Tea Tree Special Shampoo

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Tea Tree Special Shampoo

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Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Table of contents :

Advantages of Tea Tree Special Shampoo

  • Scent
  • Moisturizing
  • Sheerness
  • Softness
  • Value for money
  • Packaging


  • Produced with the highest grade materials
  • Get a head start every morning and experience the tingle of Invigorating tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender
  • Help wash away impurities as hair becomes fresh and clean, full of vitality and luster

What is the best price for Tea Tree Special Shampoo?

Tea Tree Special Shampoo is being sold by Amazon on Amazon.com (Amazon USA Store) for $ 30.17 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time). Tea Tree Special Shampoo is in the top 6,000 best-selling products under $ 50.

Where to buy Tea Tree Special Shampoo online?

You can buy Tea Tree Special Shampoo online from Amazon.com (Amazon USA Store) for $ 30.17 (Price were updated on September, 2020 — It can change at any time).

Questions and Answers

  • Is Tea Tree Special Shampoo a clarifying shampoo?

    TEA TREE CLARIFYING SHAMPOOWash away impurities from your hair and scalp, removes hair product build up, minerals, and invigorates your scalp. … SPECIAL SHAMPOO – This special salon shampoo is formulated to provide a rich luxurious lather while deep cleansing your hair and scalp.
  • Is Tea Tree Special Shampoo sulfate free?

    Tea Tree Oil Shampoo SulfateFree: Revitalize Hair, Combat Hair Loss and Cleanse Scalp with Naturally-Sourced Ingredients – Pure Tea Tree Oil & Organic Argan Oil.

Tea Tree Special Shampoo reviews

  • Look a little closer!

    I just want to comment on several reviews that were written regarding this Tea Tree Special Shampoo. People are saying if it doesn’t have the name “John Paul Mitchell” on the front of the bottle, it’s not the real Paul Mitchell shampoo. If you refer to my pictures you will see that my bottle doesn’t say his name on the front either, BUT it does say it on the back of the bottle. This shampoo is most definitely the real deal. Just saying! — T. Bunkers reviewed

  • Don’t believe all of the negative reviews!

    This is the exact same product that I get from my salon. It’s not counterfeit. I get the exact same results as if I would’ve bought the product from my salon but saved a lot of money from Amazon. I have combination oily/dry scalp. It’s the only shampoo that works for my condition. Other shampoo’s have failed irritating and making my symptoms even worse. I think some of the negative reviews are from salon employees trying to discourage people from buying the same product from Amazon instead of buying it from their salon. Thank you Amazon. I’m a satisfied customer. — T. Bunkers reviewed

  • a lifesaver. or a sanity saver.

    I struggled for years with scalp dermatitis. My hair was falling out, and I itched so bad I’d wake up in the middle of the night and shampoo my hair. And shampoos… I must have tried dozens, and then rotated them. No help.
    My only caution is that you can use it too often, because it will dry out your scalp. But just vary your schedule. You won’t be sorry. The relief was amazing. — James A. Bleacher reviewed

  • This + Hot shower = a broke girl’s aroma therapy

    I’ve always loved this shampoo since my stylist suggested it for this weird ponytail sore I used to get on my scalp as a child.
    Minty and refreshing, with a tingling sensation if you leave it in long enough. washes out the thick hair product I use and leaves my hair feeling light and extra clean. Only used once a week (regular shampoos on the other days) — panxerox reviewed

  • Excellent For Dry Scalp

    I’ve been using Head and Shoulders for years to help with dry scalp, but it seemed to become less and less effective. It also left a heavy residue that weighed my hair down causing it to look oily. My hairdresser recommended I use tea tree oil instead so I bought this shampoo. It has gotten rid of the dry scalp and improved the health of the hair. It also leaves no residue so no oily hair. I am very impressed with this product. I can now use a conditioner without issues so I’ve been using Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Cream Rinse with it and have more healthy shiny hair than I’ve had in a decade. I try to get it when it’s on sale at Amazon because it’s a little pricy at regular price but worth buying. — Caitlin reviewed

  • Yes, this is really Paul Mitchell shampoo

    I too was skeptical because of other comments and also because the Paul Mitchell name isn’t on the bottle. So, I went directly to the John Paul Mitchell website. The bottle they show on their website for this shampoo is EXACTLY the same as the bottle shown on this web page. The Paul Mitchell name is no longer on the bottle. It’s also EXACTLY the same price except that I would have had to pay about 1.5 times the price because of shipping charges. Since I’m an Amazon Prime member and don’t have to pay shipping charges from Amazon, I ordered it here.

    That said, I’ve used this shampoo for many years, off and on, and I love it. It is excellent if your scalp tends to get itchy but without dandruff (which I don’t have). It is not, however, “moisturizing” so I use a different conditioner that is moisturizing and makes my hair feel soft and full. — PG reviewed

  • my husband found this shampoo to meet his needs wonderfully. I must admit it took some searching to …

    Originally used when staying at “Springhill Suites” on vacation, my husband found this shampoo to meet his needs wonderfully. I must admit it took some searching to find it, but here it was on Amazon. I highly recommend this shampoo…and Springill Suites by Marriott as well! Enjoy! — Deborah reviewed

  • give it a try

    I’ve used this shampoo for a couple months now and am very satisfied. It is not a moisturizing shampoo so if that’s what you’re looking for then this is not the product for you. I have oily hair and this does a good job of cleaning without totally stripping the hair. The scent is neither pleasant nor objectionable, who really care. The price is pretty steep but you don’t need to use much so the value isn’t bad. If you get it in your eyes it will sting more than most shampoos.

    I didn’t buy this shampoo based upon reviews or a recommendation. I bought it because it is the shampoo that you’ll find in the bathroom at Marriott hotels and I was able to try it out on a couple stays. For the reviews that claim it is a counterfeit product I cannot say one way or the other whether that is true. What I can say that if it is counterfeit then it is either a really good counterfeit or Marriott is using the same counterfeit product. — SJ, the honest reviewer reviewed

  • Love it! Stopped my itching!

    Love the fresh, minty scent! Also leaves my scalp feeling cool. My hairdresser used this on me when I was complaining that my scalp was itching. My usual shampoo, Panteen 2 in 1 had recently changed their formula to a 5 in 1 and the new recipe was making my head itch. Because I had bought it in the Costco-sized bottle I was trying to give it a good try before giving up. I complained to my hairdresser, and after chastising me for using cheap shampoo, she used the Tea Tree Special on my head. My itching stopped instantly, my scalp felt cool and refreshed, and my hair had more volume! I instantly bought my own and ditched the Panteen. I’ve since recommended it to my mom who has always struggled with itchy skin and scalp and she says it has done wonders for her too. — Tim reviewed

  • Best product for occasionally cleaning the Junk out of your hair.

    I use this product once a week to strip the other product out of my hair that I use during the week (gel, hairspray, etc). It is the best for that and it doesn’t leave the hair feeling fragile. I would only use it once a week however but it is the best. — J. Collins reviewed

  • My new fave product

    During winter months my scalp gets itchy, dry, and flaky….not attractive. I saw and felt a difference after one wash!! My friend told me her mom used this shampoo while when she was a teacher to avoid catching lice from possible infected students, so I gave it a try for my problem. If you ever used the head and shoulders, this product is like 5X better than head and shoulders. I don’t ever need another shampoo, I’m sticking with this one. I don’t even use conditioner anymore, this shampoo leaves your hair so soft and shiny! — Monica reviewed

  • Works great for a sensitive scalp.

    Works for my husband’s sensitive scalp. Every other shampoo we have tried leaves him with acne all over his head. (Except the shampoos made for eczema and psoriasis – they leave open sores on his scalp. We get this delivered every three months by Amazon pantry, so I don’t have to remember to pick it up, and he never runs out. — Monica reviewed

  • Best shampoo ever!!

    Bought this shampoo for my 11 year old acne around the hairline and backne. Hairline breakouts are already clearing up after just a weeks use.

    She also has a few flakes that have made her very self conscious. That has already cleared up and I have one happy girl. We already use the Paul Mitchell tea tree soap for our faces so I’m glad we decided to give this shampoo and conditioner a try too. Extremely happy with the results. — Mary reviewed

  • great

    The bottle looks expensive, at least it did to me. But I did some math first. What I did use at the time (Pert) at Walmart. Price/ounce is about the same as this Price/ounce. At first this shampoo is NOT all of that. Don’t expect to try it and fall in love, instantly. Yea, the love will come. But NOT instantly. Give it a couple of weeks. Now, I have no plans on leaving. Love, did come, and boy is it a strong one. First though, regular shampoo, that is from the department store. The system has left us no choices but to take the poison. It has built up a shell of yuck on your hair. And you have used more shampoo than is really necessary, for so long. That you don’t even notice anymore. First you need to break that shell and wash it off. It will take about two weeks. Two weeks of using about twice as much of this shampoo per wash, as you will need after the yuck is gone. At first I needed two pumps of this per wash. And now I use one. And I don’t use a comb anymore. My hair dries just how what I used to have to comb to achieve. So that is different. I never thought about it until I tried to write this review. I don’t think critically about cosmetic stuff. I like the pump bottle it comes in. A measured dose. nice. — casey reviewed

  • It saved my hair!

    I have a super greasy scalp and very dry ends. I found out about this shampoo at my hair stylist salon and it blew my mind! I went from shampooing my hair every two days to only twice a week! My scalp feels refreshed and I no longer have buildup or scabs of dandruff. It smells good – if you like tee tree scent – and leaves your scalp refreshed. It should have a cooling effect once you’ve lathered it and massaged your scalp with it. If you have thin hair like me, you need nothing more than a starburst size drop in your hand. My first bottle lasted from March to today (mid-June)! I love this shampoo and I definitely recommend it! Especially if you’ve tried absolutely everything to save your hair and nothing has been working so far. — Michael reviewed

  • Works great for teen with scalp psoriasis and oily hair

    Since starting this shampoo, my daughter’s scalp has cleared mostly and her hair is looking beautiful. The other common dandruff shampoo only had a 60% effectiveness and my daughter’s hair always seemed brittle and unhealthy with that shampoo. My daughter has used tea tree special shampoo for two months now and her hair is looking great. It takes a month for the shampoo to heal the scalp psoriasis, but it does eventually make that a lot better. We only wash my daughter’s hair every second or third day, but tea tree special works well so that she can go a couple of days between shampoos. — SOPHIE reviewed

  • My Search is OVER (and so is my dandruff and itch)

    Why I’m in love: I have always bought cheaper shampoo/conditioner sets because the really expensive stuff never seemed different to me when I tried them. I have always had a dry scalp with hair that tends to get greasy really quickly and a HORRIBLE itch that I couldn’t control with anything I have ever used. The flakes I have are teeny tiny and only develop as the grease in my hair does after a day or so. I do not use styling products in my hair or leave in anything ever. This has fixed all those problems. It’s strong enough that it tingles and feels very refreshing every time I use it and it leaves my scalp itch free and my hair hasn’t gotten greasy since. I can’t say this system is what cured my itch/flakes because I also added a dandruff shampoo as a bi-weekly thing, but the combo has fixed my hair issues. My hair no longer tangles and the amount of breakage/loss I used to have has noticeably reduced significantly. No more hairballs when I sweep the house (we don’t have pets but I used to shed worse than a dog and would have to sweep daily or there was hair EVERYWHERE if the light shined on our hardwood floors).

    What I don’t like:

    the conditioner isn’t as moisturizing as I’d like for how well it strips oil off my hair, but a bi-weekly mask when I use my dandruff shampoo has fixed that issue and the conditioner does fine in between. Honestly, this is probably why my hair has stopped being greasy though.

    The set is SO POWERFUL and pungent that I have to keep it away from my eyes because it’ll get into them and burn for a while even with my eyes closed as hard as I can get them closed. This isn’t a bad thing though, it means the quality is good and the formula is strong which is why it works, but it’s a good thing to know before using it the first time. I would never use this on a kid because of this.

    The smell is VERY STRONG and lasts between shampoos (every other day or two) which for some is good, but I am not a scent person so it took a little getting used to. — R A Vent reviewed

  • Definately worth every penny

    I’ve loved this shampoo since the fist time it was used on me…maybe 8-10 years ago. It smells absolutely magnificent! (if you enjoy the Tea Tree scent) The shampoo lathers very well and a little goes a long way. I have very short hair (#2 on the sides, medium fade, with a Caesar Cut) kind of a cookie cutter haircut. I let it grow ’till it starts rubbing my ears on the sides. I never use more than a bead size squirt of shampoo that puddles into my palm to be the size of a dime. That’s about twice as much as I need the day I het a haircut. It cleans every product I have tried in my hair (glues, pastes, waxes, pomades, creams, puttys, gels, butters, oils, hair sprays and conditioners) very well. It leaves a very light scent that is only detectable to those that will be at an intimate distance. Colonges or scented body washes, powders, sprays and deoderants/antiperspirants will almost positively overpower the scent to most if not all others at respectable distances. At under $36.00 it is worth it to me. A higher price would cause me to try Pete & Pedro’s line of products. I’m very tempted to as it is. Paul Mitchel also offers a lemon sage and lavender mint version of this Tea Tree line…if I am correct. — Me, I'm me reviewed

  • The Finest Shampoo I’ve Ever Used

    For over a decade, I used the same cosmetologist to cut my hair. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my visits was, after the trimming was finished, she would escort me over to the wash basin and give me a vigorous shampoo. I loved the minty smell of the shampoo which was so unlike the various products I’d buy at Walmart and pharmacies. One day I asked her what it was and she showed me a bottle of the reviewed product. I bought it directly from her for years, but once she returned to her home country, I started buying it directly from Amazon.

    I continue to love this shampoo. In nearly every way it is perfect. If I have a day that ends with my hair sweaty, grimy, or foul-smelling, this shampoo leaves my scalp feeling fresh again. Only a small dab of the green gel is necessary to create a large volume of foam. It also leaves my hair fairly voluminous. In fact, the only downside to the product is a bottle is somewhat expensive. I believe any cost is outweighed by the shampoo’s benefits, however.

    I intended to keep using Tea Tree Shampoo until something better comes along. For the past decade, though, all challengers have failed. I strongly recommend this shampoo for both men and women. As with any shampoo, I would caution you to avoid getting it in your eyes, but keep your eye out for it when shopping on Amazon. — Eamon reviewed

  • Shamepoo that you will never stop using

    Another superior Tea Tree Shampoo. Has a wounderfull sent of Tea Tree Oil , latheres up quick and leaves your hair clean and your scalp dandruff free . The Tea Tree oil naturally cleans your hair and scalp leaving it clean and itch free from from a flaky scalp
    I have been useing this shampoo for 6 years . Other shampoos never worked for me. This shampoo puts the oils bck in your dry scalp and revitalizes your hair to a youthfull feel. — Robert Bolton reviewed

  • Solid Product

    I bought this shampoo to help with dry skin/scalp issues. I had previously been using Puriya Tea Tree brand, which really wasn’t having any noticeable impact on the itchiness or flakes. I switched to this product at the suggestion of a friend and have noticed a marked improvement. I still have some issues with dry skin, but it’s far less noticeable using this product. — Kyle K reviewed

  • Love this shampoo

    Ordered shampoo and conditioner. Used it immediately. LOVE this shampoo. Made my scalp tingle but felt so good. The shampoo is very minty and very strange when I first used it, but will definitely reorder.

    I was disappointed in that it arrived with a broken pump and part of the shampoo leaked all over into the bag. but it was double bagged, so it didn’t get on everything in the box. Amazon issued me a credit, which is most appreciated – they handled it very well.

    I will purchase this shampoo and conditioner again. — Kyle K reviewed

  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

    I have eczema on my face, neck and scalp. Nothing was working and I decided to try this product, yes it’s a little expensive and well worth it!!! No more problems with eczema I also started using it as my face and body wash. It’s nicely cooling and invigorating I also use the Hair and Scalp treatment as a conditioner, my hair no longer falls out and it shines and feels wonderfully soft. Thanks to Paul Mitchell for a wonderful product !!! — Madcats reviewed

  • My favorite shampoo

    I don’t have too much to add about this shampoo other than I have been using it for quite a few years now and have been very happy with it. This is the first time, however, that I have ordered it online (before, I would get it from my local hair salon). Mine arrived in a sealed bag, which is great. My particular order the cap was a tad bit loose so the bottle was a little slimy from some shampoo that may have leaked out. It doesn’t appear to be much, maybe about a single pump’s worth at most, but the bag was helpful to keep it contained and easy to clean up.

    The shampoo does an excellent job at cleaning and caring for your hair. It doesn’t leave any buildup. I will suggest, however, that you make sure to use a conditioner along with this shampoo. By itself it is a great cleaner for both the hair and scalp, but it relies on pairing with a good conditioner to keep your hair feeling soft and silky. — Lisa K. Kralosky reviewed

  • Smells good, foams well and doesn’t leave my hair super oily

    My hair is so stinking annoying. I treat it well – aka, I don’t straighten, curl, or add any product other than shampooing and bit of conditioner – but still, it is cruel to me. My biggest problem is hair looking oily a day after washing, particularly in the back, in the center of my head. Most shampoos I’ve tried either do nothing for me or make my hair feel like a giant chunk of oily nastiness, but this shampoo keeps the problems at bay. It’s not a problem solver, but at least it helps, and it also feels good. A nice scent that foams super well and just feels good in the shower. — VirtualMirage reviewed


    What’s not to love??? The smell is amazing. It’s great for my hair and scalp. I’m African American with natural hair and it doesn’t dry out my hair or scalp. It’s like turning the shower into a spa. I’ve tried other less pricey TEA TREE products and nothing compares to this one. I won’t try another again. — Clare reviewed

  • the shampoo in the bottle…

    …is awesome. I don’t know about all this Pail Mitchell stuff, I only read about it just now in the reviews. So I have no idea if this is or is not Paul Mitchell, and/or whether it’s better or worse than Paul Mitchell if it’s not Paul Mitchell. I tried this product because it’s a well-reviewed shampoo with tea tree oil in it and I wanted to try one. And I did, and I love it. The tingling feeling is amazing. It feels like a completely different level of clean, and it has wiped out scalp dermatitis that I had too. You can use it too often – it does dry your scalp a bit if you keep using it all the time, so just alternate it in once or twice a week. But I highly recommend this product – I’m actually psyched to wash my hair on the days I use it, and I’m a guy, and I’ve never even remotely felt that way in my life before. I alternate it with the Andalou Naturals Argan Oil and Shea shampoo, which is also an awesome product. Together (not at the same time, on different days!) they work great. I never leave reviews and felt I should leave one for this shampoo. — Amazon Customer reviewed

  • Love, Good for my Psoriasis

    I am only saying, “Value for the money” but it is too expensive but the only shampoo I use. I used to buy TGel Tar Shampoo for my head for Psoriasis. Then I tried this. It is wonderful. It smells so good and heals my skin and the tingling I love and doesn’t dry out my hair like straw like TGel does. I need this. I am glad I discovered this Shampoo. Only Paul Mitchell! And I only get the Tea Tree Special. I use it Everyday. — Zebipbamboom reviewed

  • Great Product

    I know most people are ordering the tea tree shampoo trying to get the Paul Mitchell line, they’re discontinued. But tea tree makes pretty much the same product. I’ve gotten shampoo and conditioner from them off various sites. The biggest difference from the current ones and the Paul Mitchell one I had before is the scent of the conditioner is different. Love this shampoo though! I have sensitive skin and deal with psoriasis on my scalp and this shampoo helps with my flare ups! (Would not recommend as an alternate to medication and shampoos recommended by your doctor to treat scalp Psoriasis, this just helps with mine). — Tamara reviewed

  • I love the cool

    My hair stylist uses this product when washing my hair after a haircut and turned me on to it. I love the cool, tingly, refreshing it gives my scalp and keeps my hair clean and soft. It isn’t advertised as a dandruff/flaky scalp shampoo, but it keeps it under control for me. No need for me to buy a dandruff specific product that is harsh on your hair. — Mama Rage reviewed

Paul Mitchell, Tea Tree Tea tree special shampoo, 33.8 Fl Oz, Deva Concepts – DROPSHIP, 573244, WW_U-HC-1586

Amazon.com: Tea Tree Tea tree special shampoo, 33.8 Fl Oz: Paul Mitchell: Premium Beauty

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