Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning

Reviews 09/10/2020
Nioxin System 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning, 3 Count

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Nioxin System 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning, 3 Count

Table of contents :

Advantages of Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning

  • Thickness
  • Sheerness
  • Value for money


  • STREGTHENS HAIR resilience against damage and breakage while providing hair control moisture balance
  • PROFESSIONAL HAIR TREATMENT, Nioxin System 2 for natural hair with progressed thinning
  • Nioxin System Kit 2 leaves THICKER, FULLER LOOKING HAIR with a healthy shine

What is the best price for Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning?

Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 45 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning is in the top 7,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning online?

You can buy Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 45 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning reviews

  • Hair looks fuller and thicker with less fallout…

    I’ve been using this product for over a year and love it! Please note, this is not a hair regrowth product. It does, however, make my hair look fuller and thicker and it has definitely reduce fall out. I’ve read some of the negative reviews and it seems to me many simply haven’t given the product enough time to work. I have no complaints; I use the product regularly and do recommend it. — Corday W. reviewed

  • Love What It Does For My Hair

    I have been using this set for over a month now, washing about 2 times a week, and while I haven’t yet noticed a big difference in the way of having more hair, I have noticed that my hair has a lot more life and body. Now, switching up shampoos will do that anyway but I feel like there is more to it with Nioxin. I did ask my hair stylist about it and she told me Nioxin was one of the good ones – so yay for me! I just signed up for a subscription for the full size kit today.

    Just for reference, I have very fine, thinning hair that is going gray – actually, silver-white might be a better description. I decided long ago to stop fighting the change over and I’m really liking the result – I’m getting for free what a lot of people pay to get, frosted highlights. If there is new hair coming in, it’s the silver-white version, which is fine with me. My hair use to be thick and fine but after 2 rounds of anesthesia and one round of a body scan with radioactive isotopes (kidney cancer), my hair is definitely not as thick as it used to be.

    This is a peppermint kind of hair product so be aware of that if you have any aversion or allergy to peppermint. I haven’t experienced a lot of tingle with it but there is a small bit of sensation. What I really love is the foam treatment. The nozzle makes it easy to get the stuff on the scalp. It’s cooling and actually refreshing using the entire system. The really best part of the foam treatment is that I don’t have to use any other product to style my hair. I get the fluffy body that I want without all the stickiness and stiffness that I hate from other styling products. I do plan to try the actual styling products from this line at some point in the future but for right now, these three are enough for my needs.

    If you’re looking for products that will bring life back to your hair and maybe even encourage some growth, give Nioxin a try. — Corday W. reviewed

  • Use this everyday to stop hair loss and even help recover lost hair

    I’ve been using this product for months and couldn’t be happier! Not only has my hair stopped falling out and receding, but it’s thicker and my hairline has come back a little. I’m very happy — P. Thompson reviewed

  • Works

    It does work, you just have to give it time. I’m a huge fan of the smell and the texture it gives your hair! — DiscoDan reviewed

  • Actually working this time?

    I’m 45 and started noticing the back crown of my hair thinning probably 7 years ago or so. That caught me by complete surprise as I never thought I would have hair issues. I tried Nioxin back in the beginning but didn’t notice anything. Since then I’ve tried a number of products that are natural to try to restore hair, and none have done anything except cost a lot of money for shampoo, conditioner and possibly serum. I also have generic Rogaine, but I am not mentally committed to using that forever, so I’ve been trying to avoid using it. That said, after years of not using Nioxin, I thought I would try it again and sure enough, for the first time since noticing thinning hair, it appears to be less thin that it was a month ago. I’m happy enough that I’ve already re-ordered this for when my 1st bottles run out. This is my first hair salvage product to re-order ever, if that says anything. Also, it shampoo actually smells really good and I like it simply as shampoo.

    One thing I will say that may be a factor in Nioxin working this time vs. 5-7 years ago is that I am now also eating a Biotin gummy every day. I know that definitely has my nails growing gang busters, so maybe that is also helping the Nioxin do it’s job. So if you have this and aren’t seeing results, maybe throw in Biotin to your routine and double up on the brave fight against dastardly hair loss! — Hernan Novick reviewed

  • Great Product

    My hair is thinning because of weight loss surgery. It was coming out in handfuls. It is so much less now. You only need a small amount of the shampoo, mostly for your scalp. The smell is minty. The conditioner is not as thick as some I have used so I use a small amount on my scalp area and then my regular conditoner on the rest of my hair as I have long hair. The leave in scalp treatment was hard to figure out how to use. Shake the bottle and then separate your hair and apply in sections to your scalp and then massage in to your wet hair and do not rinse out. I comb it through and then dry my hair as usual or let air dry. I think a video on how to use all the products with explanation would be very helpful. — Chad Schutte reviewed

  • Product has a nice tingle on the scalp when shampooing

    Have been using #6 for quite some time and realized I should be using the #2. Product has a nice tingle on the scalp when shampooing. — Cindy Roberts reviewed

  • Worth it

    Great product. I do think they have changed the formula, don’t know why they would try and fix something that isn’t broken. But I still am pleased with how this works. I have hair loss from an autoimmune condition. This literally stops my shedding. Cooling sensation for the scalp that isn’t irritating. Kinda medicinal smell, but think more menthol smell. No after smell on hair after washing. Kinda annoyed it has sulfates, but what can ya do if it works. — jackie reviewed

  • people will notice you’re healthy hair

    First, let me start by saying I don’t have any real hair thinning problems. That being said my hair has definitely got thicker since using nioxin stage 2. I’ve been using it for about 3 months. The shampoo leaves you actually feel clean. The conditioner leaves your hair super smooth. The foam is light unobtrusive. Since switch to nioxin product I’ve gotten many compliments how healthy my hair looks! — Christina reviewed

  • Got mine today 4/30/20

    Used it for the first time: both the shampoo and the conditioner gave a minty sensation – due to the peppermint oil as an ingredient. Felt refreshing. The only sad part is – the conditioner is too small … at least for me. If one has a quite long hair – it’ll be small for you too.
    I put too much shampoo on my palm – it gave a great leather! I’ll use a smaller amount next time.
    The leave-in treatment … felt weird. The fact that it is leave in is nice and that it’s not oily. But I don’t know how I feel about it yet. 4/30/20 — Galantman93 reviewed

  • Itchiness subsides

    I have a terrible psoriasis and this shampoo and conditioner helps my scalp from itchiness . Only these are tiny bottles and it was enough to use about 3 times for my freakishly long hair.
    It is not taking my psoriasis away, only relieves itchiness — Inga reviewed

  • Try it!! You won’t be disappointed!!

    Very impressed with this product!! Only been using this system for a few weeks and I’ve already seen a huge improvement regarding fall out. Before, I could run my fingers though my hair and in just one pass there would be no less than ten hairs with the roots attached. Now, I can brush my whole head with my fingers and have less than that, plus only two our three of those will have the roots attached. The shampoo and conditioner smell great and the scalp treatment has no scent and won’t weigh your hair down or make it feel crunchy or oily. I’ve tried a ton of different products since first noticing my hair thinning and this system is light years better than all of them combined!! — Inga reviewed

  • Seem to be working

    We bought this for My mother in law at 78 yrs old. She is very hair conscious and has lost most of her hair in the front. She wears a hat now whenever she goes out in public. This kit has helped her regrow and make what hair she has fuller so she feels comfortable at home without her hats. It is worth it for this alone. We have noticed thicker fuller hair. My step mom recommended to us as she used it after many chemo/radiation treatments and her now thin hair. — pwiggins reviewed

  • Love this stuff!

    The lady that cuts my hair at Great Clips recommended Nioxin 2, I’m an older guy with thinning gray hair. It makes my hair look and feel very clean, fuller, and thicker. My stylist always tells me she sees new growth but I can’t verify it. But my hair definitely looks thicker and fuller when using this product. I’ll continue using it and I would definitely recommend Nioxin. — Truckin Couple reviewed

  • This has changed my hair to gorgeous.

    I have been losing hair because of taking immunotherapy drugs for several years. It’s gotten very thin. I heard about this kit and ordered the sample kit. I’m so ecstatic that I did. It’s amazing. Immediately my hair looked thicker, was beautifully smooth and shiny. After a month I am definitely seeing regrowth. I’m also taking biotin supplements. I highly recommend Nioxin. — JustaDawg reviewed

  • My husband clogged scalp and thinning was completely fixed!

    My husband started getting some genetic hair thinning, and also because men don’t think about their scalp getting clogged or plugged up with their hair styling products, and cheap 3 in 1 shampoos. He takes great care of his scalp now and this has fully restored his thinning to a head full of beautiful hair???????? this is what you need if you’re seeing thinning! — Barbara M reviewed

  • Great Fragrance

    I love this shampoo and conditioner set. It works well. It helps my thinning hair caused from thyroid conditions. I really love the peppermint scent it has. I usually need to use unscented products, but this one is great with its nice aroma. — Tiffany reviewed

  • Great product for hair, skin and joint health!

    I was recommended this product by a friend that also has MS and had issues with losing her hair. I’ve been using it for several months and it’s not a miracle CURE but it sure has helped to regrow and improve the texture of my hair. I have also noticed a huge difference in my joints, not near as much popping and aching as prior to using this product. — Sherrie reviewed

  • I think this stuff really works.

    I have used this system for 3 months, shampooing my hair about 3 times a week. It makes my hair look thicker and I see a lot of new growth. I just got my second shipment in. So far so good. — stephanie joc reviewed

  • Nioxin has good products

    I’ve never used this particular product before but I have used other shampoos and some hair paste they use to make and both products were very good. The most noticeable was the hair paste which I believe was thickening and it certainly worked. I’m not even sure if it’s made anymore. Regardless, my experience has been good with all Nioxin products but I’m also not expecting a miracle cure for hair loss. — M. Rice reviewed

  • results

    I have been using this product for a few years. I changed for 3 weeks and went back to it. My hair was dry and falling out. It now is not near as dry and very little falling out. Much better. Thank you — Dede reviewed

  • Good product

    I have thinning hair, went with this stuff.. I think it worked a little bit.. the shampoo and conditioner smell good but the other little bottle you put on after smells terrible. — Dede reviewed

  • Best hair products ever.

    OMG! Best shampoo, Conditioner and styler I’ve ever used. I even use it on my beard I’ve grown during the Covid 19 stay at home time. My hair is thicker, shinny , easy to manage. My wife thinks my balding is going away. The price for the kid is so reasonable for a blue collar worker. Love the product. — ASDJEEP reviewed

  • Absolutely perfect

    First off, I’ve used this brand before for my other baby during post-partum days and it did the trick. Second, would highly recommend to any woman out there losing a bit of your hair. This stuff really did the trick to help my hair grow back quickly — Mary Elizabeth Wardy reviewed

  • It really works!!!

    This product is absolutely wonderful! I am 62 years old and my hair has now gone to salt and pepper. It was sooooo coarse. When I wash and comb my hair it doesn’t fall out like it was with typical shampoos and it is actually soft again. Highly recommend this product!!! — Emily reviewed

  • Great system

    My hair was starting to fall out and be brittle so my stylist suggested I use this. I can tell a huge difference not only in the length but it isn’t falling out or as brittle anymore either. — JustcallmeKaren reviewed

  • My hair looks fuller right away

    I’ve been losing hair due to illness and was very flat against my scalp. The first time I used the Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse together my hair had more body and fluffiness. — Gigi reviewed

  • Miracle worker!

    Miracle worker!! So pleased with these products. The only down side is the scalp treatment leaves hair extremely greasy and will need washing each day. — Margaret Wunschl reviewed

Nioxin System 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning, 3 Count, Full Size, Nioxin, 99240009136 Nioxin System 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning, 3 Count, Full Size: Premium Beauty

Nioxin 2 Hair Care Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning

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