BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair

Shampoos 09/10/2020
BIOLAGE Volumebloom Shampoo | Lightweight Volume & Shine | Paraben-Free | For Fine Hair

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BIOLAGE Volumebloom Shampoo | Lightweight Volume & Shine | Paraben-Free | For Fine Hair

Table of contents :

Advantages of BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair

  • Thickness
  • Sheerness
  • Scent
  • Volume control
  • Value for money
  • Moisturizing


  • Long lasting bouncy volume
  • Properties of cotton flower
  • State of the art formula

What is the best price for BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair?

BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair is being sold by Amazon on (Amazon USA Store) for $ 25.5 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair is in the top 7,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair online?

You can buy BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair online from (Amazon USA Store) for $ 25.5 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair reviews

  • The best shampoo out there!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shampoo and conditioner. It foams up really well and smell so good. It adds tons of volume to my fine, limp hair. I have a short bob haircut, and this shampoo adds awesome boost to my hair. I’ll never use another shampoo or conditioner. — utfran reviewed

  • Works great, cleaned well and made my hair look fluffy and full.

    Really excellent product. I only used a small amount for my long hair, and it cleaned easily, just one time lathering up, no need to do it twice. Since I wear my hair long, I always use a conditioner to help detangle; the companion condition, Volume Bloom didn’t weigh my hair down, and I only used enough to get the tangles out, I brush my hair in the shower with the conditioner on- it worked perfectly. Both the shampoo and the conditioner gave my long, fine hair more body, it feels soft and it smells pleasant too. My husband out of the blue commented on my hair after my second time using it, I didn’t ask him how it looked, he voluntarily said my hair looked shiny and very healthy. I’m super pleased with this shampoo! — utfran reviewed

  • moisture + volume = good hair day every day 🙂

    Best shampoo ever. My hair is either limp and oily win moisturizing shampoo or dry and crazy with colonizing shampoo but this makes it perfectly balanced. I don’t even need conditioner. Plus it smells so nice. — Rose byAnother Name reviewed

  • ~Long-time Favorite Shampoo~

    Been using this brand and formulation for at least five years. It is still is my favorite shampoo! The light consistency lathers well. You’ll be quite surprised how many bubbles come from such a small amount of shampoo! A little goes a long way and you’ll get your money’s worth. (Hmmmm…that almost sounds a bit sassy! Lol) All-righty, back to the shampoo. The light, slightly floral-tropical scent is refreshing and makes my scalp and hair feel clean. Works great on my fine texture hair, normal/not too oily hair/scalp. Hope you’ll like it, too! ???????? — Kristen reviewed

  • I’m in LOVE with this shampoo and had to write a review

    I’m in LOVE with this shampoo and had to write a review. This thing smells like heaven, the smell even clinger for a few days after. It not only gives my fine, damage hair so much volume but also makes it silky soft. I’m impress with the amount of volume it gives after i blow dry my hair. — Mamakathy1966 reviewed

  • My go-to daily shampoo. There is no other.

    This and it’s predecessor versions have been my go-to daily shampoo for more than 30 years. It’s the only thing I ever use at home unless I’m traveling when “what’s available where I’m staying” becomes the norm. One “less than full” pump does the job out of this large container that last me months. This shampoo does not leave any noticeable residue, it’s sudsy and easy to rinse out, yet over time there is a noticeable improvement with this Fine Hair version adding a bit of bulk to my increasingly fine hair situation, more noticeable on the special occasions when I blow dry. There is a pleasant scent while you’re sudsing, but nothing overwhelming that lingers after-the-fact. I find Biolage to be great if you’re a guy like me that prefers a body soap with a bit stronger lingering scent and/or cologne regime after your shower, and don’t want another product that potentially clashes with all the rest after dressing. Let’s put it this way — this shampoo is super stuff; I started using a predecessor Biolage version that my hairstylist introduced me to in my 20’s, and I’ve stuck with it ever since — only switching to the Fine Hair version a number of years back as my situation evolved. 😉 I only hope Biolage Volumebloom remains readily available for the rest of my life. — Lynnie Le reviewed

  • The only shampoo we use now

    Both my daughter and I have fine, oily hair. This is the only shampoo we’ve found where we can actually skip a day of washing sometimes. It cleans without drying, gives even my super long hair some life, and leaves no residue. The bottle lasts forever, too. — BertL reviewed

  • No regrets!!

    I can’t imagine why the negative reviews. I hesitated buying, because of them, because I didn’t want to waste my money. Ultimately I decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did.
    My hair has been thinning and is fine. Not a good combination. I have used this shampoo ONCE and already my hair is fuller and healthier looking. I could not have been any more pleased than I am right now.
    A little goes a long way!!! Go easy. — Anna M. Eklund reviewed

  • Best shampoo EVER

    My favorite shampoo. The volume and body I get from this shampoo is incredible. Lasts two days as well. Can’t say enough wonderful things about Matrix products! — Joan reviewed

  • Absolutely amazing

    I have fine hair that’s slightly greasy…before this shampoo and I had to wash my hair every other day…However, this is awesome. It definitely adds volume while helping keep my hair oil-free for much longer. I would recommed to use with the matching conditioner(because that’s how it’s worked for me) — Metal Megan reviewed

  • Have to buy the pump separate!

    Works well on fine limp hair without stripping color. Love the liter bottles. You have to purchase the pump separate which is a little inconsiderate but the product works well. — Diana Monday reviewed

  • Five Stars

    Love the volume bloom shampoo and conditioner. Gets the job done and isn’t too heavy for my fine hair. — dweigle reviewed

  • Must have!

    I have been using this product for years! Always leaves hair feeling extra clean. Smells amazing with no residue. Great for colored and non-treated hair. I noticed a difference in the volume of my hair within weeks of using. Do not need much as a little goes a long way. Would highly recommend this product! — DMoore reviewed

  • Smells Amazinggg Works Well

    My hair isn’t fine it’s thick, wavy/curly, Mexican hair. It works well with my hair, I can’t really atest to volume since my hair is pretty thick and weighted down. BUT anyone with thick hair knows how much shampoo you have to use to clean it and I only use about two quarter sized amount of shampoo to fully clean my scalp — Ticket13 reviewed

  • Biolage is the best

    I usually use shampoo under $5 but I had to splurge. I used to be able to find Biolage for $12 at Filene’s Basement 20 years ago in college. I don’t even really care about my hair, but this stuff smells so amazing and my hair ends up so soft. — James P. reviewed

  • My go-to shampoo

    For some reason, this shampoo seems to work best with my other styling products to produce a little body and hold. Amazing the difference it makes! I thought the difference was between Aussie mousse and Kenra thickening mousse, but even the Kenra doesn’t work as well without the Biolage shampoo. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should! — Geoffrey reviewed

  • My favorite!

    I don’t understand why people were saying this was the a fake! I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for a year now, I was buying it at target (bonehead) and paying more for it. This is the real deal! Same scent, same results! It makes my hair thicker with more volume. It also doesn’t make my hair super greasy! — Type O reviewed

  • The real thing

    Please disregard those reviews stating that this product is not the real Biolage. I have been using Biolage shampoo and conditioner for 20+ years. This product is real Biolage. It does a great job of adding volume to thinning hair. My husband even noticed and commented on the difference in my hair. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Does exactly what it promises

    Couldn’t be more pleased with this product. I have very thin, damaged hair caused by my medication. It does exactly what it claims with the very 1st use … builds volume & hair looks much thicker. Will definitely be reordering. Thank you for a reliable product, well worth the money. — Miss B reviewed

  • Five stars!

    Love this shampoo!! Not only do I love the scent of this particular one but my husband loves it too. Second time buying from this seller. Would highly reccomend — Miss B reviewed

  • For my sink guy

    My husband likes to wash his hair in the sink some mornings to get rid of bedhead…I know, weird. I got tired of finding my shampoos all over the sink so I got him this. It keeps his hair volumized and soft and doesnt make a mess. I tried it too and ot made my hair awesome. Good product…even if you have to do it on a sink…sigh — Erin P. reviewed

  • Hair doesn’t have film feeling

    I Like the smell, feel and texture of the biolage products for fine hair. It gives a boost of volume without the heavy, filmy feeling that most volumizing shampoos and products have. — lina reviewed

  • Angel hair!

    Wow this shampoo is amazing. I’ve been trying all the other shampoos like redken and the wow apple cider and both weighed my hair down or made it look extra shiny, which in turn looked greasy since day one. I just washed my hair last night and I have a normal volume and it doesn’t feel greasy just soft and tamed. My hair feels like it’s been kissed by an angel. — pumpkinbear reviewed

  • Works great

    Always been a big fan of biolage products. Never tried the volumebloom line but I am impressed! Gives me great volume and smells great like their products always do. Just after one use I received many compliments on my hair how beautiful and shiny it was. — Johanna Cortes reviewed

  • My favorite

    Love this shampoo, would struggle to do without it with my fine, straight hair. Leaves my hair clean and shiny and of course the scent is just one of a kind. — Brittany reviewed

  • Cleanses fine hair without weighing it down

    I have thin hair this shampoo cleans my hair does it weigh it down my hair is shiny it feels good when I touch it with my hands and the look of my hair last longer between shampooing this was a good investment to get the hair in the condition and give me the look I’m after — Katie S. reviewed

  • Great Service

    Great value. When I receive it the shampoo had leak due to a puncture in the bottle. Call Amazon and they shipped another bottle within 48 hours. Was very please for their quick response. Will order again:) — Lion reviewed

Matrix, BIOLAGE Volumebloom Shampoo | Lightweight Volume & Shine | Paraben-Free | For Fine Hair | 33.8 Fl. Oz., BIOLAGE, 0884486151988

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BIOLAGE Matrix Volume bloom Shampooing For Fine Hair

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