Davines All In One Milk Lotion

Conditioners 01/10/2020
Davines All In One Milk Lotion

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Davines All In One Milk Lotion

Table of contents :

Advantages of Davines All In One Milk Lotion

  • Softness
  • Moisturizing
  • Scent
  • Sheerness
  • Value for money


  • Formulated with roucou oil to offer strong anti-oxidant action and prevent hair aging
  • Effectively tames frizz, detangles hair and facilitates blow drying
  • Provides an exceptional conditioning effect and heat protection

What is the best price for Davines All In One Milk Lotion?

Davines All In One Milk Lotion is being sold by Amazon on Amazon.com (Amazon USA Store) for $ 35 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Davines All In One Milk Lotion is in the top 5,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Davines All In One Milk Lotion online?

You can buy Davines All In One Milk Lotion online from Amazon.com (Amazon USA Store) for $ 35 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Questions and Answers

  • How do you use davines all in one milk?

    After using OI Shampoo, towel dry and spray OI All in One Milk 10-15 times on roots and ends: do not rinse and continue with styling. Depending on the type of hair, increase or decrease the number of sprays.

Davines All In One Milk Lotion reviews

  • Yo brah I don’t even know what this is but my hair feels amazing.

    Oh, ya know, it was a typical Thursday night. Drinking alone and ordering shampoo on Amazon. My friend’s wife is a hair manager and they had davines products at their house and ever since I used their majestic shampoo and condish, I knew I had to get my hands (and hair, LOL) on their products. I ordered the shampoo and condish again after I ran out and also decided to get this too to hopefully use less condish. For real, this stuff is expensive AF but worth it. I hadn’t showered in a day and my hair felt gross, but a few sprays of this and I’m looking like a Legolas again. — blazerunnerstl reviewed

  • The only thing that lets me wear my wavy/curly hair naturally.

    This stuff is literal magic. I have been trying to find ways to wear my coarse wavy/curly hair naturally my whole life. If you have curly or wavy hair, you know the struggle. You can take the exact SAME steps every.time. you wash and style your hair and one day it is perfect and the next it looks AWFUL. I have tried it all! Curl creams, wave creams, mousse, leave in conditioners, moisturizing sprays, diffusing, etc. etc. etc. This is the ONLY thing that works for me 100% of the time. I wash my hair, comb it out in the shower, scrunch to remove excess moisture, and spray this spray about 10 times all over. Then I scrunch one more time to get out any excess product and let dry naturally. This is literally the only product I use to achieve natural waves. Once it is dry, if it especially humid (I do live in Louisiana) I will apply a anti-humidity product to the ends of my hair (usually John Frieda’s Secret Weapon). That’s it! Amazing. Have repurchased again and again and will continue to do so. I try to spread the love on this to all my curly/wavy hair friends. Get it, try it, you wont be disappointed. — blazerunnerstl reviewed

  • It’s a light-milky consistency which is nice. Also I wash my hair every other day

    I have frizzy straight Asian hair and the only time it’s silky smooth is after a visit to the salon. I’ve tried several leave-in conditioners, serums, deep conditioners, etc, as well as highly rated products on Amazon. This is the only one that seems to make a difference! I don’t think this product eliminates all the frizz for me, but it definitely reduces, which is huge in my books!

    The instructions tell you to pump 10x, but I think 5x was enough for my hair (bust length). It’s a light-milky consistency which is nice. Also I wash my hair every other day, and it feels smooth even as I am washing it it off (as in, I can feel the product). Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, it’s like the first time I’ve experienced it really. But at least it feels like the product doesn’t disappear! A bit pricey though but it should last forever. And since it works, it’s worth it to me! Doesn’t hurt that it smells great as well! — Caperi reviewed

  • The best. Absolute best

    The best. Absolute best. Smells such as the gods themselves came down to smother you with all the flowers in the world. — CSL reviewed

  • Best hair product – smells amazing, doesnt weigh down hair and has a great & long lasting smoothing effect.

    Cant live without this hair product – doesnt weigh your hair down, makes hair super soft and can let your hair air dry or blow dry out; either way it has the same great smoothing effect without any oilyness or weight. SMELLS AMAZING! People always comment on the smell of my hair even after it is dry. You won’t regret the purchase: tip – spray in hands first then work into hair. You will save a lot of product this way. — Michelle T. reviewed

  • Buy this

    More people should know about this. This is magic in a bottle. I have tried a bunch of fancy ( Kerastase etc) and others ( Its a 10) leave-in products but this is by far the best. Have long ,fine hair and this alleviates my need for conditioner or even hair mask. Spray on wet hair and it detangles fast and leaves a nice subtle scent. Works in dry hair as well. Love it and worth the price — Michelle R. Heil reviewed

  • Amazing Leave in, 100% recommendable.

    The best leave in product for my Dominican hair, my hair dresser used this along w the Davines Nounou when I came back from vacation. My hair was in really bad shape due to all the sun, pool beach and everything else. THIS SAVED MY HAIR! Instantly, it is so worth it. The pictures posted are literally after just one wash, I wasn’t even able to sit w the Nounou mask because my stylist had little time, & my hair still looked & felt so much better def. restored. (White top = Before, Black top = After). — Geller reviewed

  • Excellent All in One Conditioner

    Great Product! I received a sample in a Birchbox and loved it. I have thick, sort of coarse hair that is color treated so it tends to frizz, but Oi All in One Milk stops that. Plus the scent is divine, just look the clean, powdery smell. — Suny C. reviewed

  • Best hair product I’ve ever owned

    This stuff is magical! I do not blow-dry or straighten/curl my hair or even condition my hair (I use shampoo bars) but my hair always looks great with this product. I have thick, wavy hair that can get a bit frizzy but this product smooths and de-tangles very nicely and makes it look like I actually did my hair when I never do 🙂 — Kimberly P. Houston reviewed

  • … it also really makes the texture of my hair better when I use it

    The scent is heavenly I would buy it just for that honestly but it also really makes the texture of my hair better when I use it. I love this spray and only wish it came in a larger bottle! It is $$$ but really awesome, so yes I will buy again but would use it more freely if it was a bit more affordable. — stephertiti reviewed

  • Stop frizz. Smells beautiful.

    Love love love! I have thick (a lot of hair) and fine (each strand is skinny). That is a recipe for frizz. I also bleach and color my hair. I have tried everything from Suave to Oribe (cheap to steep) and nothing worked…everything was either too coating, weighed my hair down, made it dry, made it greasy, made it stiff, made it matte, didn’t do anything at all, etc. UNTIL I tried this. This is my HOLY GRAIL. I cannot live without this product. I happen to love the smell – it smells like a wealthy privileged nice girl that you can’t hate. Not flowery, not vanilla, not sweet, not anything like you’ve ever smelled before. It’s beautiful. It’s smells like when you walk past the Guerlain store in Paris. If you know, you know. This is my jam. I love everything about it. — Velveteen royal reviewed

  • The BEST hair product EVER!!

    This stuff is amazing!! I have super tangly snaggly hair when I get out of the shower. Even if I put pounds of conditioner I still have tons of snarls. Then my hair is usually weighed down from all the conditioner. This stuff makes combing out my hair so much easier!! I don’t even have to use as much conditioner!! And it doesn’t weigh my hair down at all!! It is a great heat protectant as well!! I also use it on the ends when it’s dry to get rid of frizz. This stuff is just the best!! — Velveteen royal reviewed

  • GREAT PRODUCT!!! MAkes my hair look professionally done every day

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I got it as a sample in my monthly Birch Box, and I tried it like a month later and have already gone through 2 bottles (on my 3rd) My hair is thick, so I have to use a lot of it, which stinks because I go through it faster and the company doesn’t offer a bigger size! So I stopped using it for a while and started using a cheaper product to do the same thing, but I really do love this product A LOT. It makes my hair look professionally done every day. PLEASE MAKE IT IN A BIGGER SIZE!! and for the same price would be great too lol — Psychogiggle reviewed

  • Horrid Scent but damn does it work!

    The scent is that of Geranium. I know the smell very well having dabbled in the fragrances business in my own past- and then saw Geraniol in the ingredients to confirm my suspicion. I personally dislike it very much as it’s a more feminine smell although admittedly it’s slightly growing on me. Women will likely enjoy it more-so, but it initially reminded me of Grandma to be quite honest here… But even with that said, I’ll be sticking with the product because it completely and utterly rejuvenates my hair. There’s no question that this product is gold.

    After application, I use a tiny bit of paul mitchell’s lavender tea tree leave-in conditioner to give my hair a solid masculine scent again. Sometimes I switch/add some scent with my own mix of (mysore) sandalwood oil to complement on a woodsy smell because it smells masculine, and well, I’m a dude. 🙂 — Sassy Pantz reviewed

  • LOVE

    Ordered on a whim based on reviews. Absolutely LOVE it. Makes my hair extremely soft. I also love the smell (to me it’s very woodsy). Have already bought a second bottle so that when the first runs out, I don’t have to wait. — Scott reviewed

  • Best product I’ve ever used to soften hair and control frizz

    This is one of those hidden gems, I don’t know why more people don’t know if this product. A few sprays and my hair is smooth and so pretty. I get compliments every day that I use. For reference, I have fine, but thick, chemically treated long hair and have tried dozens of serums, sprays, leave in conditioners, deep conditioners, you name it, I’ve tried it. This is the best.
    Note there are two different sizes, and some selllers marking up the price of the small bottle to the same as the bigger bottle. — Gina reviewed

  • Only Good Hair Days Now!

    Wow. I’m 61 and up until now I’ve lived a bad hair life. I received a sample of this in a Birch Box about a year ago and forgot about it. Found it a couple months ago when cleaning clutter and decided to use it up. Boy what a surprise!! Turns out the Birch Box sample was the smaller size costing $18 on Amazon, so pretty generous. And it turns out that this is what my hair has been waiting for all these years. It’s never been so soft, easy, healthy looking. My hair is long, way past my shoulders. And lightly curly. No more frizz. No more blow drying. My hair has become wash and wear because of this amazing product. I’m happy to be having only good hair days at last. — Alisia reviewed

  • Multiple benefits, smells awesome, and actually works!!

    What’s not to like about this product???? I love the davines fan of products. This one conditions my hair without making it greasy or weighed down which is key for me. And I always get compliments on how amazing my hair smells. I only wish the bottle was a little larger for the price- but this won’t deter me from buying again due to the effectiveness on my color treated, thick, frizzy/wavy hair that I blow dry and iron or curl to control. I highly recommend this product as well the whole Davines family of products. — DebO reviewed

  • Best ever product to use all over before blowout!

    My stylist sprays this in my hair after shampooing and before blowing out. It leaves my hair silky smooth and soft. She even sprays it lightly on my scalp and it doesn’t leave any oily build up, no frizz from blow drying, just perfect! I was going to buy a bottle but when it was close to $45 I told her I had other product to finish using. I looked it up on Amazon and bought a package of all three products, the All In One Milk, the Shampoo that has lasted forever and I still have more than 1/2,
    and the jar of conditioner, also have more than 1/2.
    I’ve spent a fortune on hair product, Kevin Murphy,
    another line I purchased from the salon that cost close to $200 for three similar products, and compared to this awesome line of Davines products, I have waisted a fortune in other hair products. I am sticking with this Divines line.
    Absolutely the best and beats anything I’ve ever tried before. My hair has never looked better! — Chelsea V. reviewed

  • Be prepared for compliments on your hair and it’s smell!!

    Holy heck this stuff is amazing!! I usually wait with writing any type of review before I’ve tried it for at least a month but this needs to be shared, it’s that good! Full disclosure, I don’t use any product in my hear besides jojoba oil and that includes shampoo/conditioner. Before you get completely grossed out just know that I used to think the same way; how does anyone not wash their hair with shampoo? Well, after getting increasingly annoyed with expensive (and not expensive) shampoos, hair treatments, masks etc. that just wouldn’t work, I basically stopped using any of it. My hair is a lot LESS greasy now than when I was using shampoo (I should add that I still rinse with water) but it’s still frizzy and less soft for sure. This stuff was recommended to me by a friend and even though it’s pricey, she swore that the bottle lasts forever and that I would never want to live without it and she was totally right. After 1 day of using it (still without using shampoo) my hair is silky smooth and the amazing smell has lasted through hiking with a hat, work, gym, sauna and just life. Be prepared for getting compliments on your hair and the way it smells. Excellent product! — Lori F. Jensen reviewed

  • Fabulous smell & frizz control!

    My wife says: I first received this as a gift. I always get compliments on its smell and how shiny my hair looks when I use it. A little goes a long way. Can spritz directly on hair or spray a couple times on hand, rub together & lightly rub into hair. Wouldn’t be without it! Just got some for my daughter. Highly recommend! — Mike in Austin reviewed

  • Excellent product!

    I can’t even tell you how much money I have spent on hair conditioner over the years. This seriously is the ONLY product that has saved my hair. It was SO DRY that it would break off in the air when I combed it out in the morning. NOW its healthy and growing!!! All because I use this everyday! Its amazing – I love it!!! — Mike in Austin reviewed

  • Must have

    I got a sample of this in a Birchbox, this is my second purchase. I am a blonde with naturally jet black hair. The secret to keeping my hair luscious, other than getting a trim when I get my roots touched up once a month, is to condition, condition, condition. After I wash and condition my hair, I spray about 5 pumps into my hands and run it through my hair, then when it dries, I spray 5 pumps and repeat on the ends (my hair is about chin length). It smells great, it’s not too heavy, and I actually use it when I’m out and about to tame flyaways and other unruly strands of hair. A little goes a long way. Oh, did I mention it smells amazing? — S Bakken reviewed

  • Shiny healthy bounce.

    This detangle my daughter’s hair quickly and has the unexpected benefits of leaving her natural curls shiny and bouncy. I’ve also noticed they stay nicer for longer, it’s almost like Living Proof Style Extender in that regard. — ART reviewed

  • Smooth and Perfect!

    I love the formula of this leave in. It’s in a spray bottle and is a little thick. A little goes a long way with this product.. I use about 4 sprays on my hair when it’s wet. (I have short-ish bone straight, natural Asian hair) Once applied, It’s not greasy and doesn’t dry stiff.

    It has a nice smell as well, not your everyday floral scent, but something a little more exotic. I really like it. — Xanthippe reviewed

  • Worth the money

    My hair tends to be a little frizzy because my hair lacks moisture. This adds the moisture back in, makes my hair less frizzy and more smooth. I’m over 60 so this helps. — Dewpoint Reviews reviewed

  • Works magic with frizzy fine hair

    This product is well worth the money! It lasts quite a while and leaves my wavy fine hair feeling like silk. I use less styling product with it and don’t need to completely blowdry my hair for a great style. It’s also a great spritz for after I swim and can’t style my hair immediately. You won’t regret buying this product. — John T. Robinson reviewed

  • Great for growing out damaged hair

    I’ve used this product in the past when I got it as a sample in Birchbox and loved it enough to buy the full size. This was about 3-4 years ago. Since the I have tried olaplax and other highly recommended solutions. They all worked fine but I soon noticed that my hair was just not getting longer. Likely because of breakage. So I decided to reorder this guy and like magic my hair is breaking much less and my hair is already looking longer. Note: this is not a product that will help you hair grow. It is a product that will reduce breakage. Anyway, I highly recommend it to those who are looking to help hydrate their damaged hair. My hair is not too damaged, but damaged enough that I see split ends and breakage.
    PS I primarily use high end products on my hair. So my review is a comparison of this product vs other high end hair products. — LoveReading reviewed

  • Will never stop using this!!

    I usually get this product from my salon but I haven’t had a chance to run in a grab a new bottle. I love this stuff so much and can tell instantly a difference when I don’t do it. Yes, the scent is strong, but I like it so it doesn’t bother me. Helps my hair stay moisturized without any grease build up, helps tame down flyaways and static. Just love! Originally I got a funky bottle, the liquid was too thick and wouldn’t spray out, for a replacement the next day and it’s perfect! — mariya reviewed

  • Obsessed!

    The best product for my extra high maintenance hair! I have frizzy wavy hair and heat style it everyday. This makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny for days! And I love the smell! — Amanda B reviewed

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