Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash

Reviews 07/11/2020
Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash

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Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash

Table of contents :

Advantages of Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash

  • Easy to use
  • Thickness
  • Scent
  • Softness
  • Moisturizing
  • Value for money


  • Color while you cleanse
  • Designed to instantly infuse color into hair with every wash
  • Add stunning hues, maintain vibrancy and kick up your color between salon visits

What is the best price for Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash?

Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 22 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash is in the top 1,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash online?

You can buy Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 22 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash reviews

  • Works amazingly!!!!!

    I know the warmth is different in each picture but I saw a huge difference. I am so happy how platinum this got my hair. I hate purple shampoos because they always leave that purple hue for a few days before you get the color you like. This works the same without the purple!!! Definitely will recommend it and will be buying more!!! — Lara Mudloff reviewed


    I absolutely LOVE this product! I have naturally white/gray hair and this just gives it that extra something. It takes my color from dull salt & pepper to shiny silver. I originally bought this for my 17-year-old daughter who had dyed her hair silver. It kept her color from fading and looking dull. After she decided to switch to pink I started using the product so it wouldn’t go to waste and I’ve now reordered 3 times. I will mention that although this is a cleansing conditioner I still use shampoo (silver lights) and then use this product as if it was normal conditioner – I comb it through my hair and leave it for however long it takes me to shower. Most of the negative reviews I’ve read are people using this in place of hair dye. This is not a hair dye, it is meant to replace your current shampoo/conditioner to maintain color. It works beautifully when used as it was intended. — Lara Mudloff reviewed

  • Best Red shampoo ever!

    This is product is amazing!!!
    I’ve tried different aha poos for red colored hair and they just don’t do anything for my hair ir they leave my hair feeling like it has residue. I’ve only used it once instead of shampoo & conditioner, my hair feels amazing!!! Super soft and clean but the most important part is how it brought my hair color back to life!!!! I cannot believe it!!! I’m so happy with this product that I’m ordering more as we speak!!! — mathea reviewed

  • Um, can I marry this stuff?

    Wow. Ya so I don’t write reviews but I felt like I HAD to.
    I got my hair dyed a beautiful plum with violets about 3 weeks ago and it had pretty much washed out completely. Mostly because I’m pregnant and I’ve needed to take a lot of hot baths and showers to help with muscle and back pain. ANYWAY my beautiful purple was almost gone so I started doing some research on what to try at home, came across this and decided to just try it. At first I had high hopes, then while waiting for delivery I read every bad review and became terrified. I tried it anyway, and thank GOD I did because it brought me back to my purple. It wasn’t as vibrant as when I got it done, but it is gorgeous!!! And I know if I had the product and was using it right after I got my hair done it would have stayed vibrant way longer. It also made my hair SO SOFT. Gosh!!!! I just love this product!!!! What a great find!!!

    I’m putting it on my sons virgin hair right now, I’ll let you know how that goes, he’s a dark dirty blonde with red tints- never had dye.

    Get this product!!!!!!!!

    (And the pump DOES work you just have to unscrew it correctly) — FireWifeTuTuMom reviewed

  • Better than a toner

    This is an amazing tinted cleansing conditioner (known as a cowash) that is much stronger than you might think given that it’s a pale violet color. But I have some REALLY strong gold underlying pigment and this neutralizes every last bit. And I don’t have to use it every time. It lasts through a couple of regular shampoos (sulfate free is critical for color treated hair) or many cowashes (the gentlest cleansing method that causes zero color fade). However, if my hair is super dirty with a lot of product buildup (dry shampoo/pomade/styling spray), the Clenditioner alone doesn’t get it clean enough. So first I cowash with a clarifying conditioner (Shea Moisture African Water Mint and Ginger Detox conditioner with activated charcoal) or I use the Dphue ACV Rinse, which takes the place of both shampoo AND conditioner and also removes buildup without fading my color (and it also has essential oils so it smells amazing). Either one of these used before the Clenditioner gets my hair clean which occasionally the Clenditioner doesn’t do alone. The first time you use the platinum Clenditioner, leave it on for just a few minutes (3-5) and then check the results. You can always leave it on longer if need be. But if you leave it on too long, like any violet tinted product, your hair will get a purplish tint. If this happens, just wash your hair with either a sulfate free clarifying shampoo or your regular sulfate free shampoo (although you may have to lather it twice to fully remove the violet tint). Easy peasy. My hair is a pale metallic silver, which I discovered fades even faster than red. So I use one pump of platinum, one pump of the silver Clenditioner and one pump of the silver/blue (available only on Amazon). This gives me a beautiful silvery tone with a bluish undertone, which I love. And the Clenditioner actually works better for me than the toners I’ve tried. It leaves my hair super soft and well hydrated so it’s very heatlhy looking and has lots of bouncy body. Just be sure you rinse really well. My hair is VERY coarse and dry so in additon to the Clenditioner I use a very moisturizing conditoner on the mid lengths and ends after I rinse out the Clenditioner. Doing this doesn’t remove any of the tinted added by the Clenditioner formula I use. Even for those with fine hair, the Clenditioner is a great way to maintain your color. And btw, Amazon has the full range of shades, which Ulta doesn’t. I didn’t even know there was a silver/blue option until I checked out Amazon. And the platinum shade is $2 cheaper on Amazon. — augustludwig reviewed

  • Highly pigmented, leaves nature silky soft

    So I got this product and immediately did a strand test. I applied the conditioner to a strip of my dry hair and let it sit there for 25 minutes or so. I rinsed, dried, and curl that piece of hair to make sure that I really like the color. I went ahead and applied conditioner to the top half of my hair, dry, and let sit for 25 minutes. And then rinse it with cool water and added just a tiny bit of organic shampoo to my scalp. The results were phenomenal! Not only did the color turn out beautifully but my hair is so super soft and smells so good! I can’t say enough good things about this product. I still have so much product left and I can’t wait to try other colors as well. I will let everyone know that my hair has been previously bleached, but is definitely not light blonde. I have sworn off bleaching and coloring my hair in an attempt to let it grow out. I was excited to find an option such as this one that is not permanent or damaging. My sister, which is a cosmetologist, said that this is a really good product! Lucky for me she also told me that she could get it for half the cost LOL. I will definitely be purchasing other colors and I would recommend anyone to try this product out! — DLS Jones reviewed

  • it’s great. I discovered that I can apply it to …

    I no longer use shampoo, I use this 100% on my hair, it’s great. I discovered that I can apply it to my hair pre-shower and leave it for some time (30 minutes, an hour, or more) and it works really well – it turned my grey hairs a beautiful pink. I progressed to a mix of colours, hot pink, regular pink and blue and I’ve developed my own mix which turns out a pinky-purple. Strangers actually stop me on the street or in stores and tell me how much they love my hair colour – and this happens several times a week and I’m 52 years old. It’s way way better than being the mousey grey middle-aged woman I was before I discovered this product. It’s saved me from obscurity and invisibility. Thank you Keracolor for keeping me young! — Casey Nicole reviewed

  • Keracolor saves my color

    My hair was severely damaged by a 30# peroxide strip a month after a perm from an inexperienced stylist. At the same appointment my hair ended up dyed to a light turq green that should have been dark indigo blue lowlight with silver white highlights… After getting over the trauma of what she had done to me and removing as much of the green color as I could myself. I found a new stylists that was able to do damage control and removing the last of the green to a white platinum, then color correct my hair to a medium silver gray (as picture) She recommended Keracolor “silver” to help maintain my color and not do any more damage… I couldn’t be happier with this product I use it once a week appling it to my dry roots first then after 10 mins then comb it out to an inch away from my ends for 5 more with a touch of purple shampoo to my tips (its only once a week so I’m ok with the process)… The picture is 3 weeks ago my lowlights are staying dark, med tones are still like the day I walked out of the salon tips are lightening up great (I own Idea). My hair is badly damaged so I’m using a recommend repair shampoo and conditioner from my stylist once time during the week as well… My hair is soft shiny and beginning to look really great!!! Again this product does what it says it does and I recommend it! — Sam reviewed

  • Great alternative to damaging dyes

    I love this Keracolor mocha Clenditioner! I stopped coloring my hair over a year ago to let my gray grow out. I don’t at all object to the color of my gray. I actually think it’s pretty. But as well as turning gray, my hair is turning loose! My hair has gotten so thin which leaves me with a bright, shiny pink scalp shining right through! When my hair has a bit more color to it, it just looks thicker. I really didn’t want to go back to permanent colors, so I’ve tried many different products to solve my problem. I first used dark brown temporary root concealing because I like the look of dark roots. It hides the pink scalp and makes the natural gray look like highlights. That worked ok, but the sprays are all so hard to manage. They spray hard and quick and are difficult to control.
    I’ve now settled on a combination of Keracolor Clenditioner in mocha and Boldify hair fibers in dark brown. It seems to work well to give me the look I was searching for. Here is what I did…
    Wash my hair as usual in the shower with my normal Biotin shampoo then rinse. Apply the Keracolor all over and let it sit while I finish showering. About 5 minutes or so. Rinse the Keracolor out. No need to condition, as it leaves my hair very silky and soft. At this point, my hair is a much warmer tone – almost a sandy blonde. But I still have the pink scalp showing through, so I sprinkle Boldify hair fibers in dark brown into my part and around my hair line at the forehead. I then set it with just a little bit of hairspray to keep the fibers in place. I’m not sure if that step is really necessary. I don’t think I will use the Keracolor every time I shampoo – maybe every other time? Just use it as often as you need to maintain the color you want to achieve. The more often you use it, the darker your hair will gradually become. The less you use it, the quicker your hair returns to its natural color. I am very self conscious about my thinning, graying hair but this has given me new confidence! — Shade reviewed

  • A must for those going gray and embracing it!

    I really like this cleansing conditioner! I bought this to see if it would give my gray some pop and shine… and indeed it does without making it lavender. It cleanses well and tames the wiry grays. It also cools the overall tone of my medium brown 30-40% gray hair. I like that my very white temple hair is more silver than white after using this product. I use it 2 to 3 times a week applying it to my hair dry, letting it sit for about 30 min, then I hop in the shower, moisten it, work it in real well, then the last thing I do before getting out; I rise it with lukewarm water.

    Then end result is beautiful graying brown & silver hair that looks well cared for. — Housemom reviewed

  • The silver keracolor clenditiones changed my hair from brassy to perfect platinum/silver with just one application

    I never write reviews but this time it deserves it.
    The silver keracolor clenditiones changed my hair from brassy to perfect platinum/silver with just one application. The secret is apply the product on dried hair and I wait 15-20 min before to wash the hair. — Staci Hughes reviewed

  • Salon Not Needed!

    After making the transition from regularly coloring my hair to letting it go silver, I was still visiting the salon every six weeks for toner to keep it looking vibrant. I tried this product in the silver color, and no more salon! I’ve found that it works best on hair that’s just very lightly dampened, and the fact that it doesn’t lather takes some getting used to. BUT, your hair is clean, beautifully colored, and silky smooth after using. Did I mention that my daughter is my hair stylist? She likes the way my hair looks so much that her salon is looking into making it available to their customers. Can’t say enough good things about this product! — Paosalinam reviewed

  • Best Toner and Conditioner on the Market !

    I have this on auto ship. I use to use blue and purple shampoo until my stylist recommended the Keratin. I was skeptical at first, it was more of grey tint and did not stain my hands like the others.
    I have brown hair with platinum highlights.
    I use this on dry hair once a week for about 30 minutes and it does not dry out my hair.
    In fact, it makes it feel amazing while taking my somewhat yellow or brass in my highlights to a perfect platinum color.
    First time I used it, I used it for five minutes and it did nothing.
    Each week had to adjust to find the right time to leave on my hair to get desired results.
    Don’t get discouraged on your first use and try it on dry hair or for a longer duration.
    You must already have blonde hair or blonde highlights for this to work.
    It does nothing but conditions my medium brown hair put takes my highlights to a great platinum.
    If you have long hair you will go through a bottle of this quickly.
    I buy a bottle a month using it once a week on my long hair. — Quiltwench reviewed

  • Why yes my hair has purple highlights.

    This product makes my thick corse hair so soft and manageable. The purple attaches well to my grey and makes me smile every time I look in a mirror. — Sarah Wood-Carreras reviewed

  • best hair product ever.

    I LOVE THESE. I recently changed my hair color from red (which I had been rocking for over 15 years) to pink. It was a life changing decision honestly. I love my pink hair so much I knew I had to find a way to maintain it. My colorist recommended this product and she even bought me the light pink version of it after she changed my color. What I would recommend you do is use this as a deep conditioner not as a single wash conditioner/ shampoo. I put it all over my hair and leave it on for hours. The longer you leave it the more color it deposits into your hair and the healthier your hair will get. I put it on once a week and just clean up my house and keep myself busy for a few hours. When I wash it off my hair looks INCREDIBLE!! I swear this stuff made my hair so healthy! Imagine I sat in bleach for 5 hours to change my hair color and you wouldn’t even know. My hair is healthier than it was before the bleach. My colorist is amazing, but this has helped as well. Doesn’t effect my curls in anyway. If anything it makes it even nicer. I can also blow-dry right after and my hair will be super smooth and straight. I highly recommend this. This color is a more “mature” pink. It has this golden tint to it. If you want a more soft cotton candy pink go with the Light Pink option. I ordered both so I can change it up. The first image is with the Rose gold color the next two are light pink. — Fizz1987 reviewed

  • Very satisfied with this shade and brand.

    I am new to KeraColor color depositing conditioners. They work best with hair that has been treated with a semi permanent hair color. I recommend Joico Color Intensity hair colors. You can apply this to natural hair, though. The color is more intense on blonde hair. I would not recommend this for brown or black hair. There is a color swatch on the back of the bottle. This is very helpful. It shows you the typical outcome based upon the number of applications. To maintain a more intense color, I would use it 75% of the time. I say 75% because everyone has a different hair washing schedule. Use it 50% of the time for less drama and 25% for subtle color.
    The packaging was well thought out. The nozzle on the bottle was close shut. It had never been used. The nozzle was also taped down. The bottle was wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed inside a box with a few "air pouches".
    The bottle itself is cute!! It’s white with a sticker label. So, if you leave the bottle in your shower (like I do) it still looks classy. The bottle is rectangle in shape. This is really great because round bottles easily slip out of your hand in the shower. The nozzle can be wound down into the bottle for secure storage. I like this because I can throw this in my gym bag and not worry with staining or spillage. On a side note, I love the bottle so much I plan to remove the labels and use them for other things.
    Now for the review of this product and the color. I found my results were closely in line with the swatches on the back of the bottle. The conditioner did not stain my hands or nails. You will see a bit of color while showering, but it washes away. The conditioner smells great.
    I applied the conditioner in the shower. I try to remove as much water as possible before applying. I run the product from the crown to the ends and then secure the hair on top of my head. The product stays in for 3 to 5 minutes. For the maximum intensity, apply to dry hair that is clean. Let the product sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse.
    For maximum benefit, wash your hair in cold water and wash only if needed. Unless your hair is super caked with product, apply shampoo to your roots and lather it up. Use your hand to bring the foam down to your crown mid hair, then rinse it out. There’s no need to shampoo your ends.
    The product works as designed. The outcome aligns with the swatches on the back of the bottle. The price point is a bit better than overtone. I hope they expand the line to offer more colors.
    My only delta would be the detangling factor. I find I need a detangling spray for my hair, but I have curly semi-frizzy hair. I still need a hair mask once a week, despite allowing my hair to air dry 90% of the time. Keep in mind though the main reason you purchase this product is for the color deposit, which it effectively executes. — Manifa S. reviewed

  • Great Color

    I waited a while to write this review because I wanted to play with the colors and techniques. Several people have written how they use it, and I found their tips really helpful.
    I have mostly white hair, undamaged.
    First I ordered the light pink, and I followed the directions about putting it on wet hair. That did basically nothing.
    Then I used it on dry hair and let it sit a few minutes and then showered, using no other shampoo. The light pink is so light that I still couldn’t see anything. So I tried using it several times, using no other shampoo, and all I got was a very pale pink as the color built up.
    Next I ordered the hot pink and tried that. I read someone’s idea about letting it sit for at least a half hour, so I tried that. 45 minutes, I think. WOW, it was bright. And I had done an all over. So I looked like the crazy old lady with pink hair, but I kind of loved the color. As I washed it Pureology color fast shampoo over the next 2 weeks, it faded to a very pretty light pink.
    Now I mix the pale pink and hot pink–I do a 3 to 1 ratio. I put it on my dry hair and let it sit for 45 minutes.
    I eventually got the teal and the purple because I like to have all 3 colors in my hair. I love them all. When they start to fade, I just add a few “spikes” of the color back in,
    it’s easy to maintain the look I want. — Andi Land reviewed

  • Used for a year, many colors, great product, no fuss

    Left is in the sun this weekend with full grey and greenish formerly bleached and crazily colored yet washed out ends on display, Right is after 1 wash with Color + Clenditioner by Keracolor Espresso.
    I’m only sharing because since I’m so sensitive to so many chemicals now I’m really glad this stuff works like it does. I actually used their brightly colored ones when my hair was bleached and they worked so well that’s why my ends occasionally look multicolored if I’m not using the brown now. No ammonia, no lift, only color deposit. And it makes my hair feel really nice, which is so good because my ends get dry and tough and tangly really quickly without good shampoo.
    If you’re looking for a bit of evening out of color or just to tone down some greys without really harsh hair dye, this is good.
    And don’t believe the other reviews. You don’t need to do anything other than wash your hair normally, then apply this like you usually would conditioner, rinse in normal time. Repeat next time you wash to keep fresh. There’s no need that I’ve seen in more than a year of using their colors on blonde and brown and grey hair to do the “glove up and add to dry hair for 30 minutes while covering with Saran wrap then shower” nonsense that people suggest. It’s not hair dye, you don’t have to go to such trouble.
    This is the darkest one I’ve used, and the first to leave any color in my shower too, but have no fear, it can’t stain porcelain, it will merely stick to the soap scum already there. Spray on some scrubbing bubbles and ignore til it’s gone. — Marilynn Bachorik reviewed

  • Seriously good stuff

    This is surprising stuff! This review is for the platinum color. I have to admit I was skeptical, but this gave me really good results. The pros include that it isn’t a shampoo, because all purple shampoos I’ve tried are very drying, this is nicely moisturizing. Another pro is that it doesn’t leave lavender streaks like shampoos or purple conditioners, which I have tried about 10. The scent kind of reminds me of angel food cake. The biggest pro is the result, seriously. The only thing I wish was that it came in a larger quantity. — Josie Johnston reviewed

  • Big results on light hair

    This stuff is way more effective than I thought it would be. I purchased the rose gold and I’ll definitely be buying again.
    It depends a lot on the color you start with. My hair started as color treated light golden blond with platinum highlights. Had a dramatic effect! My golden blond hair took a deep rose tint. The platinum highlights are exactly the color on the bottle.
    I was wanting to go rose gold, but have been nervous about using a permanent color. I really like it, but may just keep using this to go back and forth.
    Great smell and left my hair soft and manageable, also. I’d recommend trying it. — Sarah Fox reviewed

  • Excellent product!

    Absolutely love this product. My sister is a hair stylist and got me hooked on it. I used the mocha to take my hair from processed blonde back to more of a natural color with the mocha. I recommend applying to dry hair if you are really wanting to see a major color difference. Those who say it didn’t work were likely applying to wet or dark hair. I have used about every color when I was blonde and always got the color results I wanted. Highly recommend for an affordable option to color your hair while still keeping hair healthy. — Sarah Fox reviewed

  • This stuff is AMAZING — really works! LOVE IT!!!

    I have naturally ash blonde hair that has gradually become very white as I’ve gotten older — I love the white, but still have enough blonde left in my hair that it often looks yellowish, especially indoors. I thought I would try the PLATINUM color depositing co-wash — some of the reviewers here suggested putting it on dry hair and leaving it on for 30 minutes, so I tried that first, but left it on only 20 minutes. I was surprised when it turned all my hair a pale ashy gray, totally eliminating any yellow. I was amazed at how much color was deposited on my hair, actually a little too much — I’ve tried a lot of different toners, such as manic panic, etc., but this was by far the best. Since it deposited so much color on dry hair, I decided to try just using it as a shampoo and that works perfectly — it still deposits a lot of color on my hair, but not quite as much as when used on dry hair. I just shampoo it in and leave it in while I finish showering, then rinse it out. The color is now perfect! Pale silvery white that I love, both indoors & outdoors, it smells great, and leaves my hair very soft and manageable.
    UPDATE: I found that using this product as a co-wash was leaving my hair feeling heavy and thick, and hard to style, so I’ve been using my regular shampoo first, then using this as a conditioner that I leave in while finishing my shower — since my hair is very short, I’m able to use just one or two pumps, which is also more cost effective than using this as a co-wash. It still deposits a LOT of color on my hair and leaves my hair amazingly shiny. I also decided to try the SILVER color and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I’m adding a photo of what the silver looks like on my hair, after using it as just a conditioner. First photo is in the sun where it looks amazingly bright silver, second photo is in the shade where it looks darker. This stuff is AMAZING and exactly what I’ve been looking for!! — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • You actually don’t need a YouTube tutorial to get a decent result!

    I’m not one to dye my hair. But it’s like Coronavirus Color Challenge since I can’t go to the salon.

    My hair comes in a mousey-blonde naturally, then lightens to almost platinum on its own in the sun. So I usually just get highlights to deal with the darker blonde color at my roots.

    …It’s been months. I was like whatever, I’ll try something new – it’s not like anyone will see it. I’ve always liked Kelly Osbourne’s hair. I didn’t know how to do it without making my hair fall out…so I started with a box dye, One you’d get from CVS and did a whole head color of light/ash blonde. I didn’t bleach it…too scared. The box dye lightened me up a bit, but the roots looked orange-brassy.

    Still feeling a mess…I decided to go for the pink look. I saw the reviews and pics for this product and was like “meh, this will washout.” Why not!?

    I DID put it everywhere the first time, following the instructions to apply it to wet hair. It was easy to apply, it’s just like a conditioning mask texture. Doesn’t drip. Kinda’ idiot proof that way. Anyhow, it produced a nice light color – not quite as bold as I thought – but I enjoyed it and my hair was soft and various colors of pink. I did it! Gold star!

    Then I got greedy for more cowbell! …I mean pink. So I took everyone’s advice and ran through that process again – wet hair, rinse, and blow dry. Not bad! It looked a TAD darker and I was pleased.

    Honestly, I don’t have thick hair or much of it but I suck at getting ALL my hair covered with the conditioner and I had blotches. I could use a friend to get that stuff everywhere. I did use a comb throughout application. I’m not patient enough to apply it differently in certain areas and blah blah blah So…yeah that’s why it’s blotchy. My fault. But it does comb through nicely without tangling – if your worried about your hair being a tumbleweed, that’s not gonna’ happen.

    Ok Ok …Scrooge McDucked it the next morning because when I woke up the next day, I put a room full of coins you can dive in amount of it on my DRY hair. I let it sit for probably an hour. Mind you, despite having naturally blonde/light hair (and since I didn’t bleach it) nothing really tends to “sticks” to my hair very well. Even permanent dye from the salon washes out of my hair in a few days!

    Anyway! These pics are from the rinse off after the DRY application. By the way, the bottle is huge-or a little goes a long way. I think doing this 3 times on my full head of hair I probably still have 75% of the bottle left.

    Also, It doesn’t smell heinous. Actually, it’s got an enjoyable maybe sweet-floral sent. HOWEVER, You WILL get a little “burn” if you let it touch your face/forehead for a tad too long. Oops! It goes away quickly.

    And yes, will also get pink hands if you’re like me and take like an hour to get the stuff in your hair. I just used a magic eraser and some alcohol/nail polish and warm soap and water and it came right off.

    Again, My hair is still very soft. In fact, I would say since using this, my fine hair has had fewer and fewer little rats-nest tangles in it from just daily wear (wind, chores, lipstick getting in it – cement last week – look, I said I’m a mess).

    I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my hair with this, since I sent pics of it to my pals who actually wouldn’t have seen it if it sucked because Coronavirus! Yay!

    It seems like it will rinse out within a month – for me – probably much sooner. But as it rinses out, it also seems like it will look decent – maybe NOT a mess. If it’s kinda’ meh, I was thinking of trying a peachy color.

    Final note: even if you’re not one of those people that are good with hair and makeup and girl-stuff, you CAN manage this. It’s just like a regular conditioner you’d have in your shower – except it dyes your hair. Also, I didn’t find it stained my sink or shower. I don’t even think it stained the little “hair towel turban” I used to flip it up when I let it sit. Maybe slightly pink? No more than if a brush full of makeup fell on it. (Yes FULL of makeup – I usually look like Harley Quinn when I “try” makeup so…yeh, a brush full). It’ll prolly wash out, though!

    So, yeah. Don’t be a mess. Even if you are a mess…you should try this. You won’t MAKE a mess; you’ll look cool? I don’t know…can you pull off pink when you’re almost 40? Whatever – you might have a moment of clarity about covid-coloring your hair and your coolness or lack thereof as correlated to age …maybe profession. Prolly shouldn’t have done this before a job interview…meh, color cabin fever, what can you do?

    I’m glad I took a chance and put the effort in! Do it up, it’s fun! ^_^ — Effie reviewed

  • WOW – Amazing Product!

    I am one of those people who rarely writes reviews and when I do it’s because the product and value was so outstanding that I literally feel guilty if I don’t share. So I’ve been trying to grow my hair out to it’s natural silvery grey for several months. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars at salons on ‘lifting’, rinses, toners and semi-permanent color to even out the color to a point I can feel comfortable being seen in public – the result is always the same. It looks great for 2-3 washes and then I end p with this horrible yellowish white hair with 2″ of grey roots. This product is THE solution. I am using the silver color and I promise it blends with my grey roots to the point there is no delineation. I saturated my dry hair, combed it through and washed out after 15 minutes. The smell is nice but not overpowering and my hair feels wonderfully clean and conditioned. No problems with the pump which was surprising because I ALWAYS have problems with pumps! lol. Best $22 I’ve spent in a long time! I’ll try to remember to update this post after a couple weeks – plan to use it like normal shampoo for a while and see if it retains this awesome color. But even if I have to do the 15 minute dry application a couple times a week it will be well worth it. — D Joy reviewed

  • My New Favorite Color Enhancer and Refresher

    I’ve waist length, wavy-curly, medium to dark, “dishwater blonde,” hair with naturally occurring red highlights and, as I get older, it’s becoming more red (in many photos, my hair tends to look red and not brown/blonde); because of this, I wanted a way to enhance the red tones without undergoing a massive chemical process that would severely damage my hair in the long-run. This Keracolor Clenditioner is PERFECT for the task and I couldn’t be happier!

    I use this at least 2x/month (the 1st and roughly 15th days) on wet hair, letting it sit and soak while in the shower or, if I want to leave it on longer or want a more intense color refresh, will plop my wet hair + Keracolor on top of my head, toss on a plastic cap and wrap in a towel, then let it sit for anywhere from 30 minutes to a whole hour. The shade I’ve achieved looks natural, with the reds looking more vibrant and fiery in the sun and the brown/blonde shades being warmer, and fades slightly in between uses; I’m sure it helps I wash my hair every other day with a natural shampoo and rinse with cooler water. Even though it’s labeled as a cleansing conditioner, I prefer to use it as a conditioner or deep conditioner.

    For the price, you don’t get much product, but I only use 1-2 pumps on my wet hair; I’ve found, the couple of times I’ve used this on dry hair, I need to use 5+ pumps just to get an even coating. The pump can be a little tricky to get working, but unscrewing the top off the bottle and then opening the pump seems to do the trick. I don’t wear gloves when applying this to my hair wet, but I strongly urge anyone to wear gloves if applying to dry hair; I skipped gloves during one of my dry hair applications and it took A LOT of warm-hot water and soap to remove all the color (in the shower, it just washes off as you go). So far, it hasn’t stained my bathtub and any tough spots are easily scrubbed away with some basic vinegar-based cleaner. — Tamara S. reviewed

  • My favorite conditioner. Prefer this to Overtone.

    I love this. I have three feet of massive, heavy, thick hair — and it took me four years to dye it this red velvet cake color! Without damage. I’m EXCEPTIONALLY cautious of new hair products, since my hair is so fragile. Reds fade fast and, in my personal experience, need color maintenance every single cold shower. This meets that need. It slows my fade, hydrates, and has a soft nice smell. I have this in the red, and would recommend it for any other Ariels out there — Amber Preminger reviewed

  • Great for toning brassy blondes

    I don’t usually review products but this conditioner is amazing. Although both pictures were taken in the daylight, I wish I had taken a proper before picture of my hair but I honestly wasn’t expecting it to work. I got the platinum conditioner and put it in dry hair to get the best result. I kept it in my hair overnight and showered in the morning. I was really shocked that it toned my hair so well. I would recommend putting it in dry hair and brushing it through to coat every bit. I will probably do this once or twice a month now since I prefer to use by regular shampoo/conditioner in the shower. — Jingle reviewed

  • Great color deposit product

    Love it! I went to the salon to change the blond balayage to copper. In the image that looks blonde it was after the copper had faded away in the second wash. Decided to do some research to get a color deposit product because the hair staylist had informed to maintain the color I would have to go every two weeks since my hair was so blonde, it will take to time in the begining. I found the Joico copper shampoo and the Keracolor clenditioner in copper. The clenditioner revived the copper color in the first wash to be honest I didnt think it was going to work but the pictures show the difference from blonde to bright copper. After it was washed from the bright copper is looking like a natural copper not as bright but still looks great. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Just enough!!

    This isn’t an every day or even an every other day use product! I have naturally blonde hair and recently went to the darker side about a week ago. (First picture) I’ve washed it twice since then and knew at some point I would need a product to keep up the red hue so I searched and come across this. Today when i got it I just gave it a shot, not because I needed a pick me up but because I was curious. Wowwwwzers. I am impressed. I don’t plan on using it again until I truly need to add some vibrancy back but I am so excited to see how this procduct works in a few weeks!! — Marie reviewed

Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash, Platium, 12 fl oz, Keracolor, 6800316 Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash, Platium, 12 fl oz: Premium Beauty

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