Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair

Shampoos 09/10/2020
Redken All Soft Shampoo | For Dry/Brittle Hair | Provides Intense Softness and Shine | With Argan Oil

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Redken All Soft Shampoo | For Dry/Brittle Hair | Provides Intense Softness and Shine | With Argan Oil

Table of contents :

Advantages of Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair

  • Softness
  • Value for money
  • Scent
  • Thickness
  • Sheerness


  • Enlarged manageability, movement and shining
  • Silkening formulas changes the composition of dry, brittle hair
  • Provides intense softness, intensity and replenishment

What is the best price for Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair?

Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 28.47 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair is in the top 5,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair online?

You can buy Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 28.47 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair reviews

  • Silky smooth hair!

    I will start by saying, I had a stylist who always used Redkin on my hair and I could never find the product, I just remembered the gold bottle. So I’ve never purchased Redkin Allsoft before, so I can’t speak to this formula’s authenticity, however I can say it has made my hair gorgeous! I love love LOVE the feel this has given my hair. I had fried my hair with years of bleaching it and decided to dye it my natural color and let it grow. My hair had been looking so harsh and dried out, but once I started using this, from the very first use it became much more soft and manageable. I will admit, The first week my scalp did get quite a few pimples along the hair line, but I have very sensitive skin so any changes to my routine usually causes breakouts. So maybe those that are complaining have not given their skin enough time to adapt to the change. I think the scent is perfect, and smells just like the salon quality stuff. I bought both the shampoo and conditioner and use Biosilk before drying my hair and my hair has never been softer. — Joyce B. reviewed

  • Fantastic for normal to medium hair types

    This is the line of All Soft you need if you have normal to medium hair. The All Soft “mega” is for naturally medium to coarse hair textures. It has a nice lightly sweet and floral scent and really does soften and hydrate my hair that has had a lot of chemical processing. It’s gentle on my color too and doesn’t wash much out (I use lukewarm water). Now if your hair is really damaged you need the Redken Extreme line of products. — Joyce B. reviewed

  • Best shampoo I’ve used

    My hairdresser gave me a bottle of this a few months ago and I fell in love. I have shoulder length hair that’s not thick but there’s a lot of it and it’s prone to frizziness. A little of this goes a long way. It smooths my hair and makes it easier to style. I use the conditioner as well but only twice a week.

    Amazing value for a premium shampoo and in my opinion superior to Living Proof. — Ashley Austin reviewed

  • This is an absolute steal! This product in stores …

    This is an absolute steal! This product in stores is at least 30$ for this huge sized bottle. Have had doubts about s beauty products on amazon being fake, but s product came sealed and is the result thing! — Siobhan Emery reviewed

  • Won’t ever use a different shampoo.

    I’ve been using Redken for over 10 years and I won’t switch. Keeps my hair soft and shiny. The smell is really nice as well. I always buy this from my sister as she gets these at wholesale prices, but with rona I needed to buy online. I was glad to find this exactly the same as what I always use and a real Redken product for a good price. — lauryn gonzales reviewed

  • GAME CHANGER, softest my hair has ever been

    I’ve tried lots of shampoos. Paul Mitchell, Nexxus, Joico, Living Proof, etc. I had a hard time finding one that lathered nicely and felt like it was restoring my hair. I will look no longer!

    It doesn’t smell as good as other shampoos I’ve used, but I could tell in one use how much softer my hair was. I have healthy, blonde hair but sometimes after blow drying left me with frizz and breakage. Literally one use and I could tell a difference.

    Buy this – you won’t regret it! — Kara M reviewed

  • Fantabulous

    it is the best shampoo ever. I have been using this one for > 3years now and it is really good. I have recommended it to my family and friends. It give ur hair a good shine and makes them really soft. I have stopped using conditioner completely with this shampoo. Just love it — Brandi reviewed

  • Softens Dry, Brittle Over-processed Hair

    If you have a head full of overprocessed Barbie doll hair, this is the product for you. What I do is lather it up and let it sit on your head a few minutes. This seems to soften the hair even more. This product does soften your hair, but I’m going to recommend using a moisturizing conditioner as a follow up. I did not like the conditioner that goes with the shampoo that much because I feel it is lacking in moisture. — Aditya Gupta reviewed

  • My favorite hair product for 10 years now

    I only buy this product. I love how my hair shines and is so soft. I would highly recommend it. I color my hair every 4 weeks for the past 12 years and this product is the best. I have tried other recommended products for colored hair, but I find I am disappointed in the end. Thank you, Redken for All Soft products! — Virtual Erin reviewed

  • Softness without Greasiness!!

    I love this shampoo. Always have, it’s the perf balance of softness without making my thin hair greasy, but also gives my hair strength to hold up to being flat ironed everyday.
    Realized I could save a few $$ by buying this on Amazon vs the salon. Arrived snuggly bubble wrapped and tightly sealed in a bag. As you can see, the seal on the top of bottle is there and totally intact. — Hilary Smith reviewed

  • My go-to Shampoo

    I love this shampoo. My hair stylist recommended that I start using this shampoo about two years ago. I have been using it ever since. I have branched out a couple of times as others have seemed to be really good. I keep coming back to this shampoo. For the price and the value, I don’t think I am buying any other. I now have my daughter using it as well. Starting them out young. . . . — drapercastle reviewed

  • Good shampoo

    Really good shampoo from a reliable company. Hair is shedding less. It’s not repairing the dryness as much as I would like, but a solid shampoo for undamaged hair. I like it, and I notice my hair is healthier overall. Would purchase agsin. — drapercastle reviewed

  • Great for long fine thin hair

    Love this stuff. Been using for years. Leaves my fine hair soft and manageable without making it look greasy. Very happy to get it on amazon since no one carries redken in the town where I work. — Alicia Clark reviewed

  • Only shampoo for me!

    Classic shampoo that works wonders on aging hair! My hair is so soft and easy to comb through after using this! — pinkvock reviewed

  • Amazing

    Love this brand and all of their shampoos and conditioners. I have very blond and thin hair and this is my favorite redkin type out there. Smells amazing, cleans great and doesn’t leave my hair greasy at all. It’s definitely more expensive than other brands but trust me it’s worth it. Your hair will thank you. — cindy reviewed

  • The only shampoo I use

    Once I started using this shampoo I’ve never had a desire to try another product. Smells nice without being overpowering. Cleans hair very well, without being harsh and leaves hair with a good texture. — morgan reviewed

  • Great shampoo for dry frizzy hair!

    This shampoo is great. A little pricey but well worth it for my hair. Before, my color treated hair was very dry and frizzy. Once I started using this shampoo plus conditioner it made it much softer and less frizz!! — Joe Blow reviewed

  • Redken All Soft is great on my dry and frizzy hair

    Redken All Soft is great on my dry and frizzy hair. This volume is so much cheaper than what is for sale in the stores. I will be ordering again! — Tiffany B reviewed

  • Great product

    I’ve been using this product for some time now. I’m getting older and my hair is thinner than it used to be. This shampoo will preserve hair loss in my opinion. — Carolyn T reviewed

  • Been using for 15 years

    Im a guy and dont need something new to try all the time. This is a really good product, works great and doesnt leave me smelling like a rose. — Mindy reviewed

  • My go-to shampoo

    Whenever I try a different shampoo I always seem to regret it & end up back with this one happy again. I have think hair & this is great for me. — DWA reviewed

  • Very nice shampoo

    Bought this for my dad. He has a very sensitive scalp to scents and chemicals. This product has been perfect for him and a great price too! — DWA reviewed

  • Go to shampoo

    If i could wash my entire body with this shampoo I would. Smells absolutely incredible and makes hair silky smooth for days (if you’re on a bare wash schedule like I am). Literally best brand — Lauren E Perkins reviewed

  • Smells great, leaves hair clean!

    Been using this for nearly 2 years. It leaves my hair feeling clean and not weighed down. Love the smell! — Katie McMahon reviewed

  • Saves my hair

    I use this in the summer because I am out in the sun A LOT. It saves my hurt from drying out and breaking. A little but goes a long way so this is a great value. — Sarah B. reviewed

  • No more frizz!

    My favorite shampoo and conditioner combo. I used to have frizzy hair and this really helped fix that! — Lori Dottavio reviewed


    I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO! But I do not use the shampoo. I use the Redken All Soft Phase Shot as a conditioner. My hairdresser loves how healthy my hair is and the shine is amazing. — Amazon Customer reviewed

Redken All Soft Shampoo For Dry Brittle Hair 33.8 oz, Redken, REDKN-3931, WW_800460

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Redken All Soft Shampooing For Dry and Brittle Hair

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