price is $11 just FYI. — Ashley Cluck reviewed

  • Holds up to abuse.

    I’m a big fan of this stuff. It holds my (relatively) short hair very well and stands up to abuse. Even when I’ve been caught in the rain, it ‘s done it’s job. Now it’s not going to keep it’s hardenss in the rain, but it does (for the most part) keep everything where it’s supposed to be. It also doesn’t break down and get ‘flakey’ like some other gels I’ve used before. Good stuff! — DGray392 reviewed

  • Color of the pump has changed to black. Same product.

    I’ve used this gel for years. Great product with no flaking. On my most recent order, I noticed that the pump handle is black instead of the usual clear color I had always seen in the past. I was concerned that I may have gotten a counterfeit product, so I emailed customer support at the Sexy Hair company. All is good; they confirmed that they did change the color of the pump to black, so no worries if you order this and it looks different than what you’re used to. — CaliDreamer reviewed

  • Great product delivered as promised

    I’ve used the product for several years and am very satisfied with its performance. It’s the best hair gel I’ve ever used. You can adjust the quantity of of the product to get a softer non stiff look to a hard look that’ll keep every hair in place for the next 24 hours. Works without your hair looking dirty or oily. Really a great product. And my order was shipped just as promised. It’s a better value when you purchase the large pump container but the pump container is too large to travel with. — G. Lee reviewed

  • Only product I use

    I have been using this brand for over 10 years, it is the only gel I will use. It smells nice, it holds my hair in a perfect place and it does not move. I have gone on rollercoasters for hours and my hair was perfect. Unlike other hair gels with this holding power, it actually washes out very easily with simple shampoo. — GDA S reviewed

SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel, 16.9 Fl Oz, Sexy Hair, AD933, VM-K9MU-B53A SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel, 16.9 Fl Oz: Premium Beauty

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