amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo

Shampoos 17/10/2020
amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo

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amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo

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Advantages of amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo

  • Scent
  • Thickness
  • Packaging
  • Sheerness
  • Value for money

What is the best price for amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo?

amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 23.44 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo is in the top 5,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo online?

You can buy amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 23.44 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo reviews

  • Ignore the people who don’t read the info on what they purchase

    I felt I needed to leave a review because I saw a lot of bad reviews on here & although it was overpriced for the amount of product you receive, if you want to TRY something and not commit to the full bottle, it’s worth it. I have been blonde for many years & I actually love this product. I was skeptical because of the reviews but I went ahead and purchased & I will definitely buy a full size next! The only information missing is how long to leave it in for. I kept mine soaking for like 3 minutes and then rinsed & just followed with my usual conditioner. It’s hard to find a good product that smells amazing so, good job Amika! — Danielle reviewed

  • Great product! Super powerful!

    Love it! Super strong! So if u want your ash blonde to stay ash blonde and not silver, then use a little.. dont let it sit too long, or mix a little in with your normal shampoo! — Danielle reviewed

  • Hair is beautiful again. What’s not to like ??

    My hair is thin and fine with high-lights. Hair starts to look dull within 3 weeks after having it done. This shampoo and conditioner made it look fresh again. Love the way it lathers without having to use a ton of product. The conditioner did a wonderful job of softening, and again without using a ton of product. My hair looked super, it felt terrific and high lights were outstanding again. Happy ???? — DEANNA JOHNSON reviewed

  • Great shampoo for brassy blonde hair!

    I love this purple shampoo! This lightened my blonde hair a whole shade in one use along with the conditioner. I have well water and my blonde hair is always turning brassy. This has proved to be a very good purple shampoo! — ANTOINETTE reviewed

  • Saves my blonde!

    As a natural brunette trying to make her way to blonde, this has really helped keep the brass at bay. It smells amazing and doesn’t stain my shower like some other products have. I use this once a week and follow it with a deep conditioner – on it’s own it leaves my hair feeling dry at the ends, so the deep conditoner helps combat that. It’s also cruelty free so that’s a huge plus for me! — Virginia B. reviewed

  • Works great!

    Worked great after just four uses with the conditioner. Did not leave on longer than normal shampoo/conditioner and worked perfectly. Does dry hair out a bit as expected but overall I love this product. — Leesi Cakes reviewed

  • Disappointing

    It works. I have strawberry blonde hair & it’s much more vibrant. I love the scent. Only thing is the price I feel it’s overpriced for amount of product you get. When I take some pictures I’ll come back and edit.

    UPDATE: My hair is falling out. Not horrible but alot. Basically there’s so much hair is clogging my drain and it’s all down my back in the shower. I had to stop using it and I’m super disappointed spending so much on this shampoo. I was going to ask for my money back but cannot find a link to do so. — 519BNA reviewed

  • You want Blonde? You have it with this!

    All of Amika is the bomb! I use the conditioner in between highlights (as at 40 my roots grow in quicker) and just dab on my roots a little warm water- throw up in a hot towel- 20-30 min layer wash it out and Voila’ the brass is gone the darkness brightens – even w/o highlights- my new growth. As for the brass- There is absolutely NONE! this product truly gives me Ash highlights for 6-8 weeks! The Best! — CRosella reviewed

  • It really works smells amazing best purple shampoo

    Smells amazing and does the job better then any purple shampoo I have ever tried and I’ve tried a lot I never liked purple shampoo because it never did anything for my hair
    Or it would turn it purple
    This has changed me and by far the only purple shampoo I will use Really good for in between bleaching your hair or toning it
    It’s very similar to toning without the damage
    I did damp my hair and leave it on for 20 mins or little longer my hair smelled looked amazing fresh blonde color no yellow
    Will but large bottle
    And the small bottle depending on hair length mine is long past the middle of my back and I had more then enough product — Amy reviewed

  • Salon Recommended

    My salon recommended this purple shampoo for my icy blonde color. I use it once every two weeks or so- when I start seeing brassy tones in my hair. It zaps the brass and definitely keeps my blonde hair icy. I’m a natural brunette and I’ve used so many different types of purple shampoo. This is by far my favorite. It works wonders and keeps my blonde icy for way longer than any other purple shampoo. I go a ten weeks before I get touched up and even then my color is still good, my roots are just grown out. — Lisa reviewed


    IGNORE BAD REVIEWS. Try it for urself. I’ve tried nearly every purple shampoo out there and THIS is the only one that cooled my brassy tones in 1 use. Left my hair amazing soft. Didn’t strip off my keratin! Mk sure you read what size you are buying. I love it! — ppenayy reviewed

  • it works well, but sensitive noses beware

    i have a really sensitive sense of smell, and strong scents give me headaches. this product is almost too odiferous for me. its got a very sweet, slightly fruity scent to it.
    other than that small issue, this product is high quality. the packaging is gorgeous and substantial, and it is VERY purple. I have to use a medicated shampoo for psoriasis, and that stuff strips any kind of color deposit. this product is very good for maintaining the cool blonde tone. — ppenayy reviewed

  • Turned brassiness into blonde

    I had my hair highlighted and some of the strands had an orange cast to them. I looked at
    Reviews on Amazon and this shampoo had great
    Reviews so I ordered it. It did not let me down. I did leave it on 30 minutes due to the orange in my hair but when done my hair looked great. It is very thick so you you have to massage it into your hair very well but the results are wonderful. — sej reviewed

  • Have a sniff!

    It was love at first use! My stylist used this in my hair once and after that I HAD to have it! The smell is amazing! I love it so much that I have people smell my hair!
    I have multiple different shampoos and conditioners this is only one of the lovely shampoo and conditioners that I have. I alternate them, I can see how it might make your hair greasy to use daily… works wonder to through in. — Michele R reviewed

  • One of the best purple shampoos I’ve used.

    I am the queen of purple shampoos. Fanola works great (but it’s drying), formula 18 works okay (but smells horrific), and this Amika purple shampoo has been working great! Definitely my new favorite! Great scent and tone! Also try the dry shampoo. That stuff smells and works great! — Megan reviewed

  • Light scent and smooth finish

    I know a lot of others on here have gotten packages where the shampoo came out of the bottle and was leaking, but I didn’t have that issue – with the shampoo or the conditioner. Some people have also said that it stains a white shower curtain, but it didn’t stain mine – although that could just be the liner working effectively.

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this product. It has a nice, light floral scent that isn’t heavy once it dries. It left my hair shiny and smooth, and felt really light. I usually use hair oil after I’ve showered to make sure my ends don’t dry out, but I honestly didn’t even feel the need to. This beat my favorite brand, Garnier Whole Blends, without a doubt.

    And in terms of it being a purple shampoo, it did what it said it would do. Guaranteed the change wasn’t drastic, and it naturally shouldn’t be, but I definitely noticed it remove a good bit of the yellow undertones in my bleached sections after just one use.

    Overall, I think it was a pretty good product and I’m not sure how it didn’t work for others on here. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • The best!!! 5 stars

    I am VERY pleased with my entire experience purchasing this!! First off, this is my favorite purple shampoo! I had an issue with my first order (bottle came tampered and wasn’t even purple!), however the customer service I received was TOP NOTCH!! Not only did they allow me to return/exchange no questions asked, but they delivered me another bottle the same day!! I will most certainly be purchasing this from this company again!! — Jenna Lyttle reviewed

  • scent and quality

    First off the scent of amika products is amazing!! I moved to teas and got my hair done by a random lady and it was awful!!! Im blonde so it is hard to do. It came out orange and my old lady back home told me to get this product and it worked! It took the orange right out after 2 washes!! After the first wash it was much better but definitely no more tears after the second — Cbm reviewed

  • Love, wish there was more for price

    Love this product! Wish it had a little more product for the cost, but it’s my favorite purple shampoo. Smells great, no stains, suds up really well and eliminates brass in one use (letting it sit for 3-5 minutes will give you better results in one use)

    Bought multiple times, will buy again.
    They have a website full of great products too! — Mary Margaret reviewed

  • smells great and does its job

    I’m a platinum blonde, so purple shampoo is part of my life. I used pravana purple shampoo for 8 months, but I found out they do animal testing, so I needed to switch to something else. amika products smell great and work really well, so I gave this one a try. i’m really happy with the results — cuts all the yellow brassiness out of my hair and doesn’t leave it feeling dry or damaged. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • great for grey hair

    i bought this for my mother who lets her natural grey grow – no hair dye whatsoever. she uses it weekly-ish and boy has it made her locks shiny and lovely!!! it took a couple washes but the difference is undeniable – it has absolutely beautified the cool tones in her natural mane. very fun for her, so a very satisfying purchase for me 🙂 — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Amazing Blonde Shampoo

    I LOVE THIS!! I have hard well water & I use this product once a week to get rid of the build up. It is amazing! It brightens up my blonde & makes my thick hair feel silky smooth. I highly recommend it! — Stefanie reviewed

  • Love, love, love!

    I started using this shampoo based on a recommendation from a stylist when I told her my hair had been dyed with a little more orange tint than I liked. She recommended this for its purple color and properties that pull out (or cover?) the orangy tint. Oh, and it smells great too. — Brandy Green reviewed

  • The best brassy shampoo I have used

    I have used over six other brassy shampoo. From very expensive to cheap. This is by far the best I used for brassy hair. I ordered other products from Amika including the brassy conditioner and they all work just as descriptive. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Smells like magic!

    Smells like magic, tones my bleached platinum blonde hair perfectly keeps the yellow away in between hair appointments and leaves my very processed hair feeling amazing, love this product! — slnorr2 reviewed

  • Packs a Purple Punch

    This purple shampoo packs a punch & does the job. Very concentrated color. It feels silky and smells delicious. I also like the packaging. Pricier than some brands but a little goes a long way & it actually gives you a visible difference, so it’s worth it. Tip: if you’re very blonde, don’t leave it on too long or you’ll have violet colored hair! — Dee reviewed

  • Wonderful product

    If you have that died hair and you want to rid yourself of the brassiness – this is the product for you. Also I am growing out my gray hair and it really seems to be improving that also. Love it! — Dianna Henson reviewed

  • Smells great

    I like this purple shampoo as well as any I have tried. It definitely has the best scent though. Before this one I used Paul Mitchell’s and before that a Not Your Mother’s. — Tim McGee reviewed

  • Doesn’t dry your hair out as much as other brands.

    This product blows other blonde shampoos that I’ve tried away. Although I did buy the conditioner my hair feels soft and looks less brassy when I use it. — Amberbrite reviewed

amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo, 10.1 Fl oz, amika, AM50.14064

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amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo

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