St. Tropez Self Tan Classic

Reviews 09/10/2020
St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, 8 Fl Oz

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St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, 8 Fl Oz

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Advantages of St. Tropez Self Tan Classic

  • Easy to spread
  • Scent
  • Moisturizing


  • The USA’s Favorite Premium Tanning Brand (Kantar TNS Awareness Survey 2019)

What is the best price for St. Tropez Self Tan Classic?

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 42 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). St. Tropez Self Tan Classic is in the top 7,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy St. Tropez Self Tan Classic online?

You can buy St. Tropez Self Tan Classic online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 42 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Questions and Answers

  • How do you use St Tropez Self Tan Classic?

    Suggested Usage:

    -Exfoliate 24 hours prior to use. Immediately prior to application, moisturize any dry areas including elbows, knees, ankles, and feet. -For best results, apply using the Tan Applicator Mitt in long sweeping motions, starting at the ankles and working your way up.

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic reviews

  • Best self tanner – no orange – super quick and easy

    This stuff is outstanding. I’ve tried every self tanning product ever and this is my permanent go-to. It’s SO quick and easy to apply. Here’s my process (works flawlessly every time)
    1. Lotion whole body night before. Shower on Sunday afternoon/early night, dry off, then put on this tanner (about 1 full pump per body part; calf=1pump, thigh=1pump, stomach=1-2 pumps, etc). I get my whole body, make sure to use the glove and keep lightly rubbing in circular motions until all the edges are blended out. Then I have my boyfriend get my back (2 pumps).

    2. It dries in about 5 minutes, but I usually stand around naked for 20 minutes just to be sure. I leave it all on over night (try to not wash your hands or your face for the rest of the night so it all sinks in for the same amount of time).

    3. In the morning, I shower like normal and go about my day.

    That’s it. I’ve gone to sleep with this stuff on wearing a white tshirt and the tshirt does not get ANY color on it, so I know it doesn’t come off. My tan lasts for about a week, sometimes a little longer. After about a week it starts to fade (some areas more quickly than others). If I do this every Sunday, it never fades and I stay constantly bronzed 🙂 I used to use FakeBake, but the process was just too time consuming, it was a lot of waiting around and the color always looked a tiny bit orange on me. This one is perfect color, dries super fast, easy to do every Sunday without procrastinating. — CaitlinKH reviewed


    Okay y’all. I don’t ever write reviews. Ever. I think I wrote one like 5 years ago. But I had to with this one because it’s the best investment I’ve made on amazon. So backstory, I have an obsession with tanning. Over the summer I would lay in the tanning bed almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. And sometimes I would go to the beach right after. I got DARK but I was never dark enough so I kept going. Seriously, I was obsessed. Well, I lost all of that tan over the winter because I got lazy and stopped going (and because it’s too cold for the beach)(and because skin cancer is real). So I was having a chat with a girlfriend recently and I complimented her on her tan and asked her where she goes tanning at. And she told me she uses self tanning mousse. And I was like dang maybe I should try that because her tan looked so natural. So I got this. I got the bundle that includes the mousse, the mitt and the gradual tanning lotion (which I haven’t tried yet). It just came in the mail today and I couldn’t wait to try it. And holy crap! This is the difference after ONE APPLICATION. It was SO easy to put on and dried really fast (unlike the self sprays I’ve tried in the past). And it looks so natural! I didn’t edit either picture, or use any filters. I used flash for both and took it against my sheets so you could get the full effect. Long story short, I’m not disappointed at all and I already know I’m going to order another bottle when this one gets low. Definitely need to get the mitt I really don’t see how you could put it on without it because I think your hands would probably turn black. — CaitlinKH reviewed

  • Highly recommend for fair complexions!

    Self tanners have come a long way! I haven’t used self tanners in 10 years or so due to the streaks, uneven coloring and fading, and the bad smell. I was in search of a quick tan before vacation in a few weeks, so I did some research and decided to give St Tropez a shot. ( I am German/ Irish, fair skinned, green eyed and blonde haired) When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the size(much larger than I anticipated). I exfoliated and applied lotion as directed. I was only doing a test shot on my legs to see how it went. I applied with the mitt, which is a MUST have! I did a total of 4 pumps on my legs starting at my shin and worked down, then thigh and worked down to cover knee. I went lightly, super lightly, on my feet and there’s some unevenness but not orange, it’s white. I didn’t apply enough product out of fear that it would absorb more into my feet. Not the case. I added photos because no review is trustworthy without a picture! I am going to apply a little more next time to get a deeper color but for a first time user, first time St Tropez buyer, it’s a win!
    P.S- I don’t know what ‘smell’ everyone is referring to.. the smell was pleasant and did not linger after application. Old school self tanners smell horrible and that was a dead give away that you fake baked, second to the orange color. — victoria reviewed

  • Incredible

    I have used many tanning lotions drugstore and high end and this continues to be my favorite. When applied correctly it never leaves me orange or streaky, it has a green tent which creates gorgeous color. It is very expensive but it is worth it to me. I have fair-ish skin and think it works very well. — Jimi Barham reviewed

  • … it would rub off on my clothes (not a good look). But with a vacation coming up

    I tend to not use self tanners because I’ve had issues in the last where it would rub off on my clothes (not a good look). But with a vacation coming up, and super pale skin, I wanted to try SOMETHING, and the reviews for this were pretty good. This product was great! Follow the instructions and it was a very nice subtle tan. I’ve repeated about every 7-9 days to maintain. No residue left on my clothes or my sheets. — amy faulkner reviewed

  • Faux Summer Glow

    As someone who used to work at a tanning salon, I know the difficulties of finding that gorgeous faux, summer tan and for a reasonable price. Many spray tans will run you anywhere from $20 all the way to upwards of $55. Not to mention they only last 4 to 7 days.
    We all feel better when we have some color. I have found the St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse is the only at-home tanning option. The color is never orange and applies with a color guard that makes application easy and helps prevent streaking.
    The only foreseeable downfall would be the odor and possibly the transfer, although there are measures one can take to diminish these setbacks.
    How I Apply: As an avid spray tanner, it is always recommended to exfoliate and shower before applying anything. This will help the longevity of your tan as well as ensure the best possible results. Afterward, don’t apply lotion. I prefer using the St Tropez Self Tanning Mitt to help apply the tanning mousse. Apply one pump at a time and apply in sections. Make sure to keep rubbing and use less product around knees, elbows, feet and hands. I find it works best to apply at night and sleep with the tan on. This will ensure you don’t ruin the tan from movement or potentially, water. Any contact with water will take the tan right off if it hasn’t had the time to develop. I then put on some loungewear and go to bed. The transfer doesn’t bother me because it comes right off in the washer. The smell also won’t linger because it is recommended to shower off after the tan has fully developed. When using the regular tanning mousse (there’s also an express mousse that requires less time to develop) it takes about 7 hours. Then wake up, shower and VOILA! Gorgeous, tan skin. — With Grace reviewed

  • Best Self-Tanner Out There!

    My favorite self-tanner I have ever used. I have used MANY different kinds, and this brand far exceeds expectations. It is the most real looking tan and has absolutely no hint of "orange". I put it on either the day or night before an event and shower in the morning. Excess washes off in the shower and you are left with the perfect sun-kissed tan. I have purchased this product over 5 times, and have had no issues with it. I have recommended this self-tanner to over 20 people and receive frequent compliments. No one can tell it’s fake tanner. Would recommend to anyone! — Mikayla reviewed

  • Adds warmth to pasty skin!

    I’m obviously not looking to have a mid-summer tan here. I am German and Irish. My skin is beyond fair and pasty in the winter. It’s that gorgeous shade of tinted-red where you can see all the veins through my skin.

    However …… this tanner makes me look like I’m a living human being! It just helps mask that translucent look and brings a little warmth to my skin. I bought it for special occasions, but I’m already starting to use it every few days for a little confidence booster (we have to wear skirts at work so I could use a little color!).

    I do recommend following all the other reviewers / vendor recommendations (shake the bottle well, lotion right before you use, get the mitt, air dry a few minutes before dressing and ENJOY!).

    It does come out with a brownish / green tint. As long as you shook WELL and put on lotion you’re good. Trust it! It will go on and look good. I use about 1 full pump per half a limb (1 for calf, 1 for forearm, 1 for bicep … I have large thighs so I do 1 pump for front and 1 for back).

    This picture is my arm (no tanner) vs. my leg (2 rounds of tanner … 1 at night, shower in the morning and then another round after the shower). — SHARON442 reviewed

  • I’ve used this for 3 years and have NEVER had streaks or patchiness because the mitt and foam is so easy to apply and it fades off evenly so you …

    I use this about once per week all year round to even out my skin tone and I go extra heavy before vacation and events to get a real tan. You have so much control with this product (as long as you use the St Tropez Mit!) and can go as dark or light as you want. I’ve used this for 3 years and have NEVER had streaks or patchiness because the mitt and foam is so easy to apply and it fades off evenly so you never look like a cheetah. I also use this on my face by mixing it in with my moisturizer at night and it hasn’t broken me out at all.

    To use, I apply this after a shower before bed and go to sleep with it on and rinse off in the morning. Warning: the foam comes out green and you look like the hulk until you wake up in the morning and you have a beautiful tan, so don’t freak out lol. — Kelli reviewed

  • Wonderfully natural, beautiful color and easy to apply without issues!

    This stuff works so well, I wish I had discovered it years ago! I am 52 and done with the sun because all it does is make my spots bigger. Maybe I could have avoided them in the first place if I had started using them sooner. I really appreciate the detailed reviews on here regarding the steps to take — exfoliating, drying, applying in the evening and rinse in the am. I am so impressed by the beautiful, natural color and the evenness of the application. Anything else I have tried is more tedious and easy to mess up. I am very pale in the winter, I can tan but I don’t anymore, so though I am not a fair red head or blonde I am VERY white and it’s embarrassing to travel somewhere warm and stand out. This gives just the right amount of color. Once a week is great year-round and twice a week is perfect in the summer. You will not feel fake and orange. My doctor commented on my tan and I had to assure her I was not spending time in the sun! I also feel like it helps to hide some imperfections and smooth out the look of my skin. Very happy! Oh, and I use the St. Tropez tanning glove. At the end I wipe the remainder over my face, I know it’s not intended for the face but for me it works well, not too much, just enough to blend it and not have a difference from my neck/chest. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Buy the St.Tropez application mitt and an exfoliating wash to use with this, and you will have the best tan ever.

     is my favorite). They are coarse, but by taking the time to do this step the self tanner lasts a lot longer and doesn’t get patchy after a few days as your skin naturally exfoliates. Be sure to get around the ankles, knees and elbows well.

    2) Dry off well: Once out of the shower, dry off. Put on some PJ’s or a robe and go do something for 15 minutes so your skin can start to fully get dry from the shower. This is a good time to do that last minute things. Check your Facebook, let the dogs out one last time, figure out what your wearing tomorrow, etc.

    3) Application: Before starting with the self tanner, take a dab of some kind of lotion and apply a small amount to your elbows, knees and hands. This will help keep the tanner from over saturating this skin and keep everything looking natural. Assuming you also purchased a  — Where the Sidewalk Ends reviewed

  • Bronze God

    This is the product of the year in my book. I used to spend $60 per session for a spray tan that would last about a week, I wanted to try something at home. This is truly foolproof. I am a male, I have body hair-it doesn’t matter as it goes on smooth and the color is really natural. My first time I did mess up my hands, so take note on that. Instead of washing my hands after(I do use the St. Tropez Mitt) I have a wet towel that I use to wipe my palms and that’s it. I am tall so use about 3 pumps each leg, 2 for each arm and then 1 on my neck. I blend all the way around and make sure to get my ears and back of my neck. I do 1 pump for my face and use my fingers to get it even around my eyes(blend up into the hairline with the mitt). I just did this last night and woke up to bronze, even coloring. Co-workers said "wow, you got some sun!" — Where the Sidewalk Ends reviewed

  • Love St. Tropes products for beautiful color to your skin.

    Self tanning takes a lot of time and planning, so if your not willing to invest that time, self tanning may not work for you. That being said, self tanning is a wonderful way to keep your skin pretty and safe thru a lifetime. I’m 57 and have been able to keep my facial wrinkles to a minimum by using sunscreen and self tanning. People guess my age to be 10-20 years younger than my true age. Thru a lot of trial and error I’ve come to realize the importance of regular glove exfoliating in the shower and shaving prior to application then lotion, lotion, lotion to keep a quality tan between applications. It’s also important to use sparingly, less is better. It dries quicker so you can go to bed within 30 minutes of application then rince off in the morning. I apply about once a week as my goal is to keep a healthy color to my pale skin. I’m not shooting for the Dark look, only a healthy look. But St. tropez can provide whatever darkness your looking to achieve. I think the secret for me with the tops of my hands and feet is to apply sparingly before bed so no water comes in contact with my skin for at least 6-8 hours. Prior to application, I’ll apply a bit of vascilline to the palms of my hands then ALWAYS wash the palms of my hands by applying a small bit of soap and water to my palms and rub together until there is no sign of the green tone.. wipe on a dark colored towel. I’ll either use plastic gloves or glove applicators and found that the Swan Myst self tanning mitt, which can be washed with dark colors a couple times a month works the best for me. Also, St. Tropez does not permanently stain your clothing or towels, just throw them in the washer. It’s expensive for a full sized bottle but it will last a long time. I use 2-3 pumps per limb working from the bottom up making sure it’s an even application. I use a back applicator that I sewed a hand applicator to for even coverage on the parts of the back I can’t reach. My husband really appreciates the good look of my tanned skin. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • I am a St. Tropez tanner for life!

    I have tried many different at home self tanners and have gotten so many different types of spray tans over the years. This product BY FAR is better than anything else out there. It is a little pricey but if you consider how much it is for a spray tan it’s worth it. I would suggest taking a shower and shaving, exfoliating prior to applying the self tanner. Next, apply the self tanner while standing on a towel or in the shower just in case some drips off. I would apply it in front of a mirror to make sure you don’t miss any areas. The product comes out a green/brown tint and is a foamy/liquid consistency which can be off putting initially. But don’t be scared!! It will look amazing. It goes on super easily and evenly. I made the mistake the first time and didn’t wear gloves and my hands were brown for a few days. You don’t need to purchase any special gloves, latex gloves work great. After you apply the self tanner wait for 4-8 hours or overnight if you wish. Make sure to wear loose fitting clothes and sleep on a blanket you don’t mind getting self tanner on. Then shower, don’t scrub or use a wash cloth on your skin. Then apply lotion after. My tan lasted about 5 days and then started to fade away. I have used this product several times already and absolutely love it!! I will never again get a spray tan. — ELR Nana reviewed

  • Fantastic tanner

    This was my very first time using a self tanner in prep for an important work dinner. My more experienced beauty conscious friends recommended St. Tropez as the best – and it was fantastic. I don’t know what other products are like, but there were lessons for me with this one, too, and I am sold. This will be the one I will be using from now on.
    I ended up exfoliating the evening before the day of the event, and since the product reads exfoliate 24 hours prior, I felt like I needed to wait to apply the tanner the following day, not the same night. I applied it around 10 am ( must read instructions and what helped me tremendously was watching a You Tube video on how you apply this tanner. ). I applied the product, and even the Classic left a pretty significant color. I kept it on for about 5 hours and then I needed to begin to wash my hair and prep for the evening. This means I did not keep it on overnight or even 8 hours. Once i stepped in the shower, it felt like it all washed off. There was a brown puddle in the shower and I thought the work was all for nothing. Well, after getting out of the shower, and during the evening I was able to enjoy a perfect, mid way between the color of first application and the color I was before tanning. It was a gorgeous brown glow. It wasn’t orange at all ( I am a white person living in CA) and wasn’t sticky or staining. My lesson for next time is to keep it overnight or 8 hours maximum. The one small thing I noticed was that once it a bit was washing off in the shower, around my hands some parts stayed slightly darker and some washed off more. Tiny slight difference but that was something an experienced person would pay attention to. Now I know. Buy it, you won’t regret it. Packaging is beautiful, there is so much product for the price, and though I wish the glove was a bit longer, it is great for what you need it for. And yes, once you applied everywhere, whatever is leftover on the glove put on your face. Love the product and will continue to use it! <3 — CFS1985 reviewed

  • Will NEVER buy another self tanner again!

    Okay so let me start this by saying- I am a fake and baker, I love the tanning bed, it is my favorite.

    BUT, since this whole COVID-19 situation has shut down all the tanning salons, I am forced to sit outside and try to get sun(it hasn’t exactly gotten hot yet, and I do work a full time job during peak sun hours), and use self tanner.

    I have tried a few different self tanners in the past when I couldn’t tan(like when I was pregnant). I have tried the gradual tanners, self bronzing lotions, R+F self tanning mouse, and spray tans. Rodan+Fields was probably the best I had tried… SO FAR.


    So first, follow all the instructions! Exfoliate, moisturize dry areas, use the mitt(that comes seperately), follow the instructions!! Get someone to help you with your back if you need to!

    NO streaks, NO orange color, NO weird odor, NO stains left on clothes or sheets!!! Let me tell you, I sweat. Idk why, but I do, especially in my sleep, and there are no white spots or any flaws on my tan after sleeping(and sweating) last night!! I AM IN LOVE!! Your girl gets to get her glow on and feel good about it!! Definitely buying more when I run out. — edina bajraktarevic reviewed

  • I’m not orange or stinky!!!

    I’ve been through the ringer with sunless tanners over the years. Cheap ones expensive ones spray tans. I’m a readhead, I don’t mind pale but my skin is transparent, purple almost. I’ve tried them all but mixed with my lightly freckled skin, they all only made me even more orange. A few weeks ago, I got a spray tan. I was so dark I disappeared in the darkness of night. I have a Hispanic background so my features can handle dark. My whole family is brown, so jealous. Anyway, it was fine until it began to fade. I looked at my blotchy skin in the mirror and swore off all tanners forever! I was done with streaks and fading and orange hands and being smelly. Done. I still needed something to help with the spray tan fade. I wanted something light just to help blend the fading until it went away. I was getting weird looks at work. I went onto amazon and found this product. I watched YouTube for tips of how to apply it and when it showed up in two days I was like here we go, one more time. I showered, shaved, and exfoliated. I took my mit, held my breath, and applied as directed. The green was nice, I got some on my hands and it was easy to see so that I could wash it off quickly. After I applied it to my poor half pale half brown body, I went to my house fan. I was so used to going and standing in front of my fan to dry, I was surprised that by the time I got to it, I was already dry!!! I wasn’t sticky I was actually very very soft. Amazed I went to bed. I woke up and I had a beautiful blended olive tan and nooo smell. I thought to myself “Don’t get too excited, the color always washes off in the shower” I reluctantly got in the shower and noticed the water wasn’t colored at all. Nothing was washing down the drain. I got out of the shower and to my amazement, all the beautiful blended color was still intact. I jumped for joy, literally. During the day, I noticed I had missed some spots so before bed that night I did it again. Now, I took the risk that adding more would turn me orange but it didn’t! The spots I had missed blended out and you couldn’t even see a trace of my blotchy spray tan fiasco. Two days later my color is going strong and I’m so happy that I found this product right when I had promised I would never touch sunless products again! Even color, beautiful color, my ankles, hands, and feet are blended, no smell, perfect for pale skin types. It’s perfect! Try this product, you won’t be disappointed! — Brandi Hughes reviewed

  • Cautionary Tale ????????????

    Lessons learned with my first self tanner experience:

    1. Definitely get the application mitt…get 2 actually this will make more sense at later point.
    2. Get the face tanner mist
    3. Have old towels on hand
    4. Read all the directions carefully, but also read the below.

    I had been wanting to try this self tanner for a while. I’m in my 30’s & had never used a self tanner before bc I was always afraid to be streaky & orange. With many friends having tried this I decided to take the plunge.

    I read all the instructions multiple times. Had a game plan, comfy clothes picked out for afterwards & went for it.

    Started at the bottom of my right leg worked my way up over my belly, down my left leg & up my torso, arms & back. I was super happy with the color & application (no visible streaks/lines) YAY!

    So as I’m waiting for it to dry enough to get dressed I decide to wash the mitt so the color doesn’t set in it & I can reuse *smart right*…WRONG.

    I was rinsing the mitt & guys water shoots up onto my right shoulder & all the way down my stomach & right leg before I know it & now my mitt is WET. I look like one of the horror stories of those who have cried after spray tan except IT’S DOWN MY ENTIRE BODY.

    I dry off the mitt in full cussing panic, pat dry the wet spots & then buff color back into the streaks.

    Somehow I don’t have any streaks even after the catastrophe, but luckily this was just a test run before vaca.

    If you have read all of the above. Thank you for coming to my TED talk ????

    ***All in all I’m REALLY happy with the product, will definitely reuse & purchase again. I have sensitive skin & had ZERO issues with either this body mousse or the face tanning most from St. Tropez…& I’m ordering a second mitt now*** — christian reviewed

  • Lotion your joints, then you’re *golden*

    I cannot say enough good things about this product! I was pretty skeptical since this was my first try with self tanner, but I’m very glad I made the purchase. I’m going to be 30 this month and I can’t keep treating my skin like crap by going under bulbs. This is the PERFECT alternative because I’ve got my exact color and no damage. If you follow the directions and do a couple YouTube videos, I’ll bet you can’t mess it up. Make sure to exfoliate before you use it, put regular lotion all over, then lotion all of your joints (I do mine in excess) and get one of those applicator mitts and put on the tanner.

    Oh yeah, and go the full amount of recommended time and you will be more tan, I took mine off at 4 hours the first time because I was nervous, and I was still pretty light compared to the full time. — RB reviewed

  • It’s One of the Better Self Tanners

    Well, I’ve yet to discover a perfect self tanner, but St. Tropez has some big advantages. People who rate this product lower because of irritation or rash shouldn’t blame the product itself. It’s THEIR fault for not checking the ingredients beforehand, and if they didn’t know they were allergic to something in St. Tropez, now they know. Live and learn, but don’t blame the product when it actually works. That’s not a fair review for other consumers or the company. I’m allergic to a lot of stuff, but I would never diss a product unless it truly sucked in terms of quality/functionality. For example, the bottle I received leaked all over the place during the first two uses, but it stopped by the third use. That didn’t affect my review because, as I said, St. Tropez works. Here are some of the positives:

    1. It smells amazing. I never thought a self tanner could not have that DHA–smelling scent. This tanner actually smells good after you wake up in the morning! Anyone complaining of the smell is either an idiot or loves to smell like a walking chemical factory.

    2. It fades naturally. When using a tan extender (to two), St. Tropez can last a LONG time if you don’t care about exfoliating. Because it fades naturally, a tan extender with a bronzer can prolong the tan for more than a week.

    3. It’s quick to apply. Follow the directions, and you’ll be done faster than you know it. It’s very hard to ‘tan’ wrong with the product as it goes on evenly for the most part.

    Overall, in terms of the actual look of the tan, there are several other tanners comparable on the market to St. Tropez. It can leave a hint of streaks in those stubborn areas (inside of elbow, tanline between top and bottom of arms, etc.), but they’re not too noticeable unless you look closely. And you can always touch them up the next day. It’s a great product.

    By the way, since the bottle I received leaked all over the place the first two times I used it, maybe the company could use a plastic bottle to house the product? Just a thought. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Wow! Wow! Wow!

    I’ve been a tan-in-a-bottle gal for several years, and I was very loyal to another brand (rhymes with Stan Smysics). I was mostly happy with it. It did orangey, if you applied too much, so I was careful not to overdue. I truthfully wouldn’t even consider using another brand, until my gal-pals started using St. Tropez. It took some convincing, but I finally decided to give it a shot. O-M-Goodness…what a difference! This product is SO MUCH easier to use. It is so light. It blends so much easier. Most importantly, it NEVER turns orange! Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but here’s the thing: you don’t have to use as much to get your desired color. The cost truthfully comes out the same in the end. There is no smell. Absolutely no transfer onto clothes. Rapid dry…like a minute or two at the most. I never thought I’d try another tanner, but now you have a customer for life! — Bears Do Pray reviewed

  • Amazing

    I read about this product in a blog. I am amazed. This is the first time I tried to use self tanners in years. The last time I used these kinds of products, they left streaks and patches and I stayed away for years. When I read about this product, the beauty blogger said it was easy to use and left even coverage.
    I bought the St Tropez mitt and also used nitrile gloves underneath to avoid staining my hands.
    I shower, exfoliate, shave, and moisturize. I use a very simple lotion with no scent and focus on my ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists. After letting my skin dry for 10 minutes I apply the product with a mitt using circular motions. I have my husband spread the product on my back.
    I let the skin dry again for 10-15 minutes before putting on pajamas. I wear an old tee shirt and lay down an old sheet so that I don’t stain anything while I sleep.
    In the morning I shower and my skin looks sun kissed.
    I also use this on my face and it works beautifully.
    People at work asked, have you been tanning? Your skin looks great!
    I love it and when I take the time to apply, my skin looks so naturally tan and healthy. It’s so flattering and makes me feel put together. — Bears Do Pray reviewed

  • I always come back to this brand

    So many tanners; so few that are actually great but this one is. Great natural looking tan (with no orange overtones) and most importantly- this does not have that self tanner smell. It fades evenly- not blotchy at all. And lasts 5-7 days easily. This is the best there is and I’ve tried other expensive brands. I always come back to this. — Katy T reviewed

  • Love it!!!

    Great product! I did exactly as suggested and showered/lotioned before using, used the glove and then waited 5 mins before getting dressed. HOWEVER do not be like me and give your kids a bath after! I was worried after reading another review about a rash so my first go around I only did my forearms and one calf. Well when I gave the kids a bath the water that splashed on my arms, making streaking marks so I quickly applied another layer, only on one arm and that worked! I also found out that applying another layer made that arm darker so if you’re looking for a darker look go that route! I might try that on my legs since I can never get them to really look tan for the life of me! Will also apply more to my hands, those stayed very light. Smell isn’t too bad either and goes away the next day. Will keep using!! — Vespucci reviewed

  • Best I’ve ever used

    I’m addicted to this product from June-September! I usually buy the marshmallow scented St. Tropez but this was on lightning and a good price. I highly recommend using a tanning mitt body applicator to apply. Use a shower scrub to exfoliate your skin and apply a little lotion to your feet/elbows/knees so the tanning foam won’t get as dark on these areas. The foam will have an almost greenish tint when you dispense it, but don’t worry. It dries a golden brown. Start with a thin application as you can always apply more and get a bit darker. Practice makes perfect with this product. It doesn’t look orange like others. If I can manage to get to a pool and get even a tiny bit of natural color, this foam works wonders at enhancing that. I highly recommend. — stephanie reviewed

  • Goodbye pasty skin.

    I used TanWise from Sally Beauty for years because it had an olive undertone. However, there were lots of problems with it – easy transfer onto clothing, sometimes streaky, strong smell. This Summer in Covid19 Land I decided that I might as well try something new in case I turned into an Oompa Loompa. I had heard of this brand for a while but the price deterred me from getting it. Cue online shopping while quarantined. 🙂 I will never go back! It is very easy to apply, stays moist long enough to blend, dries quickly, and is NOT orange. I’m very fair with olive undertones – I also have sensitive skin and it doesn’t break me out! I look great! If only I had somewhere to go. :// Lasts about a week and fades evenly. HIGHLY recommend. — Carrie B reviewed

  • Pale Girl Approved

    I am a red-head, have pinkish undertones, and lots of freckles and awkward tan lines from swimming and running in the sun. With one coat of the mousse I look more even, and less “glow in the dark pale”. For me, the ideal color comes from 2 days in a row of light coats.

    BE CAREFUL around water after your use the mousse! I was washing the mitt right after I tanned, and ended up splashing water on my arm. I tried to use a towel and rub it around, but when I went to rinse off the color guard you could see the splash marks where the tan had washed away. I was able to “spot fix” this with the mousse though, which was really nice.

    I haven’t noticed issues with orangey-ness or patchiness at ankles, knees, or elbows.

    There is no bad smell. The scent is very faint, and I even like it. It dries quickly, and I sleep with it on. It does feel a little tacky, but I don’t have issue with it. The color guard does not run off – I bravely put on white underwear with the color guard still on and had no transfer or staining! — Fayetta Marie reviewed

  • The best natural looking tan

    So I started using this product a couple of years ago and loved the way it looked. It looks natural and lasts a lot longer than other products I’ve used. I got a membership at the gym and then started tanning there. So I stopped using this. Well, due to covid 19 everything has been closed. My tan faded pretty quickly so i got right on Amazon and found my favorite tanning mousse and it works like a charm. I hate being pale and pasty. Lol This works fast and it doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or orange. It doesn’t get all over my clothes or bed sheets. Sometimes my white bras get a little bit discolored from it but usually washes right off in the washer. It’s definitely worth the money. Even after my gym opens back up think I’m going to just continue using this and give my skin a break 🙂 — SD Runner reviewed

  • This is amazing. I’ve used a lot of self tanners and …

    This is amazing. I’ve used a lot of self tanners and had professional spray tans trying to get that sun kissed glow without the skin damage and this is my all time favorite. You have to take your time to put it on so you don’t have streaking but you’ll have to do that with any fake tanner and this one blends the best. It’s not super dark which I like, and if you do mess up it’s ok because it’s gone in a few days. Definitely purchase the applicator mitt to go with it. I watched a couple application videos on YouTube and I am just over the moon with this product!!! Buy it!! — Brandi reviewed

  • Nice color, easy to use, Will buy again

    Best tanning mousse! First time using it and it gives me the nicest color without looking like a Muppet. Have used it about twice a week all summer just on my legs and it evens out the color I already have on my arms and shoulders. I use a mitt to put it on so it’s even, and it comes out with a greenish tint, but don’t be alarmed, it will produce a nice tan color. One bottle has lasted since May. Wil continue buying this product. Caution: after several nights sleeping with it on and washing it off the next morning, I found it had bleed through my dark sheets onto my down mattress cover. I wear long pants now when I sleep with it on. — McKenzie Durbin reviewed

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