Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Reviews 06/10/2020
Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

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Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Table of contents :

Advantages of Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum

  • Easy to use
  • Packaging
  • Value for money
  • Thickness


  • This item is not a Tester
  • Packaging may vary
  • Beauty and personal care product

What is the best price for Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum?

Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 65 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum is in the top 5,000 best-selling products under $ 100.

Where to buy Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum online?

You can buy Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 65 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Questions and Answers

  • Can you use GrandeLASH MD on lower lashes?

    Can I also use GrandeLashMD on my lower eyelashes? Yes, but do not apply it to close to the edge because on the lower lashes it can migrate easier into your eyes. … Rinse the eye with lots of water. If any irritation persists, contact your Physician.
  • Does GrandeLASH Md really work?

    Well, GrandeLASH MD is a lash growth serum that contains a prostaglandin ingredient –prostaglandin I.C. And because of this, it actually does work. It’s proven very effective at growing longer, thicker lashes but there are a few things you should know.
  • Does GrandeLASH Md have side effects?

    GrandeLASH has only reported 3% of its numerous users that have reported side effects, which have included tingling or burning. However, according to these users, the side effects have lessened after a few days of use, so discontinuation of the product was unnecessary.
  • What happens when you stop using GrandeLASH MD?

    If you discontinue use of GrandeLASHMD, your lashes will not maintain the benefits you achieved while using the product and will revert back to your regular lashes and lash cycle of growth rest and fall out.
  • How long does it take for GrandeLASH MD to work?

    The serum starts to work in four to six weeks. However, it could take as long as three months before you see the results. If you’re wondering if GrandeLASH is safe for lash extensions, wonder no more. You can use them with both contacts and lash extensions.
  • Can you use GrandeLASH Md twice a day?

    -Once applied, allow 1-2 minutes for the product to dry before any other makeup application. -After the first three months, your client will go to “maintenance”. The frequency of usage will now go from every day to 2-3 times a week to maintain results.
  • What is the active ingredient in GrandeLASH MD?

    GrandeLASH MD Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer for Length, Fullness, and Darkness. Active ingredients: Prostaglandin I.C.
  • How do you put on GrandeLASH MD?

    After cleansing and drying your face, apply GrandeLASHMD using a single stroke on your eyelid just above your upper lash line like a liquid eyeliner. Use once daily in the evening before bed. 2. Allow 1 to 2 minutes for the serum to dry.

Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum reviews

  • Amazing!

    I love love love this stuff! It really works and I highly recommend it. I just ordered another 3 month supply. I noticed a difference after about one month of using. My lashes are longer and fuller. Absolutely love this product. — Mrs. C reviewed

  • Absolutely works.

    I really wish I would have taken "before" pics. My hairdresser told me about this stuff and said "it works so good I had to stop using it every night." I thought to myself "Oh yeah, lashes too long, no such thing" but I on my second tube and I’m going to start using every other night. My lashes are so long, and it’s like I have a double row of lashes. My bottom lashes are thicker too. I rarely write reviews but wanted to share because it really really works. — Mrs. C reviewed

  • I LOVE IT!

    Ive been using this product for over a year…I LOVE IT!! My lashes are so long and have become darker…when I wear this with my good mascara, people always ask if I have falsies on-and I’m a blonde!!! Highly recommend, especially for us gals over 40 who need some thickness and length to our lashes… — Asc reviewed

  • I rarely write reviews but I really was compelled to because I LOVE this product

    This stuff is a miracle product. I rarely write reviews but I really was compelled to because I LOVE this product. I started seeing results after two or three weeks but now, after consistently using it daily for three months I have eyelashes that look false ( or like extensions!) I am beyond pleased. My eyelashes used to be short, sparsen and I was missing lashes on each corner of the eye. Not only did it make them thicker, it made them grow back in the corners and they are SO long my son told me today I may have to cut them at some point because they are almost touching my eyebrows. Lol. I just thought I’d have to accept that I’d have shorter sparse lashes because I’m getting older, but I will never have to because I’ll never be without this stuff!! The trick is be patient, be consistent and make sure to cover the entire lash line. I sort of feather it on to the outer lashes too. It worked way beyond how I expected it to. — victoria hoff reviewed

  • Amazon is more than twice as much

    It’s great but I paid 65 on amazon for 2!!! Millimeters google it. It’s 31 on Walmart and 61 for double size of 4 millimeters — Kristin reviewed

  • I now have long, beautiful eyelashes!

    I have used Grande cosmetics Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD – 3 Month Supply, for about thirteen weeks. The results are amazing. I have noticed a significant change in the thickness and especially the length of my eyelashes. My husband and daughters have complimented me on my long thick eyelashes. Even casual observers comment about my long, beautiful eyelashes. This has never happened until I began using this product. I am very happy and fully satisfied. I highly recommend its use. Thank you GrandelSASH-MD for this marvelous product! — Meredith reviewed

  • Will buy again

    Got this for Christmas. It’s Feb so about two months of using this at night, my lashes are getting redic! I put mascara on for the first time in weeks and they touch my eyebrows and project so much farther than before. Will buy again. Worth the $ — jlbayles reviewed

  • It works if you’ve always had natural longer & thicker lashes!

    My esthetician encouraged me to purchase this product, bc she has so many clients that she’s actually saw where their lashes have gotten thicker & longer! So; I bought it for the 1st time in 2017 & I’ve been buying it through Amazon ever since 2017! (bc Grandelash MD charges the same, but bc of the Free Shipping on Amazon & not on their website I choose to order through Amazon!)
    I usually buy it about every 6-8 months. It says it’s a 3-4 month supply, but I get many more months out of the smallest size!
    Now… It works if you’ve always had natural longer & thicker lashes. mine have always been thick & long, but as I’ve aged & as I was in my late 40’s is when I began noticing a big difference in my lashes! Once I begin ordering grande lash my lashes have gotten back to the way they used to be! I have friends who have ordered this and it has done the same thing with their lashes, but I also have friends who have ordered it and it hasn’t helped much at all, but they have told me they never had naturally long & thick lashes either. But it has helped every person who has used it atleast a Little back to their old normal lashes even if they haven’t gotten extra benefits from it. Now this is with me using it faithfully! I do not miss an application! So I either apply “every single night or each morning” ! I included a few photos. I really do have so many ppl ask me if my lashes are extensions! My husband has been with me on many occasions when a random female will literally go crazy over my lashes ☺️???? I love when he’s around, bc he actually hears from random ppl how gorgeous my lashes are & the price HE PAYS for my Grandelash is worth it ❤️
    *i included many photos to show that my lashes are really normal length & Chanel Volumizing Mascara is what really help along with the GrandeLash.
    & no Chanel Mascara isn’t no more costly than the kind u buy at Beauty Product Stores!
    Believe me it’s worth the $5 more than u may have to pay! — Rebecca reviewed

  • It REALLY works.

    I have been using this product for almost 3 month now. I have to say, my lashes have grown substantially. I was getting lash extensions for the past 6 years and finally had them taken off. My lashes were extremely short due to the extensions and I can tell my lashes have grown. I know it works differently for everyone so I have to say for myself, it has helped my lashes grown in length however not in thickness. Picture attached shows my lashes when I removed my lash extension(1) my lashes 2 months out with mascara(2) and last picture is today (3). — shane & Paula K. reviewed

  • Solid Product! 100% RECOMMEND.

    So much better than I had thought. I really thought that nothing would work outside of a prescription or Latisse. Not the case. This actually really works well. So I purchased this in mid-April ’18 and by mid-June I had noticeably longer lashes and by July I can honestly say my lashes are so long and pretty!!! So it takes a full cycle but it’s so worth it if you have really short, stumpy lashes. Mine were both really short and very, very thin. Now, I don’t think that it has made my lashes thicker per se but the added length and then adding mascara really makes them look lush. I’m sold! I will be buying this again and again. Other notes: I’m really bad at remembering to put in on every single day even though it states to apply once every day. I just forget – and still, it works! Lastly, when I accidentally over-apply it – it does bother my eyes just a little. It doesn’t last long but if you are really sensitive and over-apply it might be troublesome. I RECOMMEND THIS 100% — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Stop thinking about it and just buy it!!

    I have thin, short, straight eyelashes. Asians have great skin but lashes are not our forte. I visited a friend of mine and asked if she got eyelash extensions but she told me nope! She’d been using this product, so I decided to spend the money and give it a shot. I put it on before bed, just as I would liquid eyeliner just along my lash lines. In the mornings, I was my face and make sure applying this is the first thing I do. Then after I brush my teeth and go through my routine, it’s dried enough that I can do my eye makeup as usual. It took a while and I had to be diligent about applying it daily as directed, but it truly made a difference I wear glasses and one day, my lashes pressed up against my lens. That has never happened to me before. I’m a believer. — Yolanda reviewed

  • I love my lashes!!

    This product really does work! I’ve had the same tube for nearly 4 weeks and just about getting to the bottom, so I bought another. I also bought the mascara to help promote more growth as well.

    This product was recommended by one of my girl friends, that uses it. I asked her one day, "Are you wearing falsies?!" She laughed and said they were her natural lashes, and I had to know her secret! I don’t like applying falsies, most of the time and extensions are pricey, and have the higher risk of them tearing out your natural lashes. So I got the product and can definitely see a difference!!!

    It takes at least 3 weeks to start noticing them, but when you do you’ll love it!

    Sometimes all I need is to curl my lashes and that’s it! Lol or put some mascara on and I’ll be out the door.

    I highly recommend it! The mascara is good too, just recommend you use a different mascara brush, since it tends to get heavy, almost clumpy.

    The first picture is before the product, the 2nd is about 3.5 weeks, and the lasts are from today with mascara, at 4.5 weeks. — Yolanda reviewed

  • I am happy to report that not only did they grow back …

    I accidentally ripped out all of my upper lashes when my eyelash curler broke. It was a freak accident and I was devastated. I had lost 95% of my upper lashes on my left eye. I searched the internet for something, anything that could possibly help me get them back faster. PLEASE LISTEN!: THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!!!! I am happy to report that not only did they grow back but I saw amazing results within 30 days! I’m not sure if this is typical but for me this formula was a miracle. I was worried that I was going to spend all this money on something that won’t help but it was worthy every dollar I spent. I can’t even believe it. It worked so well. My eyelashes actually grew back longer and thicker. I felt that I needed to write a review because I want someone else in my position to know that they can trust this product and it WILL HELP THEM! Happy happy.., — Ariel M. reviewed


    I don’t usually write about anything even if I like it. But, I am amazed by this product. I had read all the reviews good and bad and was skeptical. But a friend recommended it and her lashes are amazing. So I tried it. In the beginning i did not use every day. But in the last 2 months I did and the results are amazing. My lashes are longer and thicker even without mascara. I Love what it has done to my lashes. This can sting the eye if it get into it but otherwise no irritation. — GM reviewed

  • Great product! Really works!

    This product really works! It is so much cheaper than Rodan and Fields. I use the product in the morning and the afternoon. I have seen a huge difference in my lashes and have been receiving many compliments! I just received my second tube and can’t wait to use again! — Melissa McIntyre reviewed

  • Would recommend

    I saw a lady with the longest eyelashes ever and she told me she used this brand twice a day. Since then I started using it, I have to apply a small amount as it does irritate your eyes, so you have to be careful with how much product you add. But I fully recommend it, I have been using this for more than a year. I have always struggles with my eyelashes as I have been burned by a Roman candle on my eye (but Ed my eyelashes) had them ripped off while playing volleyball, so I just always struggled with my eyelashes. Now I take care of them and using this product has lengthened my eyelashes a whole bunch. I do notice though if I stop using it they start falling (naturally not because of the product) and they grow short. So you must keep using it which sucks, but I say the price is worth it and I will keep using this product because it just makes my eyelashes long and healthy — Nicole M. reviewed

  • Nice to have lashes without having to pay to have …

    I find that if I am not careful putting this one that my eyes burn a little. I use it at night. I have found though that my eye lashes appear healthier and longer. If I use a curler..I don’t need mascara! Nice to have lashes without having to pay to have them glued on!! — Melissa Daniele reviewed

  • … helping and there brow color really helps it looks like I have brows where I had hardly any

    its a growth serum I apply in the morning and at night as I don’t really have hardly any eyebrows on one side so thanks to there product its helping and there brow color really helps it looks like I have brows where I had hardly any . — Lisa reviewed

  • Amazing Product for Eyelash Growth!

    I was skeptical to use this product after a friend raved about it since my eyelashes were so damaged from having eyelash extensions for 8 months straight. COVID hit and I let my false eyelashes fall out on their own. I was in search of a product that would promote growth and thickness. I am so happy with the results! I applied the serum every night and after about two weeks, I could definitely see a difference. My eyelashes are noticeably longer now. Two of my friends recently asked me if they were extensions! I of course told them about this amazing product. Just be careful when applying at night not to get it in your eyes since they will burn a bit. I ordered a second tube of the serum, but I still have some left from the first bottle, which is meant to be a 3 month supply (it’s lasted a little longer). With the threat of COVID still present, I can’t see myself going back to eyelash extensions. I will continue using Grande eyelash serum instead. It’s safer and more cost effective! — Loretta Youngblood reviewed

  • It actually works!

    This stuff actually works! I was skeptical for sure. My friend recommended it because her esthetician recommended it. After a few weeks, I noticed a big difference! Figured I would write a review since I ultimately made my decision based on the reviews.

    **Tip: if you’re considering getting the eyebrow version of this stuff, apparently the formula is the exact same…you just get a different application brush. So I just use it on my brows instead of having to purchase both! — Jessie S. reviewed

  • This works

    I’ve used RevitaLaah before and was pretty disappointed so I had low expectations for this product but I was beyond impressed. With consistency and persistency this product will work. Forget about it and don’t expect anything for about the first month. Definitely take photos and compare it about two months later and you will see a significant different in length and volume. Naturally blessed with short Asian lashes and this product definitely helped grow it a bit. It’s certainly no lash extension but it does it’s job. Will continue to purchase on Amazon. — J Park reviewed

  • Worth it!

    It’s a bit pricey but definitely is has made a difference and I will be buying a second one and because this worked so well I will consider trying the eyebrow one as well. I had false lashes for a holiday and once they fell out I had empty spots on my lashes, now they are fully gone since I’ve been using this serum consistently. — J Park reviewed

  • This stuff works!!

    Bought this after seeing a blog on FB–plus it was available on Amazon Prime with over 1K positive reviews. Oh, and it was affordable for me. Tried it out during the pandemic–so I wasn’t really paying attention and was not wearing make-up every week. Now I wish I didn’t delete my before pic. After 4-5 weeks, I thought my lashes looked longer–but really had no proof. 8-9 weeks later–my lashes were definitely about 50% longer. I’m Asian. My lashes are failry straight–but look pretty good if I curl them and apply mascara. Before this serum, they were about 1/4″ long. My goal was 1/2″ long and fuller. They are halfway there. They also look more spikey. Probably due to my existing lashes getting longer with some new lash growth. I’ll try to add a photo in 4 more weeks. I’m so happy I tried this. Note: I read applying them every night is key to best results. The first 2 weeks, I kept forgetting to apply them. So only used them maybe 4 nights a week. Got better after 3 weeks. Sure, I would forget once in a while–but make sure you apply them every night!! — Martina Edge reviewed

  • It works!

    It works (takes about 2-3 months) and all of the girls in my family love, love LOVE Grande lash and Brow! I tried it first to review for a blog post and have been buying it ever since! — Rose M reviewed

  • Expensive because it works

    I bought another highly reviewed last serum off Amazon, but found out the company sends you a free bottle if you give a 5 star review. Tons of fake photos of people with extensions claiming that the product really worked. I was disheartened. I finally saw this product recommended and checked out the photos and reviews, and they all seem like actual results! Well, I’m here to say that I started using this in early March, and after one month I have seen amazing results. And I do one swipe on eye, then eyebrow, dip again and do the same on the other eye. I have seen great results on eyelashes and brows! I’ve always had thin lashes and brows, so this is exciting for me:). I will update after two months as well! — Tasalinas reviewed

  • awesome

    wow, this worked. I had my doubts.
    Took a month to notice effects. Now 5 months later I’m on the same tube and use it every night or sometimes every other night. My lashes often hit my sunglasses. I’ll keep using it…love it! I love that it’s lasting far longer than what they said. I bought it first on one of those big amazon july sales for around $37 and will keep an eye out for more sales in the future. I’ve seen it at walmart for the sale price too — Athena reviewed

  • It works!!

    This product has been an all-star find! To start– it works! My eyelashes are so long and healthy I have been mistaken for having false lashes or lash extensions on many times over since using this. It can have a slightly irritating affect and I say that only as a forewarning if you have sensitive skin. It may cause some reddening of the skin around your eye when you first use. That being said, it’s not enough to cause concern at least from my viewpoint because you do get used to it after a few weeks and man oh man does it work! I now use it every other night. (I recommend using it nonstop for at least 30 days every night and then every other night to maintain. If you do stop using this product your eyelashes will shed eventually and maintain more of your usual length but if you keep using this in your routine even a few times a week your eyelashes will maintain their length!). Also, this bottle lasts me closer to 5-6 months. This is a new staple for me. *Note, The pictures included Are of a clean face ready for bed. I have my eyeliner tattooed. — rachael reviewed

  • POST MENOPAUSE I went from nacked brows and lashes to better than I ever had!!!!

    It is a totally different look when you have lashes. Add mascara and POW! My lashes are beautiful. They hit my sun glasses.

    For 63 years I have not had good lashes and when I went through menopause I lost 1/2 of each eye brow and 1/2 of each eye lid lashes. Never had lower lashes so I didn’t realize what I was missing. I have been using grand lash for 18 months. It has darkened/stained my eye lids but not my brows or lower lash area. I use makeup to cover the darker lids.

    Otherwise, it totally changes your face to see huge lashes! My eyebrows are completely filled in on the outer edges. on the inside area I still have a little balding that I fill in with makeup. — DMS reviewed

  • Works great but can have side effects

    This works very very well only problem is it can cause darkening of the iris & some other issues. It does make my eyelids a little dark the morning after but it fades once I stop the serum. I try to alternate it w/a lash serum w/o a prostaglandin in it. Pls check the side effects of this ingredient b4 buying a serum with it as an active ingredient!! Prostaglandins have serious side effects! Then decide if ur willing to risk this for longer lashes. I lost my lashes thanks to extensions. I don’t care what any lash artist says extensions will DESTROY ur lashes in due time if u wear them constantly! This serum saved my life! My lashes are now thicker & longer than ever but my green eyes are much darker /duller now bc of this serum but I knew the risks when I made this purchase & it doesn’t have as much as latisse. — Shelia Riddick reviewed

  • It Works!

    GrandLASH-MD works. I found the key is to use it routinely and you will see your lashes grow longer over 3-4 weeks. Give it some time to work. I’ve always had good lashes but sometimes had to use an extender on them for that wow factor. My top lashes are so long now that I have to trim them sometimes or they brush against my sunglasses, which believe it or not; gets annoying. Now if I could get them to grow really think and fuller; bye-bye mascara. If I had just one wish; it would be for someone to come out with a formula specifically for the bottom lashes to make them grow super long and thick! Not supposed to use this formula on your bottom lashes. I admit I have tried using it a little bit on the lower lashes and they do grow a little bit but I worry why they do not recommend using it for that. Sorry I don’t have before and after pics but I am convinced and will buy another supply in 5-6 months. — Rachel C. reviewed

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