amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec

Reviews 09/10/2020
amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

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amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

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Advantages of amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec

  • Scent
  • Easy to use
  • Stretch
  • Sheerness
  • Thickness
  • Value for money


  • Shake Well. Hold 8” away and spray focusing on the roots. Massage as you would with a wet shampoo. Brush through.

What is the best price for amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec?

amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 25 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec is in the top 9,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec online?

You can buy amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 25 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec reviews

  • Look at this dry shampoo!! You will not regret this purchase or want to live without it!!

    I got this dry shampoo in one of those monthly sample packages…. so I first got this as a sample product and HAD to have more!! It’s better than any dry shampoo i’ve ever tried! And I have attempted to use some of the most expensive ones out there. I won’t use any but this from now on. There is no “powdery” residue… it smooths and gets tangles out, it takes away any greasy type condition your hair may have. I think it’s great for in between shampoos… hair that shouldn’t be washed that often due to stripping of natural oils… and for me specifically. I have been sick and have been having a tough time taking a shower and it has been a life saver. I also believe this dry shampoo gives volume and makes hair look healthy and above all, clean!! I would definitely recommend this and I won’t go without it!! — Jennifer Kelli Crawford reviewed

  • My hair looks better now that it did when I first washed it

    Honestly, I’ve tried dry shampoos before and I always thought they were BS. My hair is fine and thin and no dry shampoo ever worked, but this one really does. My hair looks thicker and better now that it did when I washed it three days ago, and it smells nice, too. Expensive, but worth it. We’ll see how long the bottle lasts me. That’s my only concern now. — Jennifer Kelli Crawford reviewed

  • Finally found one that works

    First dry shampoo that works for me. I have fine hair and all the other dry shampoos I have tried leave it feeling greasy and I can’t STAND the smell. This one makes it feel clean, gives it body and the smell doesn’t linger for hours. Will purchase again. — Jessalynn46657 reviewed


    My day 2 hair looks freshly done! So I first tried Amika because the style extender spray was on sale at Marshalls. I was literally obsessed with the smell but I use the Dyson Airwrap which creates beautiful curls but they dont hold as long, so I found that with the style extender it actually did last a whole day longer. So I searched Amazon and found the rest of the line. The picture really does not do justice to how shiny and soft my hair is, I wish you could touch it through the screen. There is NO WHITE RESIDUE and no weird gross sticky dry feeling when you run your fingers through your hair. Not only that but it made my hair smell AMAZING all day and I love that everything in this line smells the same, delicious. This is pricey but in the same range as Living Proof and Drybar and this blows both out of the water, no residue and better smell, you really do get what you pay for so for those complaining about price maybe stick to Batiste. — Stephanie reviewed

  • Best Dry Shampoo on Market!!

    I have tried them all- you name it and I’ve tried it. This is the best smelling dry shampoo. In addition it’s rice starch not talc which means it’s a little lighter on your hair when you spray it on it disappears. Heavier ones like Oscar Blondo tend to coat the hair and leave it feeling like there’s residue left. This doesn’t do that. I spray and just use my fingers to shake my hair and it looks great. — Khalysee reviewed

  • BEST dry shampoo…ever

    I love this dry shampoo! My mother in law, who is a hair stylist, gave me a 1 oz sample of this to try. It was amazing! It does not make my hair feel heavy after spraying it on, this did not tangle my hair after spraying as some other dry shampoos had, it smells so good so it freshened my hair nicely, and it added some shine and softness after use. I typically use it every other day and used up my 1 oz bottle in just under a month. Of course I needed some more so my best friend prime had a 5 oz bottle that I couldn’t resist. Highly recommend this product for in-between washes! — Rose Garden reviewed

  • Great for fine hair

    I’ve tried a million dry shampoos and this one is definitely the best for my fine hair. It doesn’t leave any residue and it doesn’t build up like a lot of others that I’ve tried. I’ve cut my hair-washing in half so rather than 7 days a week, I typically only wash it 3 times per week. This dry shampoo helps A LOT. It also smells great, which I can’t say about all dry shampoos. Would absolutely recommend this for anyone with fine hair who wants to wash it less! My hair is noticeably healthier, thicker, and shinier from less washing! — Brad Henning reviewed

  • Great Dry Shampoo!

    I love all the Amika products, but I especially like this one. I have used a variety of dry shampoos, but this is better than most I have tried. When you use this dry shampoo, there is now powdery residue- which is a major plus. This dry shampoo also doesn’t make my scalp itch. It helps to smooth our your hair. It definitely creates a clean/ fresh looking hair- removes the grease from your roots. I don’t like to wash my hair every day because it tends to strip out the natural oils in your hair, and this allows you to skip a day or two (or however many you wish- no judging here) and extend your time in between washes. The smell of the Amika dry shampoo if also great. The dry shampoo is on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, but if you okay with that then this is a good one to purchase and try. I will note, the button/ nozzle on the can is a little difficult to press at first. — E. Winchell reviewed

  • Best dry shampoo I have found

    I have purple hair and I use this to avoid washing it out. It does really good to extend my color. I have tried other dry shampoos and they didn’t work as well on cutting the grease and they also faded my color. This stuff is a miracle. I can go a full week between washing, even if I get sweaty. A little bit of color comes off on my hands when I use it but not like the other dry shampoos I have tried. The smell is a little strong right after using but it smells pleasant and fades pretty fast. I have the big bottle at home and buy the little trial size bottles for when I’m traveling. It is expensive but worth it. — Catherine Kelso reviewed

  • I hate dry shampoo but LOVE this!

    I was pleasantly surprised how much I love this dry shampoo. I have fine, oily hair and dry shampoo has never been my best friend. I bought the travel size so I could give it a try. We had the same experience as with all dry shampoos when applying. Very strong spray! If you’re not prepared for that, it can catch you off guard.

    So after spraying on, rubbing in and straighting my crazy morning hair I looked fabulous! I look forward to more weekend tryouts with this product. — Catherine Kelso reviewed

  • Love this product

    My hair gets very dry in the winter and it cannot be washed every day. However it gets flat and looses its “freshness” on the second day. This was the only dry shampoo out there that made my hair feel, smell and look like it’s just been washed. All other dry shampoos feel gross and gunky. I initially bought the small can since the large was a little pricey. I tried other brands in between and decided that this was the best and way worth the $25 — Stacy C reviewed

  • A little pricey but worth it

    I know this product is a little pricey but ultimately it is the only thing that works on my oily hair. I hate having to blow dry everyday and I have extremely thick wavy and fine hair. Other products that I’ve tried from every price range has either left my hair with a film or is not helped the greasiness at all during the day. It makes it difficult because my hair is so long that I don’t want to have to do something to it daily just every few days to keep it healthy. I don’t have to use a lot of this product and I’m able to go for a couple days without washes without a problem. It’s worth a $25. — Sarah reviewed

  • The best I have ever used

    This dry shampoo smells amazing and doesn’t over dry my hair out. I work in a Smokey bar and it gets the smell out of my hair. — Rachael reviewed

  • Best dry shampoo out there!

    this is the only dry shampoo I use! I have literally tried every single dry shampoo out there and always always come back to.this one and vowed to never try another lol! Most dry shampoos either leave your hair feeling nasty or leaves a white/ gray cast in hair …. not this one. Only need to use a little bit. Honestly hair looks and feels fresh and clean ! After spraying and rubbing in…i take my flat iron to that area and idk it just seems to help with any leftover product (burns it out) and makes my hair just that much better. — Amy Mercuri reviewed

  • Smells wonderful

    After having a baby, I found I’m not able to wash my hair as often as I need to. I’ve tried a few dry shampoos and all of them have a very distinct smell that isn’t very pleasant. I bought this one because reviews said it smelled nice. It smells wonderful. It also gets the job done. For those reasons, I give it 5 stars! The only downside is that it’s more on the expensive side. That being said, if a friend asked about a good dry shampoo it would still be my first to recommend. — amber montgomery reviewed

  • Well worth it!

    I have tried several other dry shampoos, but I always come back to amika. I have oily skin and can’t skip a day without washing my hair without it looking yucky. This product works so well-the smell is light and pleasant. It not only makes my hair look great on my ‘non-wash’ days but it also makes my hair look fuller and seems to add a lot more body. I love the amika products as they all smell so good, but this product is my absolute favorite. I would highly recommend! — Diane reviewed

  • Be very best dry shampoo ever to exist!

    This is the absolute best dry shampoo on the market. It’s the only dry shampoo I will buy anymore because everything else pales in comparison. when it sprays on it looks like it’s going to be white but quickly disappears. There’s no flaking and it smells amazing. I can go up to 7 days between shampoos thanks to this dry shampoo. And I have kind of oily hair, so that’s kind of a big deal. — AMT reviewed

  • The best dry shampoo

    I have used so many dry shampoo products and none of them compare to the Amika dry shampoo. It doesn’t choke me to death like some products, it smells nice, it actually does make hair look and feel clean and best of all, it does not leave a white dust coating on your hair. It is a little costly but I find the bottle goes a long way as you don’t need a ton of it to actually work. — Kindle Customer reviewed

  • Love love love Amika products!

    Best of dry shampoos! A bit expensive but worth every penny. A little goes a long way. Your hair feels so clean. Adds body and shine and the best scent. Disliked all dry shampoos till I bought Amika. I use another great product of theirs, Undone.
    You cannot feel Perk Up on your hair or scalp like other dry shampoos. Great product! — Cathy B. reviewed

  • Good ingredients, smells nice, and works!

    It works well on refreshing oily hair, has a nice scent, more powdery then floral or fruity in my opinion and has better ingredients than many other dry shampoos I have previously tried. I’m planning on buying the larger can for my next dry shampoo purchase. — Cathy B. reviewed

  • Holy grail!!

    I have tried numerous dry shampoo’s and this one is my HG!!! I received this as a gift from my hair dresser- and not going to lie, I was a little taken back by the price. BUT it’s so so good that I will continue to buy it over and over again. I have not found another product that is as long lasting and smells as wonderful as this. My favorite part is that it’s not gritty unlike the majority of other dry shampoo’s I’ve tried. You won’t be disappointed! — E.M. reviewed

  • Favorite dry shampoo!

    I wish it didn’t cost as much as it does – but this is my favorite dry shampoo. I’ve tried almost every brand there is – this one seems to absorb oil the best, not make my hair look too grey, doesn’t make my hair feel stiff and doesn’t leave me with dry shampoo dandruff when the day is done. It smells nice too! — Kelsey Barnes reviewed

  • Best Dry Shampoo

    I’ve used a variety of dry shampoos that often left my hair feeling weighted down and oily after applicaiton. I was never able to train my hair to go longer because the dry shampoos I purchases in store (dove, batiste, and Not your mother’s) left my hair nasty. Since switching to Amika, I’ve been about to go 3-5 days between washes while styling my hair daily AND crossfitting 5 days a week. I love this dry shampoo!! — Jackie reviewed

  • Can’t live without it.

    I have a ton of very fine hair that gets visibly greasy quickly. I, like others, have tried several other dry shampoos. They might get me through a day when I’m in a rush, which was the point of buying them. This product works well enough I can squeeze 4 days. (It became a challenge to find out.) I now wash my hair 3 times a week and it’s healthier than ever before. However, there is a stiff price tag attached to such behavior. Shampoo is much cheaper. ???? — JEM reviewed

  • Love it

    I’ve troed serveral dry shampoos, most of which didn’t work, left a lot of residue, or smelled odd. I found this one from my hairdresser. I have extremely oily hair so I use this daily, even after taking a shower, as I find it helps give my hair a little more volume. If I skip a wash day, I use a little more and it still works. The smell is fantastic and it leaves no gross residue. It lasts me about 1 & 1/2 months with daily use. I strongly recommend this product. Yes, the piece is a bit steep for a dry shampoo, but you’re paying for quality. — Anne reviewed

  • No time to wash your hair in a pinch?

    I originally tried this in a sample my daughter received in a beauty box she gets monthly. I loved it! Wonderful smell and no chalky residue. Perfect when your hair needs a quick pick me up when there’s no time to wash it. I love this stuff and definitely recommend it — Gabrielle reviewed

  • Best Smelling Dry Shampoo!!

    This is the best smelling dry shampoo out there! It’s definitely pricey but worth it. I’ve always used Batiste until my hairdresser told me about this brand and gave me a bottle that was almost empty to try. Love this stuff also because it doesn’t seem to build up in your hair like some others do! — L C reviewed

  • The best dry shampoo, better than dry bar

    This is THE BEST dry shampoo. I used Dry Bar for two years (and many others before that), and recently I didn’t have time to get to Ulta and was going to order it on amazon, until I saw Amika’s. I only wash my hair twice a week, and this has kept it perfect between washes. I’ve been converted. I have long, highlighted hair, very thick but fine. There is ZERO build up with this dry shampoo, that was my primary issue with Dry Bar’s. I’d recommend it to anyone. Gets rid of all oils, keeps your hair looking freshly styled, doesn’t weigh it down, and no build up. The best. — Smileegirl reviewed

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amika Perk Up Dry Shampooing Sec

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