Elta MD PM Therapy skin care repairs and restores

EltaMD PM Therapy Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Noncomedogenic, Repairs and Restores Skin, 1.7 oz

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EltaMD PM Therapy Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Noncomedogenic, Repairs and Restores Skin, 1.7 oz

Table of contents :

Advantages of Elta MD PM Therapy skin care repairs and restores

  • Moisturizing
  • For sensitive skin
  • Scent


  • Strengthens skins moisture barrier
  • Improves skin color and tone
  • Repairs and restores elasticity and vitality

What is the best price for Elta MD PM Therapy skin care repairs and restores?

Elta MD PM Therapy skin care repairs and restores is being sold by Amazon on Amazon.com (Amazon USA Store) for $ 34.75 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Elta MD PM Therapy skin care repairs and restores is in the top 8,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Elta MD PM Therapy skin care repairs and restores online?

You can buy Elta MD PM Therapy skin care repairs and restores online from Amazon.com (Amazon USA Store) for $ 34.75 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Elta MD PM Therapy skin care repairs and restores reviews

  • just the right ingredients, like other ELTA products

    First thing to clarify is that for those reviews saying these are fake and counterfeit products, Amazon is now an authorized retailer, so it’s not like that anymore, and you receive the exact same product that you get in dermstore, or derms. By now, I’m a total fan of ELTAMD. I started using their sunscreen moisturizer, that is an amazing skincare product on its own, so I was curious to try the facial moisturizers, both the AM and PM ones. This cream is super moisturizing, very rich feel, without feeling greasy. Also, for people with sensitive skin, or acne-prone skin, the list of ingredients is quite a brain-saver, just butylene glycol and PEG-100 are potential pore cloggers, and just at a score of 1 in COSDNA. The rest of ingredients are just amazing: creamides, niacinamide at 5% (more than other overpriced creams like NIA-24), the super moisturizer hyaluronic acid, thioctic acid (antioxidant) and rice protein peptides (collagen stimulator). This cream not only moisturizes but also evens and brightens the skin. I still prefer the AM version, but this one is great — Karen reviewed

  • Like my other review of the sunscreen – This is the REAL DEAL!

    Side note: posted a quick review of the sunscreen with the same pic. Finally decided to try the Elta/MD after reading reviews and watching videos (reviews) on this brand. I chose Amazon because I decline to join another website – The DermStore to have my inbox flooded with endless products that I do not need. Both facial lotions that I received, ARE REAL – one MUST buy the products from – Sold and Ship by Amazon and no one else. The PM Therapy face lotion is very light weight, almost like a serum and goes on like a breeze. Spreads easily, non-greasy and non-tacky which is important to me. First time use, I applied the Paula’s Choice Clear 2% salicylic acid first and then applied the PM Therapy face lotion. So far, no redness, burning or stinging. Second night use, applied my Retin-A 5% cream first, waited 30 minutes and applied the PM Therapy and headed to bed. It feels much better than Clinique’s Moisture Surge and cost half of what a .05oz of Moisture Surge cost – hope this is useful/helpful to someone. BTW, I’m a guy. — Karen reviewed

  • Unfiltered and hooked!!!

    No makeup, 43, and unfiltered. I take skin care very seriously and elta md is something I do religiously and no brand can take it’s place. I may change vit c and my glycolic brand, but you can not get better than elta md. I loved their uv clear sunscreen so Much I used it at night. I now use this at night and uv clear tinted during the day. What makes this different are the other ingredients that even your skin tone and reduce inflammation. Try it for 30 days and you will be HOOKED! I am a skincare guru. This is #1 on my list. — Dsunfish2000 reviewed

  • I have been buying this by prescription through my doctor’s …

    I have been buying this by prescription through my doctor’s office. It was almost twice as expensive as offered on Amazon.
    I compared the ingredients and they are identical. I am all for saving money, especially on expensive cosmetic products. I’ve been using episodically but will use daily and will update my experience.
    I use their wash and it is MIRACULOUS! — kel reviewed

  • My Skin is Doing Great – I Assume This Has Helped

    I’ve been using this, the AM Therapy, the Daily Sunscreen, and the all-physical sunscreen consistently for several weeks now. My skin is doing really well. I have acne-prone skin that also gets really dry and peely and oily (so I guess that’s combination skin). I use tretinoin, which is probably what makes my skin so dry. I’ve been putting this on after my tretinoin at night, and after the already-dry skin all ran its course, my skin now is great. I plan to keep using all of these products and would recommend them to others that have similar issues. If I didn’t have such problem skin, I’d probably use drug-store brands for cheaper. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Great for dry, sensitive skin! Highly recommend!

    This stuff is AMAZING. It instantly hydrates and my sensitive, finicky skin hasn’t been this happy in years. I use this at night and the sensitive/redness sunscreen day lotion during the day. A little goes a long way too. With the Both the night cream and day lotion I’ve find that each bottle lasts 6 or more months easily. I basically never leave reviews, but this is the best skincare line I’ve ever found. If you’re on the fence, just do it — your skin will thank you. — Nate reviewed

  • Good Hydrating Moisturizer

    I use this moisturizer all the time and have ordered it many times; however, I received a tester instead of a new package. It has stamped on the package TESTER. It is now too late to return as I ordered it months ago but had a previous bottle that I just finished. I do like the moisturizer. It feels very good on the skin and has really helped my skin to be more supple and hydrated. My dermatologist and esthetician highly recommend this moisturizer. — Amy reviewed

  • Dr. Recommended!

    My best friend is a dermatologist and she told me she loves this brand. I usually have very sensitive skin and I love how this moisturizes. I’ve had less peeling and I think it makes my skin feel really soft. I would definitely recommend it! — Tere reviewed

  • Great PM moisturizer

    I started using this at the advice of my aesthetician. Originally I purchased from her office but then found it much cheaper on amazon. This is a heavier more hydrating moisturizer but it’s not greasy or oily feeling. I have naturally oily skin and I was worried this would make my skin worse but it’s great at providing hydration without making my skin feel oily. I only use it at night because it would be a little too heavy to wear under my makeup during the day. — Kristin reviewed

  • Elta MD pm facial moisterizer

    This night time moisturizer is better than most, and I have tried many high end products. First time in purchasing Elta MD and will not be my last. I saw a difference within a week. Smoothness and effectiveness. Wish it was nicely scented, since it seems to be unscented. — BeccaJ reviewed

  • I recommend this anyone who has adult acne problem

    It’s my go to moisturizer. If my skin start to break out i use only this and it never failed to calm down my skin. I just switch my serums and stick with this one. I get compliments about my skin. My friends skin used to break out and I told her to try it, her skin cleared out now she is hooked, she has all elta md’s products. Package arrived on time, I never had problem with the shipments. I recommend this anyone who has adult acne problem. I wish I found this product sooner. I wasted so much $$$ on department store products, trial and errors. — Sandy reviewed

  • This is a great moisturizer! Highly recommend for acne prone skin

    This is a great moisturizer! Highly recommend for acne prone skin. You can see the difference after each use. It does truly help repair your skin and acne scars. Will take some time but with consistent use, you are sure your money is well spent. I use it from time to time every night depending on which prescribed skin medication I use for my acne. Currently, I have cystic acne, but I think I will start using it every night to get the result I desire. — Sandy reviewed

  • Recommended by my dermatologist.

    This is a brand recommended by my dermatologist and I have been using it for a couple of years now. I have very sensitive skin on my face due to rosacea and this product does not irritate or worsen the rosacea. It works well to moisturize and at the same time works to repair skin damage. I do notice that my skin seems to ‘peel’ sometimes in the morning after using this product and I will gently remove the peeling skin with a damp washcloth to reveal the new skin beneath. — Han reviewed

  • Great for sensitive skin

    I have to be careful about face products because they break me out easily. I really loved how soft this keeps my skin and doesn’t cause any blemishes. It’s for nighttime, but I use it both night and day. They also sell an intense nighttime one that’s basically beeswax and petroleum jelly, but not as heavy as you’d think. I sometimes use that at night on top of this product also and haven’t had any breakouts. — PQSmith reviewed

  • Life changing.

    This is the stuff you want/need. I have very sensitive skin and suffer from severe cystic acne. This is the ONLY moisturizer that actually gives my skin the moisture it needs without causing texture and breakouts. I use this stuff morning and night. — Christopher reviewed

  • Excellent face sunscreen

    My dermatologist recommended this sunscreen/lotion for me several years ago. I’ve used it faithfully every day to protect my face from sun damage. I have had melanoma on my arm and am a devoted sunscreen user
    The lotion goes on creamy but not greasy. I give it a few minutes after application before applying my foundation on top of sunscreen. Works like a champ — martha schrock reviewed

  • Nice product.

    I have acne-prone skin at the age of 63! Certain products cause irritation and break-outs. This product has been great, so far. I use several products from ELTAmd; foaming cleanser, tinted sunscreen lotion, untinted sunscreen, and PM moisturizer. I have been pleased as they have a nice texture and scent, and seem to work as promised. — Linda Dumler reviewed

  • Really Good!

    At first, I didn’t like it. I wanted Elta MD AM therapy and I was ready to send this back. However, EltaMD AM was sold out, so I used this anyway. It is heavier than AM therapy but it hasn’t caused me to break out, I have experienced no irritation. I kept it and bought am therapy also! — E. Vaughn reviewed

  • Good for acne prone skin

    I have extremely sensitive skin and over the years I have tried countless products. This is by far my favorite moisturizer recommended to me by my dermatologist. This does not have any pore-clogging ingredients and feels so good on my skin and is fragrance-free. — Carybear reviewed

  • Great moisturizer for a great price

    My dermatologist recommended this brand. I bought the tinted spf one for the morning and this one for the evenings. It’s super light weight, not oily at all – it saved my skin! And it’s super inexpensive compared to the other types I used to buy. — RB reviewed

  • EltaMD PM Therapy Moisturizer

    I am on my 2nd bottle and love it! My dermatologist recommended this product. I am 45 and needed a little something extra. This is an excellent moisturizer for aging skin. It improves elacisity better than anything I have tried. I use it every night. Not really a scent to it. You can also use it with other moisturizers as well. — Michele reviewed

  • Finally something works for my sensitive rosacea face!

    This PM moisturizer feels hydrating but not greasy or heavy. And I don’t break out after a few nites or get red from it.
    Love the daytime UV daily broad spectrum too – really works and not drying or pore clogging. — Christi M. Phillips reviewed

  • Love this product!

    If you have sensitive skin you’ll love this product. I have dry sensitive skin and Ive been using this product for sometime now. It’s light non greasy and my skin absorbs it immediately….. — diana reviewed

  • Great product

    So I’m not into the whole putting scents into my facial moisturizer so this is perfect works for my delicate skin I’ve seen noticeable improvement in my skin. I recommend it to all my friends. — CJ reviewed

  • Perfect overnight moisturizer

    I had been using the Elta line for my daytime moisturizer for about 6 months, and decided to start using the PM Therapy for night time. I like the weight of this moisturizer; it feels rich without being too heavy, absorbs quickly, and is not greasy. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is still hydrated. — Wilfredo reviewed

  • Excellent

    Recommended by my dermatologist after a long illness due to psoriasis and extremely sensitive facial skin.
    It’s absolute the best I can find fig senditive delicate facial skin. — C. Hobson reviewed

  • Best!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! This has done wonders for my skin. I have oily skin and I haven’t been able to find a moisturizer that doesn’t make me greasy. THIS IS IT! It feels so great on my skin. — Ethel reviewed

  • Good stuff!

    First bought this brand at the dermatologist office after having skin cancer on my face. Wanted to continue using a great oorchdpand this seems to be working well. Does not make my face breakout. — Taylor Fraser reviewed

EltaMD, EltaMD PM Therapy Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Noncomedogenic, Repairs and Restores Skin, 1.7 oz, SETAF, Setaf_mx_313

Amazon.com: EltaMD PM Therapy Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Noncomedogenic, Repairs and Restores Skin, 1.7 oz: EltaMD: Premium Beauty

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