Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly

Reviews 17/10/2020
Toppik Hair Building Natural Keratin Fibers for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly

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Toppik Hair Building Natural Keratin Fibers for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly

Table of contents :

Advantages of Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly

  • Easy to use
  • Style
  • Thickness
  • Value for money
  • Drying power


  • Instantly fills in thinning areas
  • Conceals hair loss
  • Makes fine hair look completely thick and full

What is the best price for Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly?

Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 24.95 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly is in the top 6,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly online?

You can buy Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 24.95 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly reviews

  • I Love This Stuff!

    My hair is bald around the edges from years of tight microbraids. When I wear my hair back, I was filling in the edges with black eyebrow pencils. This is much better. It’s more natural looking and much quicker. It takes very little powder to fill a space, so I definitely expect to get more than my money’s worth. Love it! Love it! Love it!!!! This next comment is in response to TR’s comment about the .11 oz bottle of Toppik being the size of a thimble. TR if you don’t like the product that’s fine, but you don’t have to lie about the size. A thimble? Really? Please!!!!! I don’t know where you buy your thimbles. My picture shows the .11 oz Toppik next to a standard size thimble. You should be careful what you say. People take reviews very seriously! — A. M. Williams reviewed

  • Can’t Live Without It!

    I can’t live without these hair building fibers. I have severely thinning hair on the top and sides of my head (hypothyroid) but the Toppik fibers cover it so well that even people who have known me with thick hair tell me they can’t tell that I’ve lost so much. It’s been a massive boost to my self-confidence and I re-order as soon as I get low. The .97 oz usually lasts me a little over a month. I haven’t noticed any residue left on my pillows or messiness when I get sweaty, like others have. I do spin class twice a week and sweat like crazy, but mine has always stayed put. I always look at myself up and close in the mirror and I suppose if someone did the same, they could tell. I haven’t had an issue with this. I genuinely have more confidence and don’t bother to think that you can see it. The only thing I haven’t done is gone swimming! — A. M. Williams reviewed

  • I wept tears of joy. Tips and how I apply it

    I cannot praise this product enough.

    I’m mid 30’s and my hairline is starting to recede with a bald batch on my crown starting to get more noticeable. It’s starting to really get to me and I’ve considered going down a hair transplant path until I came across this product in a youtube review. After watching the review I rushed out to my local pharmacy which stocked it and bought some with high expectations.

    Well those expectations were exceeded! To say I was thrilled with the result is an understatement. A few squirts with the pump applicator and my hair line was fully restored with the bald patch replaced with a thick crop of hair. I wept tears of joy.

    Tips and how I apply it:

    It’s been a few weeks now and I have the process down pat. Basically I blow dry my hair to get it as straight and dry as possible, I have the pump applicator and squirt in the areas that are effected using the hairline comb thingy. Some of it may get on your forehead so you have to be careful when removing, best use a dry finger and lightly brush it off or else there will be a line which doesn’t look natural. Sometimes I’ll add it to my already good crop of hair which gives a super thick look as though I belong to boy band. Then I’ll add a small amount of wax and lightly rub it through my hair to give it the shape I want.

    It will take some experimentation before you get the right results, so if you have a special event or something make sure you experiment with it every day for a week till it becomes second nature, otherwise you could end up with a slightly un natural look which could make people suss.

    I use the medium brown color and I bought the pump applicator (way more accurate when applying and uses much less of the product), hair-line comb, and the post application spray to keep it in place. Not sure if the spray is necessary but I got it anyway.

    For me this product get’s 5 starts, I’ve saved myself at least 5 years before I have to take pills like finasteride or go down the hair transplant route. Hope this review was helpful. — Katie S reviewed

  • My pictures speak for themselves…

    I’m speechless – this stuff works, plain and simple. I’m a 31 year old male, and I’ve been losing a lot of hair the past few years. It’s definitely a bummer, but I’ve learned to live with it. Only problem is that I am getting married in four weeks, and if I can help it, I really do not want my balding head to be forever documented in our wedding album. My fiancé mentioned that spray-on hair could be an option if I was that concerned about it. So I read some reviews on this product and ended up buying it, along with the applicator and holding spray.

    I am straight up speechless. I figured this stuff would get me by, but my goodness, this looks like real hair. It’s unreal. Just look at my pictures, you won’t believe it. The only thing I will do differently is probably buy the “medium brown” color, as the “dark brown” that I used here was slightly too dark, albeit it’s still almost perfect.

    This probably isn’t meant to be a permanent solution to conceal hair loss, but shoot, if you wanted to, I don’t see why you couldn’t use this all the time.

    I have now had it in my hair for about 12 hours, and it hasn’t faded, fallen out, or even so much as moved. That’s probably the holding spray at work, so I highly recommend you pick up that in addition. I don’t think you NEED the applicator to apply this product, but I can see how it’s probably way more precise than just pouring it straight out of the bottle.

    If you’re looking for an instant hair loss concealer, this is definitely it. If you want a permanent solution to hair loss, you’d probably be better off not using a hair fiber product at all and talk to your doctor about other options. — DaveL reviewed

  • and it works better where there’s some hair than areas that are completely …

    I was hesitant to try this, and I’m hoping my review will help someone else who feels the same way. I have alopecia areata, which causes circles or ovals of hair to fall out all at once. You can see in the pictures that a large patch is starting to grow in him, but is still extremely sparse.

    The hair fibers are a godsend. I use the dark brown with the spray applicator. You’d be able to see if you got up close to look, and it works better where there’s some hair than areas that are completely bare, but even on bare patches its much better.

    The fibers will come off on your fingers or get under your nails if you scratch your head, and it comes off if it gets wet. Getting caught in light rain hasn’t been a problem as long as you don’t get soaked.

    I would definitely recommend this For anyone, any age, with thinning hair or bald patches. — Chris S reviewed

  • Works great!

    I ordered dark brown for myself since I ended up getting a bald spot due to stress (thank you university) and it worked perfectly on my dark brown hair. I would set it with hairspray and I never had an issue with it coming off until my next hair wash.

    I also ended up trying this on my husband since he is starting to bald. He has more of a dirty blonde/light brown hair color, but with pomade, it turns a more medium brown. It ended up adhering very well with the pomade and setting with hairspray. You definitely want to use a light hand and layer the product with a tapping motion or you’ll end up being very obvious. After seeing the results, I stocked up on medium brown for my husband and it works perfectly. A picture is worth a 1,000 words, so just check out the photos for yourself. I definitely recommend trying this product if you have sparseness in your hair as it works better when there is something to cling on to. If you don’t have a "base", definitely use a type of pomade or hairspray for it to adhere to. — Christine Wilson reviewed

  • Thank goodness for Toppik!

    I used to think buying a wig was my only alternative as a female with alopecia. I started with one little thin spot 20 years ago. Now the entire top of my head is extremely sparse or bald. Nothing worked for me before this. My only problem was that the dark brown was too dark, and the med brown too light. I found out you could pry/twist off the top of the regular size container or larger, and then you could mix colors to get the exact right match.
    I attach the sprayer, cover my head in a fine mist, pat, comb. I continue to apply where needed and then spray with the fiber fix (or hairspray, if in a pinch, works fine). My hair is shiny and I am ready to face the world without being embarrassed about my mostly bald head. I now look like I have hair where there is none, or very little.
    This really made a difference in how I feel about myself. I no longer have to be embarrassed or cry about how little hair I have.
    Check this out… It really works! — Toki reviewed

  • Works great!

    Like many 60 year old women, I’m finding I have more space between my strands of hair than I would like. I sprinkle this on in a few seconds after my hair is dry, and it gives it a much fuller, thicker look. No more "bald spots," and it doesn’t come out on my hands! Lasts until the next shampoo. — Elizabeth J Pierro reviewed

  • Highly recommend this Product!!

    This product is better than I ever expected!! I read reviews and knew I had to try this. I had always had very thick hair until I was in my 50’s and it started to thin. My hair is naturally grey and as you can see very thin in spots. The photos are of the top of my head, taken just before I used this product and then after applying. The color is perfect and it lasts pretty much til I wash it out. I hands down highly recommend this product to everyone who wants fullness and coverage from thinning hair!! ???????? — TerriG reviewed

  • Count me another satisfied customer

    Well, count me as one of the satisfied customers. I am in my 70’s with thinning hair (receding hairline). The top has gotten quite thin and when I wear my hair to the side the scalp really shows in one area. A little bit of the auburn put in that area and no one can tell it is thinning. Just enough color there to hide the scalp and blends well with my hair. I find that if I sprinkle a bit on and then lightly comb it that it distributes well. I read a lot of the reviews and was skeptical. I got the small size to test it. Now that I know it works for me……I will get the bigger size. I have found that regular hairspray works just fine with it. Sure makes a difference in how I feel about my hair now. It has bothered me for a long time about those thinning spots. Now I feel confident that I can look good and not have a glaring fix to try to cover up what nature has taken away. — Donna L. Orsag reviewed

  • The best product out there

    The best product out there for root coverups between salon visits (I’ve tried them all). Also fantastic for thinning hair. If you use a lot of it, hit it with a little squirt of REGULAR hairspray to keep it in place (no special spray needed). Also give yourself time to learn how to apply it (and keep a wet wipe handy to wipe the excess from your face when you’re just starting out). Once you get the hang of it you’ll be so happy you found this product. Really great stuff. — happygirlgail reviewed

  • Wonderful product for trichotillomaniacs like me

    I have read a lot of the reviews of this product. For those of you who expect miracles – sorry, they don’t exist. This product does not grow or replace hair. It simply aids those of us who desperately want to be anonymous. I have trichotillomania and have many bald spots on my head. Toppik has made it so that I can go out in public without anyone staring at me like I am a freak of nature. No, it won’t bear close inspection, so if you don’t want your significant other to know you are balding, you will need to try something else. But if you simply want to be able to appear normal, this is a great product. And no, it is not just a powder. If you look at it under a microscope you will see the fibers. I am able to put it on the bald spots and lightly style my hair so it blends perfectly. This product does not claim to be miraculous, but I, for one, am extremely grateful that it was invented. Thank you Toppik! — happygirlgail reviewed

  • I had to see for myself / It does work

    So I’ve been looking at this item in my shopping cart for several months. Scared to order it due to the mixed reviews. My front hairline started to thin out due to my past wig wearing. Not just because I wore wigs but because I always used the front comb to secure my wigs down. I started using blk eye shadow to cover my hairline but it would look grayish. I’ve spent so much on wigs that I thought trying this product for $6 Was worth the lost if it didn’t work.
    In my heart I felt this product wouldn’t work due to the reveiws. I’m completely blown away by how much I love this product. I was amazed at the end results. It’s so much better than the eye shadow. Yes, I believe it worked well because I do have hair in that area. I took my time using it after reading all the reviews. There was no mess at all. The product stayed in place. I didn’t use any product to help it adhere to my scalp. I’m really pleased with my purchase. The downside is that, I see a purchase of a Bigger bottle in my future, lol. This product will not work if your bald, you need some hair in the area. — LG reviewed

  • Pretty darn good.

    First off, it’s really hard to take a picture of the top of your head, so cut me some slack.

    My hair thinned out a lot when I became pregnant and developed a thyroid condition. I tried A LOT on my hair to make it regrow and I think a little came back, but nothing too impressive. This is probably the first product that makes me feel A LOT more confident about my hair and going out in public. People tend to ignore the fact that women have difficulty with hair loss too and for aging women with thinning hair this is perfect.

    The first picture is freshly blow dried in a hairstyle I normally do. The second is the toppik sprinkled on just the front. I’m really tall so, I don’t worry about people seeing the top of my head, which is why I didn’t sprinkle the back much.

    Also a side note, I’m super cheap and I’ve wasted a lot of money on products claiming to help hair loss. That being said, I didn’t splurge on any fancy add ons with this product, just the $8 jar. When I apply it, I hold my finger at my hair line and sprinkle it all around. I tilt my head up so it distributes evenly. Works fine. One can can last me several months but I use it sparingly.

    Two down sides. If you scratch you head where you apply the product, it comes up under your nail. Also my scalp is a little sensitive, so sometimes it can be itchy, but literally I have it on all day, and it itches maybe twice, usually just in the beginning.

    I have slept with it in and it’s still there in the morning and I have sweat with it in without any issues.

    Hope this helps! — Chrissy E. reviewed

  • For what I needed this Toppik product is great. I have one corner where the hair is …

    I purchased the ‘Hair-Tek Hair Fiber Atomizer’ to go along with this. For what I needed this Toppik product is great. I have one corner where the hair is thinning a bit and I just needed something to give a more full appearance. see before and after pics — HalleyBelle reviewed

  • Impressed!

    I opened it right away to try it. My hair is super duper thin and flat by the end of the day. This product absorbs the oil, colors the scalp, and gives a little volume. I have medium brown hair and ordered the dark. It’s a decent match, but I plan on dying my hair to dark brown and it will match much better. — Ali Jackson reviewed

  • Amazing!

    I will never go without this!! I do highly recommend getting the pump nozzle attachment for this though. I have thinning hair just in the front and top of my head. This is a problem for a lot of women. I gave it a try and loved it. Took me a few practice days to finesse the application but then it’s super quick and easy. Several light passes looks much better because it gives a more realistic look. It adds just enough coverage to “fill in” thinner areas but it’s not noticeable. I’ve pointed it out to my coworkers and they still can’t tell. Comes in several colors so you can find a match. I’ve never used it without the pump attachment sold separate though. I apply this after I’m finished styling my hair. Lightly spray a finishing hair spray over it when finished. If you don’t, it may feel slightly itchy like something is in your hair as it works by static cling. I use mainly in my “part” and this size will last me about six months. — MP reviewed

  • Much more CONFIDENT now.

    My husband just discovered this product at CVS. He ran out fast and had me order some online because it is much cheaper through this website.
    It is not a cure for baldness but it does cover balding patches sometimes due to thinning hair like in my husband’s case.
    He has black hair therefore the black fibers work very well on him. He’s managed to perfect how much to put on so that it does not look fake, and also to prevent unwanted attention.
    So far, nobody has noticed or said anything because he is so careful not to overdo it.
    I know he feels much more confident now because lately he had been actively trying to hide his head with a beanie. He hasn’t brought out the beanie or worn a hat since he started using this product.
    He uses the fibers and hairspray of the same brand.
    I noticed that they are a little pricey at drug stores and cheaper here. It is just like with anything, buy it if it makes you feel better about yourself. — CoopsNana reviewed

  • the sample size is TINY but it gives a good idea of the product

    i bought the sample size for my mom who has thinning hair. surprisingly it worked. very shocked. the sample size is TINY but it gives a good idea of the product. i do not think this is intended to cover actual Balding.. but it did work in masking her thinning hair around the roots. this does not have the same consistency as eye shadow but sort of the same premise. set this with hairspray for it to last longer. if you sweat or are in moisture this would definitely melt hairspray over this helps set it to last longer. USE SPARINGLY. a little goes a long way. do not smudge it in.. but PAT it. patting helps it. she did not get an applicator but is definitely interested in buying again. — Brenda831 reviewed

  • Amazing! Finally some confidence during hair loss!

    I am losing my hair due to a pregnancy/anxiety and I couldn’t be more self conscious! It is literally falling out in chunks right along my part and it’s so thin. I bought this product after reading reviews and I absolutely love it. It is not perfect, but it is so close that I don’t even care. These flakes are easy to put on (takes only a few minutes… not even), and they do a great job at covering up your thinning areas. The fibers stick to all the little baby hairs just like it claims. I’ve started using dry shampoo so I can wash my hair less often (and so don’t see chunks falling into the shower) and these flakes will easily stay on over night and right into the next day. It’s so nice not to wake up to a balding head first thing in the morning. Also – I used these for the first time going to a NYE party and my finished hair looked fantastic. I was actually showing my relatives pictures of what my hair ACTUALLY looks like on my phone and no one could believe it!

    Loved these so much I’m already buying them in all my friends colors who are also losing hair to pregnancy. Great product! — B. reviewed

  • This thing is amazing! My hair was falling out due to my …

    This thing is amazing! My hair was falling out due to my birth control and I needed something to help me in the meantime while I grew it back! And this is it!! — Heidi Peter reviewed

  • Works well… not actually “fibers”

    I did not see "fibers". This is more like a colored, powdered hair "shampoo" that DOES add body, and does NOT leave white residue like a dry shampoo. That said, I like this product. I have fine, thin curly hair that will droop if I use heavy products. I have tried a lot of body-building hair products, and many are just too weighty Even Frizz-eeze is not great for me. So far, this is a winner.. — Heidi Peter reviewed

  • Gives thin hair appearance of being thicker

    I had watched a hair stylist use this fiber powder on a woman with thin and very little hair and it had made the woman’s hair look much thicker. I ordered the fiber powder and fiber powder finishing spray to use with a 92 year old man with thin and very little hair who wanted to look as if he had more hair. The fiber powder comes in several shades and I bought gray to blend into the man’s natural hair color. After giving him a short, conservative hair cut I used my hand (note: I could have used an index card, etc. instead of my hand) under the hairline to shield his eyes and face and liberally shook the fiber powder on the bald areas in his dry hair, patted his hair to settle the powder, lightly touched up the style with a brush and my fingers and then used the fiber-setting spray so that the fiber powder would last longer on his head (It is supposed to then last until the hair is shampooed). Since I have only used it once and am a beginner in cutting anyone’s hair, I don’t know if the powder comes off onto the person’s pillow, but will add to my product review if I find that it does come off onto pillows when the person is sleeping. The fiber powder and fiber finishing spray are expensive but worth the price since you only use a little each time and they really do make a difference in the appearance of both men and women with very thin hair with bald areas. I recommend this product along with the fiber finishing spray highly and hope this review helps people with the common problem of thinning hair as one ages or due to illness. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Kinda like magic…

    This product works very well for me! I have thinning hair with a few dime sized bald spots on top of my head. They cover very easily with this stuff. (My scalp is pale and my hair dark brown.) It’s not messy but there are little sprinkles that get around the sink when I apply the product. I don’t consider it messy, it wipes off easily. It doesn’t come off my hair or scalp except on my brush or fingers with vigorous friction. It doesn’t sweat off. I like to sprinkle and fluff my hair until I get the coverage I like. It doesn’t take a lot of product and it doesn’t look like I sprinkled my hair ie: dust on shiny. Shampoo takes it all off! — VickyNC reviewed

  • Looks real!

    Bought this for me and my husband. My hair isnt balding but certain parts look thinner so I wanted to try this. The real test was on my husband as noted on my pictures. I ordered Auburn for him and brown for me. In the pictures I used both on him. The auburn first and then the brown to blend more into his naturally thicker hair. Worked great. Even up close you couldn’t tell and it didn’t come off or mess up when he touched it. Even when the kids touched it because they couldn’t believe it, it didn’t mess it up or anything. It’s awesome. He sent his coworkers the pictures and they thought he bought a hair piece ???? — Tucsonblossom reviewed

  • Filled hairline, pretty natural

    I’ve always had a high hairline, but after three rounds of post-partum hair loss and a decade of wearing my hair up in mom buns, I was getting a little sparser around my widow’s peak than I used to be. I bought the smallest bottle of Toppik to experiment with and came back for a larger one after I’d tried it for a few days. It’s not perfect, but I like it a lot.

    Although it doesn’t effectively disguise where my hairline actually starts, it does do a pretty good job filling things in so my existing hair looks thicker. I use it through my part from widow’s peak to crown, and very lightly through the baby hairs above my temples if I have my hair pulled back.

    From a normal speaking distance, it looks pretty natural. You probably wouldn’t notice unless you inspected my scalp, and even then it’s a fairly subtle effect, more airbrush than spraypaint, as long as I go light and pat it in a bit. I have very light skin and very dark hair (and subsequently use very dark fibers), so the contrast is stark if I’m not careful. The comb helps too, but any other similarly shaped edge (or even your hand) works just as well with a little practice. It doesn’t make a mess unless I go nuts and fling it around, but I do have to shield my forehead or dust it off after I apply, the same as when I use tinted dry shampoo.

    So far I haven’t needed to do any on-the-go touch-ups, but I figured better safe than sorry and stuck the travel size in my purse. You can open the jar to refill it with fibers from the more cost-effective larger sizes (or mix colors, if you need to), which is really nice.

    I shampoo about every other day and, at least in the short time I’ve been using it, it hasn’t come off on my white pillowcase at night. It also provides pretty much the same amount of coverage on day two or even three if I don’t wash it out or poke at it too much, and that makes the pricetag a little easier to stomach. I don’t know how long a bottle will last, but I don’t suspect I’ll need to buy it more than seasonally.

    In terms of color, dark brown is truly very dark. It works well on me, and my hair is nearly black. For another reference point, it’s at least a shade darker than Batiste’s tinted dry shampoo in Divine Dark, which is a bit lighter than my hair and has been my go-to for filling my part for a while now. Using the two together gives me the oil-absorbing benefits of the dry shampoo, the stronger scalp disguising of the Toppik, and makes it so I don’t have to use as much of either product as if I’d used one alone. I like the combination quite a bit. — Nichole reviewed

  • first impression

    wow! this stuff actually works really great!
    I was super skeptical, but being that this is amazon, I knew that worst case scenario I can return this if it didn’t work. I’m in my late 20’s and unfortunately thinning hair runs in my fam.
    So basically I parted my hair, exposing my most bald spots and I just sprinkled this stuff practically on my scalp, I patted my head and worked this stuff around the rest of my hair. It looked really great! My girlfriend was SHOOK! God bless her soul, she doesn’t care about my thinning hair but she was happy for me because she knows i’m pretty self conscious about my balding. She literally stared at my head for like 10 mins in awe and said you couldn’t tell this stuff was in my hair.
    now I don’t plan to use this EVERY day, but now I feel like I can go out and not have to wear a hat all the time.
    This is solely my first impression of this product but I hope it’s always as consistent as it was today.

    Cheers! — Sarah C. reviewed

  • Leading product of its type

    I have used Toppik fibers for several years to help make my thinning hair less obvious. I have always been pleased with the product. This was my first time ordering it through Amazon (the cash back on my Amazon card makes the price a little more palatable). I have experimented with a couple of other brands of fiber, but have always returned to Toppik. It is, in my opinion, the leading product of its type. — Shawny Mac reviewed

  • I highly recommend this.

    I have androgenic alopecia, and my part is starting to grow wide (at least it’s my part, and not my backside or my waist. There are worse things in life, I suppose). I bought this to sprinkle on the bit where it’s starting to look suspicious, and no one has clocked me for it. My husband doesn’t even know I use it, that’s how well this hides things. My dermatologist said I could use Rogaine or other things, but it’s only the part that’s getting a bit thin, and I don’t want to start leaving my hair like an oil slick, so a sprinkle of this post blow-out after I shower? No one knows any better but me. — Ken reviewed

  • Great but $$$

    On super humid, hot NYC days can make my head feel a touch itchy. Other than that I LOVE this product!!! Had really camouflaged my very overall thin hair ( thanks mum and dad)!!! Notice it most in the front where my hair is very see thru. I use the Auburn which is a good match to my natural colour. Can be a touch yo dark in summer when the sun lightens my hair a bit. Otherwise, will be using it for as long as possible. One last thing, I wish it were a bit cheaper seeing as how I have to use a large amount ( in my opinion) each time. Since getting back my hair is sadly unlikely this is the next best thing. ???? — Am Azon Woman reviewed

Toppik Hair Building Fibers, Black, 0.42 oz, American Fragrance & Cosmetic Company, TPB12A, B48646 Toppik Hair Building Fibers, Black, 0.42 oz: Premium Beauty

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Toppik Hair Building Fibers Natural Keratin for Men & Women to Conceal Thinning Hair Instantly